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ZRA destroys Chicken smuggled into Zambia


The Zambia Revenue Authority has yesterday destroyed pieces of de-boned chicken which was confiscated two weeks ago.

The Authority had intercepted a truck with smuggled chicken pieces or deboned chicken worth K260,000 in taxes.

ZRA Corporate Communications Manager Topsy Sikalinda said the meat was destroyed because it was an attempted smuggling case of false declaration and forgery contrary to section 141 Cap 322 of the Customs and Excise Act.

Mr. Sikalinda said this should serve as a lesson to all smugglers who are in the habit of evading taxes that paying taxes is cheaper than smuggling.

He called on all members of the public to report anyone whom they know may be involved in tax evasion and we promise the reporters’ confidentiality will be protected.


    • Indeed this waste of food that could have been donated to the needy is a sign of a spoiled regime that only thinks every Zambian has three meals per day just as they (corrupt thieves in high offices) do, these have no shame to boast that they have in fact eight meals per day. Do we not see these thieves spending over K20,000 on dinner? Time for reckoning will surely come.

    • Great job ZRA. Tax evaders should be held accountable. Go after the big businesses too. Make sure everyone is paying their fair share of taxes. No sacred cows. Again thanks. Keep it up. With regard to whistleblowers, promise them a reward. Tell whistleblowers that if they alert ZRA to a big tax evasion, they will be rewarded privately, if their tip leads to tax recovery. Assure them that their privacy will be protected. They use that strategy in some Western countries like America, and it works. Advertise the whistleblower program on TV and radio. Provide a whistlerblower hotline phone number, email address and physical address for ZRA office. Before long, you’ll begin to receive tips. Also look at Lungu and his ministers. I’m not sure they pay taxes. I hope they do. Check them…

    • To argue that smuggled food is usually destroyed because “it could be carrying diseases such as as listeriosis” is being simplistic and irrational. The question is: has a system been put in place at border entry points to detect veterinary diseases? If so, then the same system must be deployed to screen smuggled veterinary food stuff to detect listeriosis or any other. If found fit for human consumption, then the food should be distributed to needy persons or institutions such as prisons, hospitals and boarding schools where quality food is a serious issue. Otherwise, like all others have stated, destroying the food as a means to give an example to other smugglers is in effect as serious lack of rational reasoning…

    • But Lsk Times guys the reporting on this particular article is really lacking info. At which border post was this chicken confiscated? From which country did it originate, which company in Zambia was bringing it in? This is information that most professional news outlets of which I consider Lsk Times to be would normally provide so please guys do a little bit more thorough homework before you post an article.

  1. This should continue so it can open up more opportunities for local producers. My only worry is if at all ZRA has a legal framework to protect whistleblowers who will report these smugglers or perhaps its just verbal assurance

  2. There is no reporters’ confidentiality, if any PF officials are found, the reporter will be arrested….we know how you work PF..

  3. DON’T JUST DESTROY, PROSECUTE THE CULPRIT!! Why should we be importing chickens, MAY BE THEY ARE EVEN NO FIT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION!! CHICKEN IS SOMETHING WE NEVER IMPORTED IN KK’s DAYS bcoz as a TRUE PATRIOT he worked so hard to ensure we stopped importing chickens and wheat from RACIST S.AFRICA and RHODESIA!! Now these corrupt chaps can’t even motivate our farmers who produce our food to do more and export!!

  4. The best you could have done is to donate to the needy! You should be ashamed to even be proudly saying we have destroyed the meat just because your fridges are full ! Yes to evade TAX is wrong but to destroy food which can be consumed by the vulnerable is just terrible. You have no heart Topsy Sikalinda, you behave like HH and his minions. Nayaaa ineee.!

  5. Destroying these chickens is not a right option, What I know is that ZRA is a government institution what was suppose to be done is to identify government institutions which may be in need of these chickens.These chickens could have been given to government hospitals,schools and prisons after doing a random lab analysis on the same foodstuff.

  6. You cannot donate smuggled food. The risk that it will find its way on shelves for sale is almost 100%!
    Zambians can’t be trusted!
    Remember the recent case of two senior magistrates who have been jailed for 7 years with hard labour in Livingstone ..

  7. They destroyed just a few boxes, the rest were sold to chinese restaurants and is being consumed by all Zambians, poor or rich eating same condemned chickens.

  8. Two wrongs can not make a right! You can’t destroy confiscated foodstuff when you have people in need of the food! Hospitals have stopped cooking food for patients because of lack of money! It is only those who are at fee paying who can afford! If it’s true that they destroyed the food, why don’t they destroy vehicles that come into the country without payments?

  9. Picture shows truck registration is port city of Walvis Bay, Namibia so most likely this consignment is from Brazil, a major supplier of chicken to Namibia.

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