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Court Denies Kapoko, Four Others Bail Pending Appeal

General News Court Denies Kapoko, Four Others Bail Pending Appeal

Jubilant kapoko celebrating freedom with family member
Henry Kapoko

The Lusaka High Court has denied Henry Kapoko and four others bail pending appeal. This is in a matter in which former Ministry of Health Human Resources Manager Kapoko, Zukas Kaoma, Evaristo Museba, Vincent Luhana, all accountants at the Ministry of Health, and an Internal Auditor Justin Jasper Phiri renewed their application for bail pending appeal against their conviction and 18 years sentences for the offences of Theft by public servant and money laundering before High Court Judge Lombe Phiri after the Subordinate Court refused to grant them the application in August this year.

Kapoko and nine other officials from the Ministry of Health were jointly charged by the Anti-Corruption Commission on 67 counts following investigations conducted and were found with a case to answer on 66 counts by the magistrates court.
Kapoko and his co-accused were jointly charged with 67 Counts of corruption, theft, and money laundering. The charges included 20 Counts of Theft and Theft by Public Servant involving over K 6.8 million, 46 Counts of money laundering involving 24 motor vehicles, 3 houses, 2 Lodges, 1 Filling station, 5 Banks Accounts and the purchasing of building materials. They were also charged with one (1) Count of failing to account for being in possession of property suspected to have been stolen or unlawfully obtained.
Meanwhile, in a related development, the Mongu Subordinate Court has refused to grant Bail pending appeal to Naomi Mutesi Makole who was convicted and sentenced to 3 years’ simple imprisonment for corrupt practices by public servant contrary to section 19(1) of the Anti-Corruption Act No. 3 of 2012 in July 2018.

Delivering the ruling, Chief resident Magistrate Lameck Mwale said that the convict’s application did not disclose any exceptional circumstances to enable him exercise his discretion to grant him bail.


  1. Kapoko appealed? If he had accepted to go in jail much earlier this time he could have already served 10 years, and only 8 years to go.

    • Please send this guy to Mukobeko and in few days let him share the cell with the treason suspect little boy who was saved by the Common Health.

    • These guys should not be released…

      They denied millions of Zambians their medication…

      Let them experience the suffering they caused innocent citizens go through.

      We have to exemplify these thieves and say to others you do such a thing, you queue up to meet Kapoko and friends.

      That is a Zambia we are seeing coming up… so these politicians thieving better clean up their jail cells, because that is where they are definitely going.

      Without being a sadist… You showed no mercy, we’ll show no mercy. We need to clean up Zambia. Sorry but you will need to save your time otherwise we shall be accomplices in your stupid crimes.

    • MMD atleast showed us a few instances were people stealing government money were arrested. This other party not even one. It’s not in their vocabulary


    • Hehehe! I’m sure that “Party” thought it was genuinely obtained money only to realise later. What could the “Party” do? Definitely keep a long distance.

  3. In 2022 the name Kapoko in the story will be replaced with names such as Kaizwe, Kapongo, Chanda and Chitetola but the content of the story will remain the same.

    • Forgiveness is a sign of weakness. Every wrong deed must be punished. If not then let all persons in prison be set free and all those with cases pending at the courts be dropped!
      I’m sure its not possible or else society will become chaotic.

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