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NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili arrested and Charged for unlawful assembly


Police in Luanshya have formally arrested and charged NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili for unlawful assembly.

And police have denied Dr Kambwili police bond saying only as senior civil servant must sign for him.

Dr Kambwili’s lawyer Evaristo Mukonka said the NDC leader will appear in the Luanshya magistrates Court today.

Police have denied the NDC 2021 Presidential candidate police bond despite meeting all the necessary legal requirements.

Dr Kambwili was nabbed at police Headquarters in Lusaka yesterday.

This was when the later went to make a formal complaint on the unprofessional conduct of Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga.

The NDC leader was driven to Lusaka by a convoy of heavily armed police officers.

He was later questioned for over two hours at Luanshya Central police before formally being arrested.

The arrest of the NDC leader means he will have to skip court in another case tomorrow.

The Luanshya lawmaker is supposed to appear before Magistrate Mwaka Mikalile.

Dr Kambwili’s legal team had yesterday written to the Inspector General of Police requesting police to defer the questioning of Dr Kambwili to next week.

This was to allow the NDC leader time to have a pre trial session with his legal team.

The arrest of the NDC leader comes a few days after he met protesting Avic workers in Luanshya.

The annoyed workers protesting over unfavourable working conditions initially went to Dr Kambwili’s Luanshya residence to express their misgivings over appalling working conditions.

The NDC National leadership is in this regard urging all party functionaries on the copper belt to turn out in numbers and give solidarity to their leader as he appears in court tomorrow.

This is according to a media statement made available by NDC acting Spokesperson Misheck Moyo

Earlier, Dr Kambwili had said that hhe was not going appear before the police in Luanshya for questioning. Mr. Kambwili said that he was scheduled to appear before Lusaka magistrate Mwaka Mikalile on Thursday the same day he is supposed to appear before the police .

Mr. Kambwili had proposed that he appears before the police on Monday next week.

This is contained in a letter dated of November 28, addressed to the District Criminal Investigation officer.

The letter in question has been written by Mr. Kambwili’s lawyers.

But Copperbelt province police commissioner Charity Katanga said she was not aware of Mr. Kambwili’s letter.



    • Am told he has stopped fainting coz people will think he’s dancing to that South African song!!!
      So Kambwili wagona mu boarding?

    • Abuse of power, rule of law, and authority never ends well. If he called them to his house yes if they went to his yes the case will be thrown out because how can he chase or run away from his constituency members. Never really had anything to appreciate about CK but not the ruling guys just be organic

    • I just can’t understand why this police keeps on piling more unnecessary stressful cases on the already overwhelmed courts, the state will have no evidence then they will enter a nolle prosequi….. Since when did an mp require a permit to meet with his constituency?

      Political Guru
      PhD in political science

    • I like the way ba P.Force dress up for arrests, So much unnecessary accessories like Nkwazi soccer players.
      Look at guy with white scarf, and this here with 1 glove. kusavuka!!

    • Where’s that Katele Kalumba? This was the time to help his friend with some Luapula black magic but he is busy bootlicking Lungu. Kambwili is the one who will give you a job iwe Kawa lala

    • So all these Police officers have nothing better to do….instead of fighting real crime these Police offers seem to be enjoying the Kambwili circus….shame on Lungu and shame on Kambwili for trying to divert people’s attention from issues affecting the country….. Zambians now are all focused on Kambwili whilst Lungu and his bunch of thieving cabinet ministers are busy stealing and before we know it will be election time and Kambwili will join Dununa Reverse thieves and he will be in the thieving government again….all this is scripted

    • Just the number of paramilitary forces and armoury makes me wonder whether they are protecting the one arrested from the public or protecting the public from the one arrested. We need serious clarification from police why they need all this artillery on them over a political arrest.

    • @1.5
      I have a strong feeling all this is scripted by Lungu and Kambwili because really it doesn’t make sense….it looks like its a deliberate move….and guess what…..Kambwili will walk out and will never be sent to Prison and so who is fooling who….it looks like PF and NDC are playing silly destructive games on the Zambian people….just before elections you will see Kambwili apologizing to Lungu and he will be back in PF

    • Its a pity that Zambians cant see that they’re being played on by the thieving PF government.Politicians have a way of playing on people’s minds by pretending to be enemies…..Kambwili is still part of the thieving PF government and he is just out there to cause confusion and to destruct people……these are Donchi kubeba politicians taught by late Sata….am sure you all know the meaning of Donchi Kubeba….Sata explained it on TV

    • The POA. The next party to form govt in 2021 should seriously consider looking at the outdated piece of legislation. It makes politicians abuse institutions such as the police.

    • Chinese are our new masters, our colonizers, thanx to Pf00ls. Anyone who squeeks against Chinese is arrested.
      HH was first, now its kambwili.
      Instead of PF00Lish govt looking out for abused Avic workers who are being insulted everyday & paid K500/month.
      This is what corruption can do. Lungu is in Chinese pockets. Ministers wait 3 to 4 hrs to meet Lungu at state house while Chinese walk in & out with bags full of $$-dollars to bribe Lungu.

  2. Lungu knew exactly what he was doing. He arrested the new Bemba UPND mascot and let the owner HH scot free. GBM must be LoL.

    • Pimbilimano
      November 18, 2017
      MPs have deployed consigned themselves to sourcing money for computers, ambulances, pick up trucks for hauling corn for solar powered hammer mills, and sinking boreholes.
      In other civilizations that’s what the executive does. So the question becomes, what do ministers and councils do?
      They are slapping and baptizing ck or belittling HH. Some are sleeping on the job while others are parading themselves and waving at the presidential jet.

  3. Well, Kambwili been arrested I’m sure his sugar and blood pressure will spike again. As we all know Mr Kambwili gets sick when he is facing charges.

  4. Zambian politicians you seek favour from the same people you mistreat when you in office. Only someone who shares the table with you,will turn up. For you Mr CK it’s work so why must you want support which you never give when you had power to do so. You were in government and you didn’t see life on the other side. Big man this is life so deal with it. Life is a circle , you got a lot of them who will taste what you going through soon or later. Every leader must remember that days are numbered so remember the people and they will remember you when in need.

  5. That is all pf know, arresting , harassing , borrowing and stealing…..yet 40% unemplowed and they beg for slug dump scavenging jobs while lungu shines in his gulfstream G650….


  6. Lungu and PFOOLS are just too much. Kambwili is not a great guy but stop arresting people without any explanations or not even giving them a proper judicial standpoint to defend themselves against the laws of PF. This sickness is dividing up the good people of Zambia and yet Lungu is busy stealing. New private jet, fire trucks, weekly so called business trips, selling of Zambian firms to the Chinese, the list go on

  7. One day the pipo will rise against the police and the one who is directing the arrest will run in exile what goes around comes around by pf remember UNIP

  8. Looks like police are falling over one another to please their political bosses. Interesting. Arrests are in high demand! Hahahahaha

  9. We had this stupid condition for a bond to be signed by a senior civil servant when Siwale was detained in a Mutaware case of Edgar Lungu. It was settled that under a repressive government like PF no senior civil servant would sign for fear of loss of employment. Now we are seeing the same stupid thing again so that CK rots in detention. This is a rotten police to the core. That is why I would never encourage any one to take their matter to the police or indeed the courts of law since all of them have become infiltrated. Mr. Kambwili there is a time you vowed to clamp down on the media when you were PF misinformation minister. But see now you need the media to cover you wherever you are.

    • We all make mistakes and learn from them. It’s unchristian to keep a record of wrongs on a fellow brother or sister. Whatever sins CK committed were not criminal but bad decisions derived from power induced blindness to protect his former job and standing in PF. I don’t think given a chance CK would behave the same way again. Let’s learn to forgive and forget as a people

  10. What was wrong with him complaining to the senior most police about his change in dates. Surely the timing of his police call out was deliberate. They new he had a court case almost the same time they summoned him. How can he attend a court case today and the following morning attend to a police call out. The man never refused to appear before the police. He was merely asking for a change in dates. What was wrong with that?

  11. Corruption scandals: Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Corruption scandals: Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    Not a fan of Chishimba Kambwili but Lungu’s abuse of police powers is sickening. These sycophants of police don’t even respect the courts of law anymore. Why were they in a hurry to arrest him instead of allowing him to attend his scheduled court appearance?

    And this ‘unlawful assembly’ bullcr@p, so as an MP CK doesn’t have the right to meet people from his constituency? What kind of dictatorship is this?

    Lungu’s downfall will be really bad.

  12. The fact is these contractors have now received their contracts after Kambwili’s intervention. It had to take these chaps to go and see ibwili to have their contracts in place. PF is a misogynistic group of charlatans with misguided ideologies of theft, bribery, corruption, grand larceny and misappropriation of donor funds. If you see what is going on the public accounts committee, its terrible. Thieves have regrouped and formed cartels sharing government contracts and embezzling funds with impunity. Almost every department has some lose cannons whose fingers are longer enough to deep into government coffers and satisfy their unbridled egos. Cry my beloved country. Do we have to wait for 2021 its very far.

  13. When you fall out of favor with the people, it’s best you pack your bags and leave. Zambian politicians have this amazing ability to destroy and erode everything in there way. The same people who helped create this beast called police brutality are crying foul to the beast they helped create. Now switching sides to create another beast called “above the law” when I get arrested I’ll just make more noise. Zambia will never get anywhere with the likes of Kabwili and co. Why are these zombie police even wasting their time giving Kabwili a platform to make even more noise?

  14. Lungu`s demise will really be sad and hard to swallow when the time comes, power has really gone to the man`s head and as we all know he is a drunk and now he is drunk with power, he forgets that one day he will just be a man on the street and his immunity can be stripped, all these scandals he is creating are really making people unhappy. As for his ministers they don`t understand they don`t have immunity which is a different ball game for them

  15. This is just a lesson to those that are in power and calling shots as to who must be arrested on trumped up charges that, even to them time will come when the same coin will turn on the other side. The way they are illtreating others that is the same way they will be treated when they lose power. Kambwili is just dancing to the same tune he used to play for others when he was part of this useless,corrupt and scared regime. This government is a dying horse and its behaviour is like the horse’s last kicks. Kampyongo must be the first one to be prosecuted immediately this useless government leaves office.

  16. You people are missing the point! CK wanted free transport and he was given presidential escort. Secondly, don’t be quick to condemn the police. They are equally not happy to be abused like this. We saw it with UNIP and MMD how police sometimes overdid things to Decampaign a regime that has lost its moral campus and is on its way out!

  17. We know there is nothing wrong with a group of AVIC employees demanding to addressed by their law maker. But as leader he could have tactfully told the crowed to go back to work and let their leaders deliver their concerns to him and in turn he (CK) will bring it to the attention of Minister of Labour or indeed the President and encourage them to maintain peace and keep their work as jobs are very scare. Or alternatively tell the crowed that their problems will sorted once CK gets to power.Now this dimwit wanted to take advantage of their problems for want of political mileage and I wouldn’t be surprised if he is not the one who coerced them to go on protest

  18. Atleast zambia police had enough fuel to take someone to the copperbelt. Hope this time when i call for help they will attend to me.

  19. it appears Politics in Zambia is certainly not for the faint hearted. Seems like we are in the early 1960s fighting for independence except that the Rulers are the Sons and Daughters of the soil . How Sad , must we liberate our Country from ourselves, are our laws made to govern or to misgovern us . Who cares enough to repeal these clearly bad laws.

  20. I have never seen so many arrests on simple things in my view compared to the time of Mr Chiluba though they said he was supresing the oppositions. It never happened during the time of Mr Mwanawasa. I remeber Mr Sata started campaigns immediately after the elections and he was never denied permit. Even Mr Banda was called NYAMASOYA, peolpe where happy to make fan of him and yet he lost nothing if not gained respect.
    Mr sata was feared a lot and yet we are told he was so kind to those who where close to him and many where disapointed with him because many expected him to be tough on foreigners like…………….. i cannot mention i will be charged with exnophobia. MANY OF US VOTED MR LUNGU TRUSTING HIS HUMBLENESS!

  21. The sight of numerous heavily armed police surrounding one helpless and harmless man is very disturbing. This should NOT happen in a country like Zambia. Zambia now appears to be without doubt a police state.

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