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UPND celebrates 20th anniversary, HH tells members that the party is moving forward


HH and his wife Mutinta having a good time during the UPND 20th anniversary dinner at Hotel Intercontinental Lusaka
HH and his wife Mutinta having a good time during the UPND 20th anniversary dinner at Hotel Intercontinental Lusaka

Opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema says the party has continued moving forward.

In his speech during the 20th anniversary dinner held at Intercontinental Hotel Lusaka, Mr Hichilema thanked the UPND supporters for the support.

He said he is grateful for the continued support to the UPND since its establishment.

Mr Hichilema said since its establishment 20 years ago, the UPND has withstood various storms among them possible extinction.

The UPND leader has also thanked the Church in Zambia for their continued support for a better Zambia.

The dinner was attended by Former Lusaka Diocese Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu, opposition leaders Mike Mulongoti, Elias Chipimo, Sean Tembo and Fresher Siwale.

“To his Grace, Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu, we say thank you for your counsel on various issues you gave us during our party’s 20th anniversary fundraising dinner yesterday. To the UPND members, supporters and sympathisers we say thank you for your continued support,” Mr Hichilema said.

“Since its establishment 20 years ago, UPND has withstood various storms among them possible extinction. However, due to the nation’s faith in us, the party continues to thrive and this we owe to you, our people and the nation at large. We have gone from a party getting 29 votes in Kaputa of Northern province to now getting over 30, 000 votes and having 4 councillors in the same constituency is not a mean achievement,” he said.

“From getting about 20% of total presidential votes to now 48% at the same level even amidst fraud and electoral malfeasance. This goes to show that our party, your party UPND is going forward and this is due to your hard work. The vision and mission of this party is to never look backward but always move forward in unity and development.”

He said over the years, the party has continued to grow from strength to strength and together with the nation fighting divisive elements.

“This is why we insist there is more that unites than what divides us as people of this great nation. Like we said when we were elected for the first time to the presidency of this party, we do not seek public office to plunder government resources but to offer service to the nation and this is why we say Zambia and Zambians first.”

He added, “This was the desire of our party’s founding father, late Anderson Kambela Mazoka, whom we always thank for creating this platform for the people of Zambia as a unitary base for national development.”

“Thank you Andy, how happy you must be to see this party grow from strength to strength and unite the people while placing development for all as a priority.”

He said,”Ladies and gentlemen, we wish to remind you that we have a great country that we must protect from any divisive elements. This is the only place we all call home, we have no other place to call home as Zambians. Therefore, let’s work together, unite under the umbrella of the UPND and move our country forward.”

“And thank you for your continued support for this party which does not belong to us but belongs to the nation as a unifying platform for national development. To our late party founding President Anderson Kambela Mazoka and other leaders now passed away, we say may you continue to rest in peace and ours is to take over the baton and continue where you left.”

HH arrived at Intercontinental Lusaka for the UPND 20th anniversary dinner on Friday night
HH arrived at Intercontinental Lusaka for the UPND 20th anniversary dinner on Friday night
HH meets Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu during the UPND 20th anniversary dinner on Friday night
HH meets Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu during the UPND 20th anniversary dinner on Friday night
HH having a side meeting with Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu during the UPND 20th anniversary dinner on Friday night
HH having a side meeting with Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu during the UPND 20th anniversary dinner on Friday night
Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu delivers his remarks during the UPND 20th anniversary dinner on Friday night
Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu delivers his remarks during the UPND 20th anniversary dinner on Friday night
Mrs Mutinta Hichilema at the UPND 20th anniversary dinner on Friday night
Mrs Mutinta Hichilema at the UPND 20th anniversary dinner on Friday night
UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema delivering his remarks during the party’s 20th anniversary dinner at Intercontinental Lusaka
UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema delivering his remarks during the party’s 20th anniversary dinner at Intercontinental Lusaka
UPND Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba delivers his remarks during the UPND 20th anniversary dinner on Friday night
UPND Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba delivers his remarks during the UPND 20th anniversary dinner on Friday night


    • Blessings just don’t come from one that sleeps in your bedroom. A good deed is appreciated by anyone with humanity. Khakis, find peace within yourself. At the end of the day,its your individual life one is response for.

    • Mutinta is already first Lady material. Zambia has spent a lot of taxpayer’s to improve bana Daliso and the Chawama chap drunk Edgar who is now even doing excesses at the expense of the poor Zambian Child. Get the rogue out, he is sucking the country!

    • WARNING: The peace talks by ECL and HH is in preperation for the 7th December concourt ruling which will go in fever of Lungu`s third team. This is a well calcculated move by PF to lay ground for this unfavourlable ruling and then hide in the paece talks. Its like talk peace and do things that endanger the very peace that you are talking about

    • 1.1 Please find inner peace for yourself if you don’t have any. Tresphor is just a person like you and me and he will earn my reverence as bishop if he acts honestly. The gentleman was hounded out of the Lusaka Archdiocese by Christians because of his double standards. If you think he’s divine, that’s your problem and I won’t argue with you. Have a blessed weekend.

    • The first picture in which HH is looking at Mutinta is just priceless … that’s a look of a fulfilled man in a woman he truly loves at every level possible.

      That pictures needs to go around the world … it’s unbelievable what a man can achieve when he has a soulmate wife on his side.

      Proud of the couple, I still don’t like his politics but that picture is golden … priceless it is.

      Great vibes there …

    • is this the woman who changes Larry’s diapers? I am sure she doesn’t mind taking care of children if she can put up with UNDER FIVE, CHILDISH.

    • @Nubian Princess … yes, Ma’am!!! You can celebrate anything including being a serial loser. Hakainde has shown us that.

      From now on we are coining a new phrase in his honor. It’s the “Hakainde Doctrine”!!! Simply put, don’t count your losses in life just look at Mutinta, if she smiles back you have already conquered the entire world.

      Great solace for all losers such as such “Spooked” here above.

      What A Sweet Life ~ B R Mumba, Sr

      Copyrights Reserved, Original Content

    • Instead of these busy fooooools wasting money on hotel bookings they would have sat down and brainstormed a strategy for the way forward; how are you going to encourage young members if yourselves are clinging on and not nurturing them busy sitting in Parliament shouting Yeah yeah yeah

    • And its fine if he attended a PF function, so narrow thinking … anyway typical, PF or nothing attitude, lets see when you lose power very soon.

    • Celebrating 20 yrs of losing elections while your friend is in the cells.

      Police must bring him back or give him transport money since they carried him in van and dumped him in Luanshya. It a serious violation.

      Back to the issue a vote for hh is vote for gbm in state house. If you want gbm to rule Zambia, for for HH

    • His worshipers never come here to see their little UNELECTABLE god. The thief in the house, ladies and gentlemen. I am sure Paradise Papers have already figured the inheritance of the stolen money in PANAMA. 20 years, they are counting too … He has no idea that once he dies, the money shall die too! Ask Mobutu and thyat Angola guy!

  1. Mamamamama…..20 years in opposition and still hoping to rule Zambia?I now believe those who say that HH under UPND shall never rule Zambia as it is very true.Being opposition for 20 years is not a joke.Which information will UPND leaders tell Zambians which they have failed to deliver in 20 years time?Besides,is UPND formed only to be led by a tonga?for 20 yrs now no none tonga has led UPND-THIS IS THE WORST TRIBALISM EVER IN THE HISTORY OF ZAMBIA!!!
    Anyway,we all know that UPND cannot win in 6.5 provinces where it has failed to win since 1998!!!Things will get worse for HH’s UPND in 2021-mark my words because PF still intact in its traditional strongholds!!!WITH PF’S MUCH MORE HARD WORK BETWEEN NOW AND 2021,VICTORY IS SURELY CERTAIN FOR MIGHTY PF IN 2021!!!surely, how can HH talk…

    • It just shows what he would be if he got the Holy Grail. ….he wouldn’t hand it over to anyone. He would change the constitution. Chiluba made Kaunda look like a devil but when he took over he became Lucifer himself.

  2. ….surely,how can HH talk about a united Zambia when his party UPND has only being led by a tonga for 20yrs?Only fo0ls would listen or buy into Kainde’s lies!!!
    All other main political parties (UNIP,MMD,PF) have been led by Zambians from different tribes and provinces during the 20 yrs.But for UPND for 20 solid years only tongas have led it…kkkkkkkkkkk….OPEN UP YOUR EYES ZAMBIANS because UPND is not a political party but a TRIBAL GROUPING with one aim “TO USHER A TONGA INTO STATE HOUSE-PERIOD!!!Whether this can improve our economy or lives,NOBODY KNOWS!!!

    • UPND is a Tribal H-organisation! “ONLY A TONGA CAN BE PRESIDENT OF UPND. SAKWIBA YOU Ha NOT TONGA,” Larry Mweetwa.

  3. Hachi Hakala (HH) it’s time to pass on the batton.
    Mutinta is the reason behind your failure in politics. “they want to kill my husband”
    Armageddon warlords

    • “if they jail my husband there will be Armageddon in this country”
      20 years of being fed by the party member subscription and no results to show. 6 time losers of elections.
      Today he has accepted that his Under5 party scored 48% in 2016

    • It is cynical MUTINTA that is why she will be changing diapers of her little children on the blog daily. BoSpakata will joint Larry soon!

    • Abena @Kudos, mate to the contrary!!! Mutinta is the only thing that is right in this man’s life and he needs to keep her come rain come sunshine.

      This explains why despite the charm and the reported exotics in bed neither Charmaine the harlot nor Maureen the widow could ever take Mutinta’s place in Hakainde’s life.

      Hakainde and Mutinta are soulmates and what they have can never be picked up along the way from anyone else in their journey in life.

      The picture doesn’t only speaks a thousand words, it explicitly lays it to bare.

      That look above explains it all … now I get it!!!


  4. Telesphore was invited to brush off tribal tag and give picture the Catholic is now behind the personal to holder political party.

    Cheap politics for simple minds

  5. the losers are scared . even rigging this time will never work. openly strong holds are cracking without any strong figure around .

  6. How do you celebrate 20yrs in oposition,its like upnd enjoys being in oposition and there is no sign that upnd is going forward,this is not true infact it is in reverse.pliz ba hh dont give false hope to pipo,mwila bepa ama members ubu bwena bufi,mudala wabeja.znbc,zesco nrdc,safiko,kk airport etc its all lies.

  7. Mrs Hichilema looks pretty could it be lack of ama dizzy in their home? Well done sir Mr president HH. Others have finished taxpayers money to change the outlook. Even Mr him still looks chawama mu ma dizzy sure.

  8. In 2028,UPND and HH will be celebrating 30 years in opposition…….kkkkkkkkkkk…..this is pure comedy or madness!!!We never heard about late Sata’s PF celebrating 5 or 10 years in opposition nor neither did we hear about FTJ Chiluba’s MMD doing the same!!!!Only this region party UPND can celebrate 20yrs of losing election after election…kkkkkkkkkk….THIS IS PURE MADNESS!!!HH has no plan to win any presidential election in Zambia anytime soon-hence celebrating 20 yrs losses!!!
    PF Govnt have done wonders since 2011 in all sectors such that it is very hard for our opposition to campaign.This is why people like CK have just ended up insulting ECL because they have no data to decampaigne PF about!!!All Zambians with eyes do appreciate PF’s splendid works since 2011 except those who…

    • Every person gat a calling… politics is about governance . it’s not about going to state House and ruin the country.. whether in power or not a leader must be relevant. It’s a pity some citizens can’t appreciate the of an opposition party offering checks and balances.
      Remember when a leader doesn’t solve the problem, the problem becomes the leader and the leader becomes the problem.. God appoints leaders in all sectors of life… BEFORE YOU CRITICISE OTHERS .. CHECK YOUR LIFE…

  9. Smooth transition then everything goes well, forcing yourself then everything goes bad. God’s time is the best.

  10. The people of Zambia saw how their colleagues centred around Dundumwezi voted in 2016. They are now preparing to do a Dundumwezi of their own on Hacks in their regions. Kaya mukaimina kwisa 48% in 2021.

  11. The resident LT PF rats still can’t be live that lungu, despite spending $12 billion still had to rig and practice the worst political violence in Zambias history , all because of a one HH …… no wounder they hate this man so much, just the fact lungu had to find himself accused of rigging when if it were anyone else having just spent so much , and having all state marchinary would not even have needed to campain……..Lungu was even forced to illigally pay ministers to campain for him and mortgage the country at the hands of one HH ……


    sorry bane, your nightmare continues , HH aint going nowhere ….

  12. Mutinta with a tattoo,HH is saying that HE wants to unite ZAMBIA , Just like HE HAS MADE THE UPND TO WORSHIP HIM. The only remarkable achievement for HH and UPND IS TRIBALISM. And I wonder WHY TONGAS TRIBAL ENTITY.

  13. As people who want to read this nation one day, it’s of good to respect the readers today. Because you will need to be respected too. If can’t do it now we will never have a chance.

  14. Spaka you never sieze amuse me huh….reasoning seems to be your worst nightmare….HH is unelectable. He has no strategy which rigging are you talking about,? Why don’t you rig also? Mwaliteta was in jail why? Think about it I.d.I.o. t

    • I new season will soon be here when the TRIBAL H-organisation will begin chasing every truck entering Zambia for “Premarked ballots!” Delusion is a bad dung brain disease! @BoSpakata, how many trucks did your god intercept which happened to carr MUTINTA’s papers?

    • Charles

      It is you that is the idyoteee , as if you live in Sharon’s stinky open pit…..

      If lungu won , why did he not just let the nation hear the UPND petition , why risk ruling over a fragmented country if you claim to have won ??

      There is reason lungu refused the petition…..if an alleged rapist refuses a DNA test, he fears something…..

  15. Many people do not know that UPND was founded by Anderson Mazoka and Dr Chikusu in the 9O’s. The two men had been friends for many years.They were from different tribes but could work together It was to be a party of peace that would serve all Zambians regardless of tribe or race.It was founded as a party that would stand for integrity in politics.

  16. How ever masons are also celebrating in London is it coincidence who knows.
    What are they celebrating things to think about about deeply.

  17. I have never been political, or partisan in any way. I supported Sata and after his death I went into polical terraces. Guys HH is gaining popularity because of the on going arrests, purported Chinese sagas, hingh cost of living, toll gates, high fuel prices, political intorellence and most of the religious leaders have been turned into political cadres. Even with this comment I may stand accused.

  18. Firstly, congrats on clocking 20 years! It’s been tough. But 2 things: 1) You say with pride that your presidential results have gone up from 20 to 48%.( An admission at last?). But what is the corresponding % change in number of MP’s? And corresponding % in geographical representation?
    2) Hosting such an event should have been at a stadium – to accommodate the ordinary masses that vote for you ( perhaps at Choma Stadium for e.g).
    And to Angus, I don’t think that is a tattoo – it looks like a birthmark.

  19. I have had to scroll up to the pic of Mutinta and Mutinta & HH to see what all these comments are about and I just don’t get it. There is nothing special about the pic of Mutinta…and ordinary-looking middle-aged, middle-class Zambian woman (maybe that is just it… that many can relate to as opposed to unpretty, all too pretty and extravagant). As to the pic with her and HH…charming but nothing special. B R Mumba, please stop trying to read more into the pic than we can see. For those of us in normal loving relationships/marriages, that sort of interaction is normal!

    • Are you surprised? They picked Charmaine Musonda for the chilanga by election not for her brains but for her looks.

  20. Thanks for UPND members to survive for 20years in opposition without breaking and you are the only party which has scored the record with a good number of MPs and councillors for long periods and i can see it will still survive even it’s out of power

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