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Zambia participates in the Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Science and Technology

General News Zambia participates in the Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Science and Technology

Secretary to the Cabinet Roland Msiska
Secretary to the Cabinet Roland Msiska

Zambia participated at the just ended Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Science and Technology, which took place in Vienna, Austria from 28th to 30th November, 2018. The Conference focused on addressing the current and emerging development challenges using Nuclear Applications.

The Zambian delegation, led by the Secretary to Cabinet, Dr. Roland Msiska, comprised officials from Ministry of Higher Education, University of Zambia, Copperbelt University and University Teaching Hospital. The Zambian Ministerial Statement delivered by the Secretary to the Cabinet, Dr. Roland Msiska, highlighted Zambia’s experiences in nuclear science and technology applications that have contributed significantly to socio economic development over the past 50 years of being a Member State of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

He informed the Conference that Zambia commenced the process of transforming the Radiation Protection Authority (RPA) to an autonomous institution that will effectively regulate the heightened nuclear program activities in Zambia in the area of radiation protection and nuclear safety. In the health sector, the IAEA has chosen Zambia Cancer Diseases Hospital (CDH) as an IAEA training Centre of Excellence in radiotherapy.

The CDH is currently, providing training fellowships to a number of students from other countries. In the area of food safety and security, Zambia has developed six (06) varieties of beans through induced mutation using gamma radiation, which are drought tolerant, high yield and disease resistant. These varieties will soon be released on the market to contribute to food security particularly in drought prone areas. The IAEA is also providing support in the development of guidelines for environmental radioactivity monitoring for Regulatory Authorities in Zambia.

In the area of energy, Zambia is pursuing nuclear science and technology as part of the diversified and sustainable energy mix for socio–economic development. In this context, Zambia is working in partnership with ROSATOM of the Russian Federation to develop the Center for Nuclear Science and Technology and eventually the Nuclear Power Plant.

Zambia is also expanding the implementation of the IAEA supported project on capacity building in environmental radioactivity monitoring of waste in mining areas.

Further, Zambia expressed appreciation to the IAEA for the continued support given through the provision of research equipment to a number of Research and Development Institutions in the country, including in the area of medicine, agriculture, and higher learning institutions.

The Ministerial Conference acknowledged the contribution of, and potential for the applications of nuclear science and technology to meet a wide variety of basic socio-economic and human development needs. The Conference recognized the contribution of IAEA in promoting the safe applications of nuclear science and technology in areas such as energy, materials, industry, environment, food and agriculture, nutrition, health and water resources, thus improving the quality of life.


  1. It sees the government has made the decision to proceed with nuclear technology without knowing how the decommissioning will be done after the life of plants have come to an end. Russia, doesn’t know how to dispose its own nuclear waste which was piled between 1939 to 1950. How is Zambia going to dispose the waste? Up to date Zambia has failed to decontaminate toxic lead waste in Kabwe, and has failed to dispose PCB contained in Capacitors which were decommissioned from service from Generation & Transmission ZESCO Kitwe and Siyavonga in 1989. It sounds good, but the end will be terrible. Zambia has many alternative to Nuclear. I do not think Dr. Msiska was the right person to lead the group. We are heading in a wrong direction.

    • Bwalya – When you say, “Zambia has many alternative to Nuclear”, what do you mean? You are clearly looking at Nuclear Energy from a narrow perspective of power generation.

    • Russia uses a closed nuclear cycle,which means they recycle thier nuclear waste and produce mox fuel (a combination of Pu-239 and U-235) which is used in fast reactors and other fission products(isotopes) are used in medicine,agriculture ,mining etc.The USA uses an open nuclear cycle (they keep their nuclear waste,this is because NPPs are opperated by private companies).There will be no nuclear waste that will be dumped in Zambia because it will all be sent back to Russia for recycling.Russia has not decomissioned their NPP ,because they have extended their life span.When it comes to decomissioning of a NPP in Zambia all the fuel assemblies will be taken back to Russia and the reactor vessel will be melted.We import most of the fruits and vegitables from South Africa because they have a…

  2. @Bwalya @Chimwemwe
    I am afraid our bureaucrats and politicians do not seem to understand those concerns. Very strange.

    • @[email protected]
      “Zambia is working in partnership with ROSATOM of the Russian Federation to develop the Center for Nuclear Science and Technology and eventually the Nuclear Power Plant.”

  3. Madam/sir, Abilima, I should have made more clear or defined to the Zambian government intended purpose of Nuclear. Whether the intended purpose is for studies and research or nuclear energy, the end product is nuclear waste. Check White shell nuclear laboratories research Manitoba Canada has been abandoned. USA is another country which has failed to expose the waste. Thanks for the correction.

  4. The problem we have in Zambia is that people are so used to potholes, dilapidation and blackouts that they will oppose anything as long as it comes from the party they don’t support. When they become ill and helpless, they want to be flown to countries for the same radiotherapy they are denying the country to develop. So sad. Africa does not need the western democracy that has gone transformation for the past 200 yrs. I am glad Paul Kagame is introducing his own type of democracy that has seen rapid growth in the economy and extreme cleanliness in the country.

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