Saturday, July 20, 2024

Amos Chanda’s Full Interview with Diamond TV



  1. Ona kandate ka nikona, lingandwe lakona mane inge lilete la mutuba! Kanti ki mani yanaka tubile lelilmwi kwateni, esi mwendi neka soma Dora Lungu hayoka fumana inge ka lengula kwa sitole sahae seli kuka tuba kwateni lililimwe ka jokwe!

  2. 42/42, eSwatini , $4 million bycle shed called a toll gate when RBs complex costs $500k , lungus $2.3 million in 19 months in office, UK aid withdrawal , mukula that moves at night , $265 million digital migration the most expensive in Africa where among the thefts is 5 broadcast vans delivered instead of the 10 stateofthe art studios billed for, $1.3 billion dual carriage road to CB which as hotels no one has asked for, Zambia billed for an airport that fradulantly foresees a 14 % passenger increases……

  3. Matter rested, Chanda has answered all the questions the the UPND have advanced. Repeated lies by HH and his tribes men cant turn into facts, NO. A banana will always be a banana and NOT an apple. HH wants PF Government to stop the development agenda it has set itself on so that he may have some agenda in 2021. The PF manifesto is clear and simple. Lets bring the development to ALL parts of the country that has eluded Zambia for so long.
    PF came into government with a serious development agenda and we are extremely happy that it is fulfilling its promises and our country is slowly but surely heading to the competitive status of having modern infrastructure that is a basis of good investment. You cant bring in investment with a country that looks like was or is at war and everything…

  4. contd
    You cant bring in investment with a country that looks like was or is at war and everything dilapidated, how? Akainde, its you who has failed beyond redemption and you must not try to hide in lies. Before the PF came into power, Zambia was a laughing stock in Africa, because despite it being the most peaceful country if not in the world, it was the least developed in terms of infrastructure. So whats wrong in taking serious steps to encourage private and public development so that opportunities are availed to those that are serious? We are in a competitive world where no one is waiting for nobody. You lag behind in one aspect others, take your spot, period. So HH and UPND are living in the past, the world moves at very high speed and does not not wait for anyone.

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