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Friday, February 21, 2020

EU to create over 10 million jobs in Africa

Economy EU to create over 10 million jobs in Africa

President Lungu speaks during a meeting with a delegation from the European Union. Looking on are EU Ambassador to Zambia Mariani Alessandro (second from left) and France Ambassador to Zambia Emmanuel Cohet (L) at State House in Lusaka on Friday, May 19,2017-Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
President Lungu speaks during a meeting with a delegation from the European Union. Looking on are EU Ambassador to Zambia Mariani Alessandro (second from left) and France Ambassador to Zambia Emmanuel Cohet (L) at State House in Lusaka on Friday, May 19,2017-Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

The European Commission has proposed a new Africa – Europe Alliance to enhance sustainable investment and jobs between Europe and Africa.

European Union (EU) Ambassador to Zambia, Alessandro Mariani said the Africa – Europe Alliance will deepen economic relations and boost investment and jobs.

Ambassador Mariani said the alliance will create up to 10 million jobs in Africa in the next 5 years alone thereby, boosting investment in Africa and strengthening trade.

Speaking at the media breakfast in Lusaka today, Mr. Mariani echoed European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker’s sentiments that Africa does not need charity but true and fair partnership with Europe.

In his presentation, Ambassador Mariani said in the partnership, the European Union has funds amounting to 44 billion Euros for loans and grants to be accessed by African countries.

He said for Zambia alone, the EU has been implementing projects in the area of energy, transport, education and agriculture in a bid to help the country and the COMESA region fulfill its role in regional integration.

He cited the construction of 250 stretch of the Great East Road to Mwami border as one of the projects that have been implemented adding that, in 2019, the EU plans to undertake another road project, Mpika to Chinsali road which will cost in access of 170 billion Euros.

The commission’s proposal for an Africa – Europe alliance for sustainable investment and jobs is part of a package which also include a proposal for a more efficient financial architecture outside the European Union which will also support further investment in Africa.

The EU is Africa’s closest neighbour and biggest investor currently providing 31 billion Euros in Official Development Assistance to Africa between 2014 and 2020 in order to boost Africa’s economy.

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  1. FAKE NEWS! You are jealous of China. We don’t want you people in Africa.

    Dambisa Moyo has been telling you people of your Dead Aid but your thought we will continue begging from you.

    We have China now, so go to wherever you can go.

    • We have been working on this in the background … real news not fake news!!! With Brexit we are in the process of moving huge holdings to Frankfurt and Brussels as the new financial HQ Of Europe.

      What do you think I am doing in the UK?? Fake news, fake news my foot … the target is actually 25 million new jobs and about 2.5 million of that can easily be among the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise.

      Watch this space … Let’s roll

    • Until Africa realises that foreigners will not develops our continent for us, we will always be moving around with begging bowls with an inferiority complex.
      No, neither Europe nor China will develops Africa. only Africa can develops Africa. Until this truth sinks into our brains, we will remain behind. Wh should we be excited about Europe coming to create jobs in Africa? Or even China? Why on earth can’t we create our own jobs, and develope with indigenous ideas? Am not saying we cant learn or have foreign investment. What am disgusted with is this sickness of always looking to the west or the west for investment or job creation. It’s so old and we know it doesn’t work.

    • It is simple you cause wars and instability in a nation, they will go to the place where you don’t want to welcome them. Simple. You cause currency manipulation and destroy other people’s economy, guess what? They will come to where you don’t want them to come. Even CHILDISH knows this.

    • Chi Sharon what do you know, you think with your open pit like your mother did, you are just a PF hu!e iwe, just shout that mouth of yours that have had banana`s inserted there more than any one alive in Zambia…

  2. WoW…

    DRC… European countries are in DRC reaping the minerals out… correct term is they are stealing minerals in the DRC. Do not preach us and show like you are holler than thou, because you are not…

    This is exactly how we were colonised in the first place. You came to Africa on the pretext of trade, you are coming back with the same.

    African leaders should be cautious about this.

    We have been beaten, not once, twice, thrice but beaten time without number… All am saying is Europe is there for their own interest and Africa needs to think this through properly.

  3. China is causing ripples on a global scale due to its interests in Africa. We may be witnessing a new scramble for Africa

    • Africa had it coming manje simunvela!! Its hammer-time, highest bidder economics of visionless endemic cleptomaniacs ! wapya munzi…. when ZCCM was sold, it was all-or-nothing, lelo pali ZAFFICO ati reserved Shares quota for zambians…the country, the continent has been going, going, gone !! 🙁

  4. Ati “Africa does not need charity but true and fair partnership with Europe” since when did they wake up to this truth? It’s too late. China just gave us loans and grants in excess of $60 billion. They built us the African Union HQs for free. No Dead Aid anymore!

  5. The problem is no matter the amount of funds pumped into African economies, Zambia in particular, the Country remains underdeveloped. China and Europe have been pumping funds into Zambia but…………poverty levels keep escalating.$60bn available from China for African loans and 44billion Euros available from Europe for African loans!! Africa my Africa!

  6. 170 billion Euros for the Mpika to Chinsali road? Am I reading correctly or there is a mistake?

    By the way, why is there a picture of Lungu and EU officials from May 2017? I have a feeling all today’s news that features Lungu is trying to pretend that he is around somewhere near (though we were told he is on Holiday)

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