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Mopani Mines Plc says only 46 miners who opted for who applied for Voluntarily Separation of Service and met the criteria were released in November 2018.

And the mining giant has refuted reports of large numbers of retrenchments at the Mine.

The mining firm has however failed to provide an exact number of miners who are to lose jobs due to the ongoing exercise.

The opposition NDC yesterday revealed in a statement that over 1,000 miners at Mopani mines are to lose their jobs after the company cited high operational costs.

In a statement, Mopani confirmed that it has continued reviewing the costs throughout the life cycle of its operation to ensure the company can continue to operate efficiently, safely and sustainably in the face of the current high operational costs.

“In October 2018, Mopani launched a Voluntary Separation of Service exercise for employees who wished to take a voluntary separation package or go on early retirement. We have been open about this process, which has been communicated to employees and the Unions “ It said.

“46 of the employees who applied and met the criteria for voluntary separation of service were released in November 2018. Our priority for now remains to optimise operations and ensure we have a mine that provides a return on investment and long-term benefits for all stakeholders.”

“The stories currently circulating, reporting large numbers of retrenchments are inaccurate. We are looking forward to the fruition of our investments in three new shafts (Synclinorium, Mindola Deeps and Henderson Shaft in Mufulira) and a new concentrator.”

It added, “Once all projects are fully commissioned we will improve our production levels, efficiencies and safety, in addition to extending the life of the mines.”

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  1. ‘The mining firm has however failed to provide an exact number of miners who are to lose jobs due to the ongoing exercise.’

    LT please,like they have clarified,the retirement is volumentary therefore MOPANI cannot provide exact number of miners to go on voluntary retirement now as it is dependent on the applications received and processed.This is good opportunity for those who do not want to get retirement when they are too old or for those who are tired of woking but wish to be entrepreneurs.


      Come off it and get serious. MCS once warned KCM to dare him by just firing one worker. Fire one and you will be gone said MCS. 46 is a huge number.


  2. WoW…

    FFS! Is this supposed to impress us? The amount of money being made and externalised is rediculous.

    I think this is a dyonko by Mopani to the Government to show them what they are capable of if they carry on pursuing what the mines perceive unreasonable requests from Government.

    I say let’s go ahead, if they keep on retrenching let’s take over our mines! They are ours, we have capable men and women who can run them.


    • Under5s again failing to understand a simple article. This is why i say these kids were born in 2010. Voluntary separation and retrenchment are two different things. VS is a welcome move because of the benefits it leaves with the volunteers. Get your package whilst you still have energy and become more productive for yourselves


  3. 46 miners representing over 460 persons to suffer, are you making sense? ZCCM employed how many people? How much were the metal prices then? How many houses, townships, sporting facilities, recreation facilities and schools did ZCCM build and maintained? Ubusushi fye ati Mopani mopani while the other iiddiiots have also brought the whole Changuan Village in Chambishi? Bushe kanshi mwe baleteka muli bantu fye nangu muli finshi?


  4. Mopani management is waffling around. After asking for volunteers, the next step will be a slow retrenchment exercise.Watch the space.



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