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There are some ugly heads with the potential to divide the nation-Nakacinda


Movement for Multiparty Democracy MMD National Secretary Raphael Nakacinda

Movement for Multiparty Democracy MMD National Secretary Raphael Nakacinda on Tuesday made a resounding call to the Members of Parliament to rise above petty partisan politics and unity for a common good of delivering development to the citizens.

Nakacinda who delivered his maiden speech on Tuesday morning, after his nomination as MP by Republican President Edgar Lungu said there are some ugly heads with the potential to divide the country which were emerging that needed to be nipped in the bud and that the onus was on the MPs to redefine the conversations the house was having.

He explained that the conversation the house was having should be void of temporal,narrow partisan interests,ethnicity or patronage but the one which has the interests of the Zambian people in focus.

Nakacinda said the lack of patriotism was hurting the nation economically and that there is a deliberate attempt to demonize the country’s relationships with cooperating partners such as the relationship with China.

He said instead of demonizing the relationship with China the country’s conversation about China should be how to maximize the benefits from that country as the history between the two countries can neither be denied nor erased.

He said China offers a ready market for the country’s raw materials as well as products hence the need to ensure that the country utilises the gifts, talents and skills that it has to go on the negotiating table with and come out with a win win situation.

Nakacinda further expressed gratitude that the UPND has made strides in addressing the alleged tribal weaknesses by appointing former Finance Minister Situmbeko Musokotwane as their Whip but could not help but aim a jab by advising the opposition party not to wait for people to protest for them to do what is right.

‘Mr. Speaker, without hesitation I am very impressed, extremely impressed that a learned Senior Counsel, Hon. Jack Mwiimbu is seated shoulder to shoulder with my former Finance Minister, Honourable Situmbeko Musokotwane; one as leader of opposition in the house, another as Whip.

Mr. Speaker the only wish I had is that this should have been a natural phenomenon, not one that is induced because people have cried foul. It should have been a natural phenomenon because of, ‘One Zambia One Nation.’”

Nakacinda concluded his speech by saying that the sanctity of the people’s assembly should be safeguarded as it is an establishment for their own good.

“Mr. speaker, all I am saying is that I have come to participate in reintroducing the kind of discourse, of frank talk, the discourse of forthrightness, a discourse of mature debate, robust engagement, honestly challenging one another to make sure that at the end of the day, all of us serve with a live conscience that what really matters is Zambia and nothing else.

“Mr. Speaker, the sanctity of the people’s assembly must be safeguarded. It is an establishment of the people for their common good. It should not be a platform for narrow, sectional and partisan interests, as doing so would be an embezzlement, misappropriation, misapplication, abuse and a grand betrayal of the people’s aspirations.”


    • I hope Nakacinda will soon address why 80% of Cabinet Ministers Ambassadors, High Commissioners, head of Parastatals and Permanent Secretaries come from two regions of the country. The PF tribalism is crass, gross and repugnant. I can say this with my head high and being a son of the soil from Mporokoso.

    • Useless man. Useless statements.

      The problem is not with China.

      The problem is with our corrupt leaders that compromise the integrity of our country.

      Our corrupt leaders are too easily bought. They protect foreign national above citizens.

      Our leaders are the cause of all confusion.

      They have even resurrected tribalism, which KK buried a long time ago.

    • Nakachinda, actually the UPND is more PATRIOTIC than the MMD and a Party calling itself PATRIOTIC FRONT (PF) because the UPND is fighting for the People of Zambia’s wealthy NOT TO BE SOLD TO FOREIGNERS COMING IN THE NAME OF INVESTORS while the PF and the MMD are busy giving Zambian people’ s wealth to the so-called FOREIGN INVESTORS! What do you know about PATRIOTISM Nakachinda!?

  1. PF members are so useless that they are sidelined by Lazy Lungu for Nakacinda…really laughable….he knows that boys like Sunday and Antonia are too immature to send to Parley.

  2. PF members are so useless that they are sidelined by Lazy Lungu for Nakacinda…really laughable….he knows that boys like Sun day and Anto nia are too immature to send to Parley.

    • Just look at the cadres on this site or thread…surely can you send these childish silly ill-mannered kids to Parley…they will be saying the same thing every session.
      Nb- those people you mentioned are UPND members…this guy is an MMD member read his maiden speech. Can dull $unday write anything like that?

    • Imagine “Sharon” and his stupidity (this is a man; we know him) with the unelectable single liner in parley…low caliber indeed. But to be sure, Nakacinda is now a pf bootlicker…morals abandoned for a few pieces of silver.

    • Lazy bum illiterate TONGA tribal hooligan bully Larry Mweetwa son of a tribal polygamous father who never taught him toilet training pooping in diapers in public HAGAIN needing cynical tattoo-clad MUTINTA HICHILEMA , BoSPakata and UNDER FIVE CARD CLINIC to change him HAGAIN. The little tribal god of UPND is UNELECTABLE and to dull to be a president.

  3. He is in the pocket of a debarred corrupt thieving lawyer who stole from a widow in broad day light with no shame, busy stealing from the nation with rampant corruption and has put the nation at risk with over borrowing, the moron cant think. even if you protect him the chap is a thieving wanker

    • HH is PRIVATISATION THIEF, INSIDE TRADING QUEEN and MONEY LAUNDERING THIEF according to “Cambridge Analytica” and Paradise Papers. PANAMA, here we come. Tax Haven.

  4. I totally Agree with you sir. There some real ugly and dangerous heads that if left unchecked can destroy this country. The issue is that leadership need to realize that there some issues that need a mullet while others require a ten pound hummer to sort out.

  5. Thanks Mr nakachinga although you have come a little bit late. How I hope you come say 2011 on parliament Or somebody would have nominated you for the speaker position. Both opposition and ruling will greatly benifit from Mr nakachinga objective debates. No more embezzlement Through walk out and billing in parliament then line up for a pay at the end of the month.

  6. Are there no better people in PF? This is the challenge of having quantity instead of quality. I guess his excellence has no options within his camp. This is one wrong pick. Mutati was the real thing.

  7. This does not quaify to be a maiden SPEECH, I have been an MP for 15yrs , a maiden speech revolves around whta u HAVE come to do for ur pipo in parliament. Not what NAKATOMBA is talking about

  8. There is no”TEMPORAL” in the English vocabulary. It is and should be temporally all the time please. I urge all to improve on your reading culture. Most of the LT bloggers are limited to insults in their works hence they cannot see the common mistakes in writings. Just a photograph of someone they hate triggers them into insulting without considering the message being conveyed.No wonder I tend to think they are employed to do just that. NAKACHINDA do what you think is right fro unity of the people of Zambia. When you become MP, you represent all the people in your area and consequently all the Zambians.

    • temporal1



      adjective: temporal


      relating to worldly as opposed to spiritual affairs; secular.
      “the Church did not imitate the secular rulers who thought only of temporal gain”

      synonyms: secular, non-spiritual, worldly, profane, material, mundane, earthly, terrestrial; More
      non-religious, lay;

      carnal, fleshly, mortal, corporeal;

      raresublunary, terrene

      “the temporal aspects of church government”

      antonyms: spiritual


      relating to time.
      “the spatial and temporal dimensions of human interference in complex ecosystems”

      synonyms: of time, time-related
      “spatial and temporal boundaries”

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