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China calls on Zambia to provide more information on the various investment opportunities

General News China calls on Zambia to provide more information on the various...

Media Authorities in China have called on Zambia to provide more information on the various investment opportunities in the country.

This is because millions of potential Chinese investors are yearning for additional information on Zambia as a preferred investment destination in Africa.

ZNBC Staffer Kennedy Bwalya reports from China that the information came to light during an interaction forum between a delegation of Zambian journalists and management staff at Chongqing Daily News Group in the Chinese city of Chongqing.

And addressing the Zambian media team, Chongqing Daily News Group Director for the News department, Cui Jian called for increased media collaboration between Zambia and China.

Ms. Cui said Media personnel in the two countries should work closely to strengthen economic, social and political ties.

She also said there is need to cooperate in consolidating efforts aimed at integrating traditional media with new media platforms in the digital era.

Ms. Cui said capacity building and integration of media resources is key to the survival of the traditional media.

Chongqing Daily News Group runs 15 newspapers and 14 websites.

The Zambian Media team is in China for the first ever Zambia Media Think Tank Seminar.


    • Chinese Investment does not benefit zambia in any way:-
      – they dont pay taxes
      – they employ their own. Even manual jobs are done by Chinese prisoners. The few zambians tht get employed by Chinese are paid peanut, slave wages
      – chinese are abusive, racis.t towards locals
      – chinese have made fight against govt corruption impossible. From Lungu to police officers, everyone has been bribed/corrupted
      – Chinese externalize all their money. When they use local banks, its in dollar accounts which hurts the kwacha.
      – Chinese have zero social responsibility. Have u ever heard ati a chinese has donated even soccer balls?
      We don’t need/want PF’s Chinese friends.

    • TRIBALISM is a cousin to RACISM, HATRIBES have them both! Let’s develop this thing! It is UNELECTABLE. We are all humans beings from God and we should live amicably one with the other.

  1. Well this is no surprise, Chinese people have seen how it is easy to get things done in Zambia due to docility and nature of the local people. Zambia is one of the few countries in Africa that is very easy to manipulate and our leaders will gladly be happy to act as a catalyst in the process. I do not mean to say we should be rudely aggressive, but let us change the rules so that every potential business investment can benefit our local people and possible put up a stucture were foreigne investors can partner with local. It is important to have such a system, in China actually they have such a system and it has worked well for them.

  2. China currently insists on a 50 – 50 partnership for any investors wanting to invest in China, they are require that investors share their technology and this is one of the reasons Trump has engaged in a Trade war with China; it is because of the unfair trading practices of China.
    Zambia should also insist on Chinese people investing only in areas where we need mechanised investment because at the moment the Chinese are allowed to even open a restaurant at Soweta market which is unfair.

  3. I do agree with the observer the problem seems to be with Zambians themselves, however the government needs to be smart enough to secure investment that is profitable to the Zambian people : I thought that was the work of any government in power to lift it’s people from poverty and empower them to stand on their two feet.
    No handouts but to earn money by hard work not asking any one for assistance however gain knowledge through cooperation with foreign investors .

  4. You chased white people with nationalization policies and now you are pleading for the second rate Chinese to colonize you.

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