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It is immoral for UPND to comment on President Lungu’s eligibility -Ndoyi

Headlines It is immoral for UPND to comment on President Lungu's eligibility -Ndoyi

Prince Ndoyi

Prince Ndoyi the young politician from MMD known for his criticism of the opposition UPND and their leader Hakainde Hichilema says it is immoral for the opposition party to comment on the eligibility of President Edgar Lungu because they have more skeletons in their closet that they need to deal with themselves.

The Constitutional Court is set to make a landmark judgement on Friday as Constitutional Court judges will rule on the eligibility of the Republican President in the 2021 election which the UPND has said they don’t expect the ruling to be against President Lungu.

But Ndoyi has described UPND’s statement as careless, reckless and irresponsible adding that the opposition party has no ‘Loci Standi’ to comment on the matter because their leader should not have been a contestant in 2015 to start with because he had already participated in 3 elections.

“How does a National Chairperson of a party make such an irresponsible statement on behalf of the whole political party? Let’s be civil. Infact it’s immoral for UPND to comment in whatever form, on the eligibility of President Lungu.

The young politician said it is an open secret that the UPND are praying that the Concourt’s ruling can disqualify President Lungu because they are certain that with him in the race in 2021 the election is a foregone conclusion.

He scoffed at the notion that the opposition party leaders are showering praise and calling Hakainde Hichilema the incoming president describing their praise as the highest order of hypocrisy.

“It’s bogus to hear, them showering praise on HH as an incoming President. Aren’t they ashamed, learned lawyers and MPs calling HH their candidate for 2021. Let’s be real and serious, it’s hypocrisy of the highest order.

“They have failed to mobilize their moral conscience to recalibrate their position on this perpetual contestant of HH on the presidency,” he said.

He further mocked the opposition that they should use the same energy they have injected in the eligibility of President Lungu in dealing with the illegality of maintaining their leader as a candidate in perpetuity.

“They should use the same energy in dealing with this illegality of maintaining HH as a candidate in perpetuity. They should instead identify another candidate other than insisting on the same candidate who has lost 5 elections.”

He further laughed at UPND supporters for giving lame excuses against the reason for Hakainde’s unchallenged stay at the helm of thier party.

“How can a whole lot of a party give such a lame excuse that we allow him to stand because we love him? Love alone cannot be the basis to be used for an illegality or the obstruction of other fresh minds taking over the party.

“That is why I started a proposal of a law, to bar perpetual aspirants at presidential level. The onus lies on the Zambian people to define this issue by rising above who is heading PF or UPND today. Who should under normal circumstances be disqualified, between HH and President Lungu. And Zambians ask them to answer these questions objectively.

“Lungu has stood two times while HH on the other hand has stood five times. Who instead should not stand on moral grounds? President should not be bothered, we implore him to focus on the mandate given to him,” he said.

He added “Friday’s ruling has nothing to do with disqualifying anyone, and it cannot be reduced as such. All the Concourt will do is interpret a constitutional provision in view of 2021, that’s all.”


  1. Probably all people including Ndoyi have skeletons in their closets and so no one should question anyone. The skin-deep thinking of Zambian politicians with whom we expect to make progress.

    • The monster that kept Mugabe in power has returned, when Zimbabwe is going through multi-faceted socio-economic challenges, a group of people calling themselves war veterans – under the leadership of one Victor Matemadanda – would rather be pre-occupied with having the age of those that qualify for the presidency increased from 40 to 52.
      Truth be told, these war veterans are just trying to find ways of diluting the MDC leader Nelson Chamisa’s threat during the 2023 presidential polls.
      This is primitive politics. All over the world, a person at 40 is considered adult enough to run a nation. Why should it be different for Zimbabwe, if not based on parochial and selfish interests?

    • @critical analyse you are this Boy called Ndoyi is Congolese . While he studied at Mulungushi University him and his colleagues in the student union stole alot of Money which they failed to pass the audit.They received alot of money from PF to de campaign UPND but they failed. Ndoyi fears that should UPND form Government he will be deported back to congo like Mumba yashi. He is also a tribalist who believes that only a Nyanja in the name of ECL can redeem the Bembas and all foreigners his fear is that should HH rule him and many foreigners will be deported.The fear of HH maybe un funded by many Zambians.Try the man and see how Beautiful zambia will be.

    • I wonder why this is not contempt of ConCourt. Why others get 6 years or exiled?
      Judges have to consider Ndoyi and Sunday Chanda’s competition.

      Not conforming to accepted standards of morality.
      “unseemly and immoral behaviour”
      synonyms: unethical, bad, morally wrong, wrongful, wicked, evil, unprincipled, unscrupulous, dishonourable, dishonest, unconscionable, iniquitous, disreputable, fraudulent, corrupt, depraved, vile, villainous, nefarious, base, unfair, underhand, devious; sinful, impure, unchaste, unvirtuous, shameless, degenerate, debauched, abandoned, dissolute, reprobate, perverted, indecent, lewd, licentious, wanton, bawdy, lustful, promiscuous, whorish; informalshady, low-down; informaldodgy, crooked, not cricket; archaicmiscreant
      “It is immoral for UPND to comment on President Lungu’s eligibility -Ndoyi” You can say that Again.

    • This Ndoyi needs to enroll in some English class. Throwing words around that you don’t really understand very well is what is immoral. I’m not a UPND member, but I think that they’ve a constitutional right and universal human rights to question anything happening in their country. There’s nothing immoral about that. Zambia is a democratic country, so people are free to question and comment on anything happening in the country. Labeling their questioning of issues affecting their country “immoral,” is what’s immoral in itself.

  2. Case rested. Thanks ndoyi for clarifying this simple matter. Concourt is only going to interpret the constitution and not decide ecl legibility to stand. And the constitution already if read in whole qualifies him. So under5s before you start exposing your shallow minds first go and drink fertilizer.

  3. Yes. A dictator calling his opponent dictator, that’s hh and upnd. We love him?? What a bunch of losers who have messed up politics with lies, bitterness, tribalism and insults.

  4. Who is this Ndoyi guy? Unfortunately, in this country there seems to be plenty of space for anyone to write on any subject even without professional background in the field

  5. Its a question of both morality and legality, one has to abide to both. Lack of the other disqualifies one for presidency to me.

  6. But his Party MMD has more problems than UPND and PF combined. How does he even find time to analyze other Party’s problems?

  7. Ndoyi you are misguiding yourself. Should we say you should not speak because you don’t have a Masters or Undergraduate degree or because you are Congolese. The constitution is a constitution is the constitution there is nothing you and I can do ah.

  8. Of all the comments here, I have liked the one which says ague on the subject matter not how one looks, or whether he is Zezulu, Tonga or indeed Nsenga or any other tribe/ color. Who stands a better chance of elimination from the Presidential race?

  9. Another Moron talking nonsense when the economy is at its lowest point because of people like you Ndoyi.Very dull kind of thinking and keep that to yourself.Misplaced loyalty when majority Zambians are suffering.Money is being swindled through tenders and is this what you are going to tell Zambians?Fire tracks a million dollar,ambulances,Jets they are buying for themselves,Roads…come on Ndoyi Zambians are not that stupid and fools.If you are eating together enjoy.

  10. By not holding HH in contempt for calling the Concourt Judges corrupt, the Concourt has allowed itself to further suffer contemptuous comments from individuals that continue to undermine the reputation of the court with impunity. Judge Mwanamwambwa should be appointed to Concourt to bring sanity to its reputation, he is a non nonsense Jurist.

  11. The issue of ECL eligibilty is not here or there.He ECL will be allowed to stand then RB was and could still be able to stand . This is a simple issue its not about time frame the question is how many times has ECL held Office of President and the answer is twice.The you can conclude.

  12. ….where is “Sharon” when we need him the most? The one liner “unelectable” to another term would now be appropriate since that is all he knows.

  13. A new amendment to a constitution does not prejudice an incumbent or disadvantage them for the past. ECL has only concluded one 5 year term so any other term of office that he may have held or anyone for that matter that is less than 5 years is not considered a term of office under new constitution.

    As an example, if today marijuana was legalized in Zambia it means everyone convicted of it in the past and serving time in Prison currently would have to have they’re sentence scrapped and those serving in prison released.

  14. ….. So given the above EL and RB are eligible to stand for one more full term no problem.

    Here’s an Example of how change in constitution should not leave the past disadvantaged.

    Except from an American Newspaper….

    In the weeks following the legalization of cannabis in California, San Francisco’s district attorney expunged thousands of felony convictions related to cannabis possession. Cities such as Seattle and San Diego have also moved to clear away records of marijuana possession.

  15. A term of office for the Presidency applicable now and to the past is 5 years.

    Anything less is not considered a term and anyone that served less than 5 years in the past is eligible to stand.

    • 35. (1) Subject to clauses (2) and (4) every President shall hold office for a period of five years.

      (2) Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Constitution or any other law a person who has twice been elected as President shall not be eligible for re-election to that office.

  16. Constitution of Zambia, 1991 (as amended up to Act No. 18 of 1996)


    The person who has held office as President shall not, within the period referred to in clause (10), perform any functions of the office of President under this Constitution or any other law.

    35. (1) Subject to clauses (2) and (4) every President shall hold office for a period of five years.

    Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Constitution or any other law a person who has twice been elected as President shall not be eligible for re-election to that office.

  17. An individual shall not serve as President for more than two 5 year terms of office. A term of office is 5 years not less. Term does not refer to number of times sworn in it is a duration of Time. This means that anything less than 5 years is not considered a full term of office. An incomplete term of an abandoned Presidency is a Presidential term of office of the President that doesn’t finish it and not of the one that completes it. This in essence also means that RB can stand for another term of 5 years should he so wish.

    • 35. (1) Subject to clauses (2) and (4) every President shall hold office for a period of five years.

      (2) Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Constitution or any other law a person who has twice been elected as President shall not be eligible for re-election to that office.

  18. you have to be very emotional and irrational not to understand the plain language used by Ndoyi. I think that the fact that UPND operates contrary to constitutional provisions regards eligibility of their president should worry any democrat about the prospects of HH being president. The constitution will be indangered.

  19. This judgement is of national interest and therefore anyone whether a party group or individual has the right to comment as the outcome will affect us all.

  20. As Tonga’s we cannot support anyone who is not Tonga by tribe. Remember upnd is our party. That’s why we want to use Bembas just to help us kucibweza chishi cheesu. Ino abana bashonto baya kulembwa kuti baye kuota mu 2021. Abash mu bemba.

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