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“Murky” CBU Water still safe to drink-Nkana Water


Nkana Water and Sewerage Company has insisted that the murky looking water supplied to the Copperbelt University in Kitwe is still safe for consumption.

In a statement, Company Spokesman Brian Saluseki confirmed that a team comprising Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) officers together with engineers from the firm carried out inspections at CBU to ascertain the quality of water at the institution.

“This Inspection was necessitated by complaints about the quality of water that was being supplied to CBU. The inspection revealed that the water had lost its transparency due to the presence of suspended particles and the total suspended solids in the water was high thus making the water appear murky,” Mr Saluseki said.

“In an effort to establish the reason behind the murky water, water samples were taken from various NWSC water treatment and distribution facilities including Riverside Distribution Centre, Bulangililo Treatment Plants, certain parts of CBU, among others,” he said.

Mr Saluseki said the results disclosed that the areas that were sampled have transparent water and that the water is safe for consumption.

He explained that the murky water was subjected to laboratory tests and the results showed the water was safe for consumption.

“NWSC engineers are currently on the ground to check the water network and investigate the potential cause of the murky water. Currently NWSC has flushed the system at several points in and around CBU.”

He stated that the Copperbelt University Students Union has also been engaged over the situation and has been assured of the safety of the water.

The “murky” looking water being supplied to CBU
The “murky” looking water being supplied to CBU
The “murky” looking water being supplied to CBU
The “murky” looking water being supplied to CBU


  1. This is just plain stupidity and annoying that we have people who think like this holding such positions.

    This chap must have grown up down trodden …

    Talk about the country having a majority as embicile citizens

    • Yaba kwena mwalichula pa zed. Ati its just rust from the pipes, but its safe to drink…lol

    • No it is NOT! That must be COBALT traces from the MOPANI smelter. MOPANI NEEDS to go! ZCCM ran the Cobalt plant at NKANA and we never had that water like that! In fact, when I went to Copperbelt Bottlers we were told that the reason the company had situated itself in KITWE was that KITWE had one of the best water qaulity in Zambia. This is like hearing a team from UPND lie.

  2. Turbidity has been an issue not only for CBU but entire Kitwe. Government has set standards for turbidity, colour, and odor in drinking water for a purpose. Nkana Water should not down play this problem until cholera and other water borne diseases breakout. Where is NWASCO kanshi? Always waiting until lives are lost. Shame!!!!!

    • Prof. HANSONI, you have no idea what cholera looks like so shut up please! This thing needs chlorine to bleach it just like HH needs chlorine to remove tribalism stains from his blood,

    • I have no idea just like your dull father with his tooth pick in his pants and your Hu!e mother with her ever open legs permanently! open like your smelly open pit

  3. If somebody gives you red milk to drink, you will not because milk is white. Water is clear, any other colour is unacceptable whether safe or not. What you see is what informs the mind. If water is clear you will drink it whether safe or not. Clean up that water.

  4. What is this folly? Why didn’t they ask him to drink it and also give it to his wife and children….I remember a Utility company in the UK being at pains explaining a similar issue the paying customers were not having it. It was sorted out Asap.

    • This is also what an exposure to cow manure of one organ can do. It definitely can look like this. You only see how people act to know that the brain is gone.

  5. No medicines can cure your disease because the disease is in your soul.The disease here is the stupidity of some people

  6. Forget the water look at the faucet. Is that even acceptable at an institution of higher learning. Gentlemen….just copy and paste from those that have done things before.

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