FAZ President Andrew Kamanga says qualifying for the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations should be non negotiable for Zambia.

Chipolopolo have failed to qualify for the Africa Cup twice in a row.

The failure has disappointed fans and many stakeholders on the local football front.

Kamanga said players, the technical bench and FAZ should be held accountable for Zambia’s failure to qualify for next year’s Africa Cup.

“We understand our supporters are frustrated. It is extremely disappointing. We are missing out on the Africa Cup second time around. 2021 should be non negotiable,” Kamanga said.

“I agree with you (journalists) the national team is the pride of the country, we need to preserve it, we need to protect and enhance it,” he said.

Kamanga questioned the performance of players when Zambia lost 1-0 to Mozambique in the flopped 2019 Africa Cup qualifying campaign.

“The same team performed well against Guinea Bissau at home even away in Bissau half time we were leading 1-0. Second half after 20 minutes we were still leading 1-0. You collapse and you lose 2-1 and then there is that performance in Mozambique. I have never seen Zambia play like that.”

“By the way as an executive we did our part. We motivated the team and doubled their bonuses. They were in South Africa for a week but what is the mindset of the players? Are they players put in as much efforts to say the national team is the pride of the nation?” Kamanga asked.

The FAZ boss has since announced that his executive committee will meet soon to review the performance of Coach Sven Vandenbroeck and decide his fate.

Kamanga went on to rate Sven’s performance as above average.

“Two wins, two loses and one draw it is just above average performance. You can’t call it poor,” Kamanga said.

The 38-year old Belgian coach has running contract until March 2019.

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  1. The FAZ boss has since announced that his executive committee will meet soon to review the performance of Coach Sven Vandenbroeck and decide his fate.
    The executive should also decide to resign or they should be kicked out no two ways. This is the most useless Faz executive ever.


  2. Kananga is a disgrace and has no shame….we should be talking world cup qualification.

    Going to the Afcon is not an achievement. Winning it is what the fans want.
    Kamanga has no morals.He should resign.
    He can’t even win Cosafa that a$$ho…


  3. Easier said than done Boss. What measures are you going to take to ensure the cycle comes to an end? Abena seven abo are fit for under 17 teams


  4. Comment:the coach knows nothing about Zambian football, how can u rate him, within five games only recording 2 wins and u are saying he is above average. this is ridiculous. he should be retired immediately and let others take on like abena Best on Chambeshi, they can bring us favour.


  5. The benchmark has now changed from winning the trophy to mere qualification for the tournament. That is a low and shameful benchmark for former champions.


  6. because of the same situation, kamanga formed the interim executive during kalusha Bwalya reign, so kamanga and Sven are all failures, and don’t be fooled, kamanga is just a businessman


  7. the coach said if I fail to qualify I will resign what is he doing there?
    we should not be talking of qualifying to the afcon this time, what we need too be taking about is qualifying to the world cup or winning the afcon period. Kamanga and 7 have failed just resign on moral grounds.
    its only in Africa were leaders are stubborn after failing they still cling to power.



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