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Copperbelt MPs endorsed President Lungu as the party’s sole candidate in the 2021 general elections.

Headlines Copperbelt MPs endorsed President Lungu as the party’s sole candidate in...

The PF MPs based on the Copperbelt during a news conference at Protea Hotel in Ndola
FILE: The PF MPs based on the Copperbelt during a news conference at Protea Hotel in Ndola

Patriotic Front members of parliament from the Copperbelt province have endorsed President Edgar Lungu as the party’s sole candidate in the 2021 general elections.

Copperbelt members of parliament caucus committee chairperson Evans Chibanda says the outcome of the Presidential eligibility case was professionally done.

Mr. Chibanda who is also Mufulira MP told ZNBC news that the judgement has allayed a lot of speculations that were in the party.

And the Patriotic Front in North Western Province says the outcome of the Presidential eligibility case entails that there will be no speculations on who will contest on the PF ticket in 2021.

PF North Western Province Chairperson Jackson Kungo says the party in the province is excited that the matter has been put to rest.

Mr. Kungo who is also a member of the central committee has congratulated President Edgar Lungu on the historic judgement of declaring him eligible to stand in 2021.

He has told ZNBC news in a statement that as a party in the province, they never doubted the eligibility of President Lungu to stand for another term of office in 2021.

Mr. Kungo said the party in the province pledges total loyalty and support to President Lungu and the party.

He has urged PF members and functionaries to work and energize the grassroots to ensure another victory in August 2021.

And Lusaka Lawyer Tutwa Ngulube says it will be easy for the PF to win the 2021 General Elections following the Constitutional Courts decision to clear President Edgar Lungu to stand as a Presidential candidate.

Mr. Ngulube says this is because most Zambians have come to love the Head of State due to his humility and hard work.

He says the opposition were hoping the Constitutional court will stop President Lungu from contesting the election so that they can have it easy.

Mr. Ngulube says this can be seen from the outcry after the judgement despite the court having interpreted the constitution correctly.

He told ZNBC News that PF members should continue working hard to increase on the votes that were obtained during the last elections.


    • These PF zombies are a let down. Just bcoz they have a block of flats &their wives are now driving jeep cherokees, they choose to bury their heads in the sand like a dumb ostrich.

      Im telling you things on the ground are bad right now i zambia. Guys, the pipo are suffering including PF00Ls. It’ll get worse even in 2019.

      Another 7 years under Lungu will definitely zimbabwenify our economy.

    • When did UPND even entertain the thought of fielding a different candidate as president other than Grade 7 repeat times four? When you answer that question, then you have a reason to demonize Lungu.
      From where am sitting, Lusambo would soon become President than Perpetual Loser and you will still be calling him kabova! Sad, but true.

    • Please stop this nonsense! We have been there before and it never worked well for the country. Honestly grown ups claiming to be representatives of the people in parliament yet are behaving like hoodlums. We have a country to build and develop. You can’t be talking about such when we still have work to do! Stop wasting time on this unnecessary extension of Lungu’s tenure. Yes you are in power, but please get back to work! ku Kupusa ba mambala imwe! Time wasters!

  1. I like President Lungu, but I do not agree with these MPs. He needs to have a challenger, that is democracy. PF wins elections because they have democratic structures, unlike the UPND that has a wamuyayaya. It is good for the nation.

    • Lazy bum illiterate TONGA hooligan bully son of an illiterate polygamous father who never taught him table manners and toilet training pooping in public in his diapers HAGAIN! The Mweetwa little boy needs cynical MUTINTA HICHILEMA and BoSpakata to clean him up HAGAIN! It is UNELECTABLE!

  2. whats the difference between someone who writes grade twelve but fails all subjects and the guy who did not attempt at all? to me they are both failures. This whole thing of sole candidate is stone age kind of thinking

  3. Obviously now endorsements will come from all provinces as well as others such as surrogate parties so that they can continue eating with him.

  4. Which caucus…When some of them wont be adopted they will break ranks and stand as independents or cross to other parties and Lungu names. There is NO substance in Lungu’s candidature except he is going to benefit from a USELESS OPPOSITION THAT SPENT 2 YEARS FIGHTING SENSELESS COURT BATTLES INSTEAD OF REORGANISING THEMSELVES AND PROVIDING EFFECTIVE OPPOSITION!!

  5. 2026 you have uphill battle. We are working on something the will obliterate PF.

    I Have had some visit from key figures with the view to form a formidable national character opposition

  6. Rubbish….these guys are uneducated and hooligans who can’t survive minus being stonch cadres…..believe me….Edgar is no good candidate whether you like it or you choose to bury your head in sand or not…..the that Dr fimofimo on the CB really is he a doc worthy his salt….when can he himself prop up and vie to be a president….is he not man enough…..we need serious women to challenge these windhooks….we have had enough of lawyers messing us up and also men in short……you have failed…..you don’t have enough of what I think men should have…..

  7. From a purely economic point of view Lungu shouldn’t be a candidate. The year 2021 should see a better economic recovery candidate.

  8. sole candidate is every were around the world thats what it means to be popular now those who wants to challenge you are the one to show why and how shud they be adopted unlike in upnd were in 20 yrs no one challenged mazoka or hh no history of such

  9. This is what Old man Sata never tolerated …but this coward we have in State House he likes to worshipped like a demigod …he calls himself a lawyer why can he invite challengers in public

  10. Its well known now how much hh and upnd are scared of ecl 2021 hh its retirement time ,you guys if u tell me u dont fear him then it should be to your advantage but you cry day night wait

  11. Some of these PF MPs on the CB have done more damage to PF and President Lungs leadership than any opposition ever could. Ask Op to follow quietly and he will see how they laugh, what they really think of the President and what they are doing right under his nose. They have stolen from hard working citizens who are 2 stone throws away from burning tyres around some of the cadres neck due to intimidation, corruption and theft. They don’t pay employees, rentals or goods they obtain and blame it on the incompetence of their own PF government and departments. They know if they sing the Presidents praise he will allow them to get away with it. Their worst crime is underestimating the people. You’d think the riots would have been a wake up call but they must be too drunk or deluded to see…

  12. Lungu lost to HH in 2016 and only too the presidency through Election manipulation. What makes you think he is now popular?

  13. Lungu lost to HH in 2016 and only took the presidency through Election manipulation. What makes you think he is now popular?

  14. This is a PRETENTIOUS CAUCUS!! When some of them are not readopted, they will break ranks, stand as independents or cross the floor to other parties and call Lungu names!! THERE IS BENEFIT TO THE COUNTRY TO HAVE LUNGU AS A PRESIDENT AGAIN. HOWEVER,LUNGU IS CAPITALISING ON THE FAILURE BY THE OPPOSITION TO ORGANIZE THEMSELVES,PRESENT VALID ALTERNATIVES TO THE MASSES AS GOVERNMENT IN WAITING!! The main opposition the UPND has wasted the last two years FIGHTING FRUITLESS COURT BATTLES INSTEAD OF STRONGLY TAKING THE PF TO TASK ON THEIR POOR GOVERNANCE RECORD AND MOBILISING THEIR PARTY TO GROW!! Today UPND is much weaker, losing elections at local and parliamentary levels in their strongholds, instead of the opposite going by state of economy in the nation!!

  15. Join me in starting a campaign to make Freedom Sikazwe Presidential candidate in 2026, the man is always smiling and I think he would lift the mood of the president. We need to first convince ECL to make him his running mate 2021 with the idea he takes over in 2026.

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