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UNZA goes industrial, procures printing machine, and establishes an investment holdings


UNZA Vice Chancellor Luke Mumba flanked by Deputy Vice Chancellor Enala Mwase (l) and UNZA Registrar Wamundila Sitali speaking during media brief at UNZA
UNZA Vice Chancellor Luke Mumba flanked by Deputy Vice Chancellor Enala Mwase (l) and UNZA Registrar Wamundila Sitali speaking during media brief at UNZA

The University of Zambia (UNZA) has installed an ultra-modern industrial printing machine procured at total cost of 10.5 Million Kwacha to be used on a commercial basis.

And UNZA Vice-Chancellor Luke Mumba says the institution has embarked on the robust recapitalization programme of its operations in order to expand the institution’s revenue base.

Professor Mumba explained that the printing machine will be used for both public and private business as it has the capacity to print all levels of customer specifications.

Prof, Mumba explained during the fourth quarter media briefing, at UNZA in Lusaka today, that the printer will be commissioned in January 2019.

The Vice Chancellor also disclosed that the higher learning institution has set up a Maize Milling and processing plant at its Miyembe farm, with a capacity to process 40 tons of maize per day.

“We are closing the year 2018 with a firm stance on research and expansion of our financial base. Research output publications were 307 which indicates 15% .We have also established the UNZA investment holdings that will start operating in 2019,”he stressed.

The Vice-Chancellor underscored that UNZA is undertaking the construction of two new lecture theaters at a cost of 2 Million United States Dollars which are expected to accommodate between 400 to 450 students.

Meanwhile, UNZA Registrar Sitali Wamundila said the institution will introduce three types of gowns at its 48th graduation ceremony in March next year.

Mr. Wamundila explained that the gowns will have different prices and quality but of the same design.

UNZA Vice Chancellor Luke Mumba speaking during media brief at UNZA
UNZA Vice Chancellor Luke Mumba speaking during media brief at UNZA


  1. Rubbish ideas from a supposedly think tank of the nation…..printing and maize mill….really….???they can be much more innovative than that…..

  2. It is a pity that most of you people criticising the establishment of UNZA printing or press are online graduates and copy and paste graduates who don’t know the importance of a University investing in printing. The University Dons do research and have to publish papers on a fee. With printing department. They can publish books written by staff and others to broaden their income base. This we call Academic Press. Well done prof. Mumba. Forget about these commentators with copy and paste certificates always pre occupied with political minds.Many of them have never published any work in their life, hence to them printing has no value.

  3. Upnd will drag Professor Luke Mumba to Concourt and joinder his deputy Enala Mwase and Registrar Wamundila Sitali. I am not sure what the case would be but trust me Hacks will cook up something futile. Let’s see, how about being a cousin of Esau Chuulu Chairperson of ECZ?

  4. That’s the way to go UNZA, go for it and venture into business.It is not wise to wait on GRZ for everything especially not the GRZ of PF

  5. Well done unza, we are moving in the right direction. This is not only gud for the country’s biggest/highest learning institution, but u have also set a gud direction for other universities in our country. We are seeing a very powerful unza with powerful research centres that will result in alot of scientific discoveries. God bless you all.

  6. This has been overdue. Business ventures is what universities world over survive on and not government grants. UNZA by now should have been offering scholarships without government funding. UNZA have zamnet which is a ‘gold mine’ . Before all these Hai, microlink, CEC liquid, Iconnect, etc came in the market UNZA was already offering email services through zamnet.Till date I have failed to understand why a place which produces intellectuals have failed to run zamnet effectively. Also UNZA with a school agricultural and veterinary medicine have failed to run a farm to participate in the agribusiness. UNZA has capacity to feed itself and participate atleast even in chicken rearing. Otherwise congratulations and lets move fast with business.

  7. By the way years back UNZA used to make bolts and nuts from the school of engineering , I don’t know if they still do that. Engineering and innovation and research is what develops nations. This should be the preoccupation of a university. If government does not fund you get into ventures like you have done to raise money for research and let the students or lectures who achieve something patent their research and innovation products. For now most universities , UNZA included have the post independence mentality of producing graduates to fill in vacancies in the national industries. That stage is over people . Today as you are entering your last year at university preoccupy yourself with business you will be doing after university.

  8. Long over due please move on with more ventures. you can also lease me land in your premises so that i can build hostels for rent by students. waiting

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