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Achievements of The PF Government in Seven Years (2011 – 2018): From The Perspective Of 7NDP and Vision 2030


Davies Mwila PF Secretary General
Davies Mwila PF Secretary General

Part 2
By Hon Davies Mwila


As a sequel to the last article, we continue to discuss the exploits of the PF in the last 7 (seven) years 2011-2018.  Since PF formed Government in 2011 under the late President Mr. Michael Sata (MHSRIP)–and currently under His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu – the national development agenda of the Patriotic Front (PF) has always been guided by three (03) strategic documents, namely: The Patriotic Front Manifesto(s);The National Development Plans (NDPs)The Vision 2030.

7NDP is underpinned by five strategic pillars namely: Economic Diversification and Job Creation; Poverty and Vulnerability Reduction; Enhancing Human Development; Environment for a Diversified and Inclusive Economy; Reducing Developmental Inequalities.

The following is snippet of the numerous ways the PF is on course in achieving the desired outcome under the first Pillar:


Just a few days ago, Zambia entered a higher dimension in the advancement of irrigation agriculture, when His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa commissioned the 61 million cubic metres water storage capacity Mwomboshi Dam and reservoir in Chisamba district, Central Province.

The Mwomboshi Dam project is an indelible impression of the Patriotic Front government’s monumental progress in infrastructure development aimed at fostering national development through agriculture and agro-processing.

Its construction of the dam is in fulfilment of the 7NDP and Patriotic Front manifesto on increasing management and utilisation of water resources for agricultural development.

Management and utilisation of water resources for agricultural development In line with the PF Manifesto and 7NDP will be achieved by constructing at least one large scale dam per province such as Mwomboshi to irrigate massive areas of land, establish irrigation schemes and facilitate private investment in dams and irrigation infrastructure among other actions.

This is essential to our achieving the desired outcome of a Diversified and Export-Oriented Agriculture Sector leveraged on Improving Production and Productivity from Farm to Agro-Processing and Manufacturing.

The Patriotic Front administration of President Lungu accordingly endeavours to replicate bulk water irrigation infrastructure projects like Mwomboshi across the country.

The Aquaculture Development programme:

Aquaculture also known as Aqua-farming, refers to the breeding, rearing and harvesting of all water organisms including aquatic plants.
However, aquaculture in Zambia is mainly restricted to fish farming owing to its high demand on the Zambian market ( The PF Government is currently, developing aquaculture through several projects.

For example instance -on 22nd October, 2017, President Edgar Lungu launched the USD 50million Aquaculture Project.

Another notable development is the 5-year US Dollar 50.89 million African Development Bank (AfDB) funded project running from 2017 to 2022, to which the Zambian Governments contribution of funding is 10.8%.

The project is expected to benefit about 1, 200 fish farmers and entrepreneurs comprising 50% women and youth in the identified high-potential aquaculture areas. There will also be approximately fifty thousand (50,000) indirect beneficiaries consisting of entrepreneurs in the aquaculture value chain such as fish processes, fish traders, fish transporters and employees.

The project is expected to foster an enabling environment for the supply of 98 million fingerings which are key necessities in fish farming. The project is crucial to helping our nation diversify its economy, reduce youth unemployment and poverty.

There are many other PF achievements in Aqua Culture sub-sector. The following is but a glimpse into the voluminous catalogue these exploits:

Apart from the US Dollar 20 million Aquaculture Investment Plan (employing over 600 people) which the PF Government has set up in Siavonga District the PF Government is also promoting cage fish farming on lakes Mweru, Kariba, Tanganyika, and Bangweulu as well as along the Kafue river at Kasaka and the water bodies of Western province. This is being implemented through the Zambia Aquaculture Enterprise Development Project (ZAED).

Zambia Aquaculture Enterprise Development Project (ZAED).

Arising from the effective implementation of the ZAED Project, the PF Government has increased fish production from 22, 713 metric tonnes in 2015 to 27,658 metric tonnes in 2016; representing a 22 percent increase.

This significant increase in fish production in only 2 years is evidence of PF Government policies working in the sector.

Once the Zambia Aquaculture Enterprise Development Project (ZAEDP) implementation period is completed in 2021, Government expects the annual fish production to increase to over 40,000 metric tonnes from the current 36,000 metric tonnes in 2018.

The ZAEDP project is stimulating a viable aquaculture sub-sector in Zambia which will in turn promote economic diversification, food security and sustainable employment creation, all of which are top priorities of the Government as enshrined in the 7NDP and Vision 2030.
However, Zambia still has a deficit of 87, 000 metric tonnes due to increased human population as well as demand for fish as a source of cheap protein.

In order to bridge this gap and to enable Zambians to improve their welfare through fish farming; President Edgar Lungu is committed to scaling up aquaculture development through strategic investments and partnerships, to stimulate an enabling environment for expansion in the sub-sector.

Research And Development Promotion Programme (Crops, Livestock And Fisheries)

Apart from Aquaculture, the PF Government attaches great importance to research and development in all sub-sectors of Agriculture. Central to this is Zambia Agriculture Research Institute (ZARI) is the largest agricultural research entity in Zambia.

It has 10 research stations with Mount Makulu Central Research Station being the institute’s headquarters.

The institute’s overall objectives are to develop and adapt crop, soil and plant protection technologies and to provide a high quality, appropriate and cost-effective service to farmers. ( The PF Government has boosted support to ZARI to enable it meet its objectives.

In order to promote Research and Development further, the PF Government has scaled up vaccine production at the Central Veterinary Research Institute with a view to improving and protecting crops, livestock and fisheries countrywide.

Enhancing Agriculture Value Chains

Agriculture value chains are a crucial component of Economic Diversification.

President Lungu’s Government is devoted to diversifying the economy and reducing over-dependence on the extractive industry.
PF is modernizing Agriculture and prioritize value addition through agro-industries in order to improve productivity and lay the foundation for an industrialized economy.

To this end, President Lungu’s Administration has continued to gain significant ground in enhancing agriculture value chains through strategic and significant investments in production, agro-processing and marketing including export market and distribution mechanisms in line with the 7NDP.

The PF Government continues to score many feats through the implementation of a variety of programmes such as the Agro- And Forestry-Based Processing and Manufacturing Promotion Programme.

The following is a selection from the long list of PF Government’s achievements in this regard:

i. Shiwang’andu district of Muchinga Province- In 2015, President Edgar Lungu launched a multi-million Kwacha Forest Plantation for ZAFFICO

ii. Kasama, Northern Province; a 1,947-hectare ZAFFICO plantation has also been established. It is expected to create 200 direct jobs in Kasama and many more throughout the country.

iii. More land for ZAFFICO to develop into plantations in Mporokoso and Luwingu districts in Northern Province has also been secured. The aim is to preserve forests as well as create employment in the area and countrywide.

iv. In April 2018 His Excellency, President Edgar Lungu – launched the “Zambia Plant a Million Trees initiative” at Kapasa Makasa University in Muchinga Province.


With His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu leading the way the Patriotic Front Government has made significant strides towards the fulfillment of Vision 2030, and we will not rest on our laurels.

We remain unflinching and relentless in our quest to bequeath to Zambians a strong, dynamic and prosperous industrial Middle-income Nation By 2030 using the PF Manifesto and 7NDP as a stairway to attaining a diversified and export-oriented agriculture sector leveraged on improving production and productivity from farm to agro-processing and manufacturing.

The Author is Patriotic Front Secretary General


  1. You can hate the guy or condemn PF, but give credit where it is due. The PF strategy taken to sell their achievement is a good approach. Its transparent and it up to anyone or opposition to counterattack it if the presented here are not correct.
    I am aware the reports miss what the majority of the Zambians want to hear, heck what, its first step in the right direction. At

    • Can you Davies answer why 4 villages were distroyed by PF in Vumbwi, so an Italian PF financier can settle on that massive land?
      People will be more interested in that than reading your 7UPND stuff.

    • The PF is laying out what they are doing to uplift lives of ordinary Zambians in black and white and when PF wins in 2021 the opposition will start asking how they lost. Many Zambians heve deliberately chosen to be misled because they like reading fake news.Here is real news but they don’t want to admit that ECL is working.

      You only have up to mid 2021 to showcase your achievement. That said, if your claims are right and anything to go by, peddle down. I will judge and assess you at the end of your tenure. I personally gave you my vote on account of your diversification voice. As you step on the Mines’ toes “taxically” walk the talk and your vote in me is secured. We can not be living as though we running a country at borrowed time. The country cannot continue to run as a huge beggar. Roll the sleeves and Up the game otherwise I will be forced to actively join Politics. When I come on board every tongue will confess. Lets develop this thing.

    • Good job GRZ! Stay focused and do not listen to UPND tribal naysayers. The boy will NEVER be a president. You have put this country on the world map through your focussed development and soon anyone travelling from South Africa, Europe or any other place in the world wouldn’t notice any major difference! It is UNELECTABLE!

    • One notable achievement omitted from the list by the Patriotic Front Secretary General is the rise in election violence since 2011. Please do your work to eliminate this scourge.

    • The next election is not going to be about what you have done as PF but impact the things you are doing now will have on the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise sentiment going into 2021.

      They will care less how many malls are on the ground or how many airports are first class for the first time in a long time. They will be looking at how good is my bank account since the last time I voted PF?

      How is my retirement looking since the last time I voted for PF? How’s my family fairing since the time I voted for PF. So, instead of showcasing your achievements until 2021, ECL needs to go on a “Listening Tour”.

      He needs to start holding town hall meetings in every district and every chiefdom, every constituency and just listen to what the people’s expectations are now, what they want…

    • Continued…

      He needs to start holding town hall meetings in every district and every chiefdom, every constituency and just listen to what the people’s expectations are now, what they want now and how they want the country to run now.

      The you Ba Davis na Ba Mumbi take all those notes and make sure each and every of their concerns are addressed before the next election, then you will have a landslide victory.

      So, while these snippets are essential in bringing to light what you have been doing and should continue, what will win your next election is listening to the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise now and start meeting expectations as you adjust course towards 2021.

      Introduce legislation based on their suggestions, adjust and make changes to current policies based on…

    • Continued…

      Introduce legislation based on their suggestions, adjust and make changes to current policies based on their sentiments and you will be shocked how favorable you become against your opponents and add that to the power of incumbency 2021 will be in the bag for you.

      Zambia Is Greater Than Any Single One Of Us ~ B R Mumba, Sr

      May Heaven help you all … and may the best team win.

      Original Content, No Copyrights Reserved

    • HH and Jack Mwimbu rightly put it that ECL was not entitled to the full benefits of a retired president after completing part of Sata’s term, one wonders how it has become a full term.The opposition lacks consistency and that’s why Zambians have found it hard to entrust them with the governance of this country.

    • No 6th attempt to be president! No 6th attempt to be president! No 6th attempt to be president! Try running as a Paramount Chief of Namwalans.

  2. The Author is Patriotic Front Secretary General

    I am 100% convinced that this fella did not author this report, it was just taken to him to append his signature. He had no input whatsoever.

    • If Sharon is paid for the comments i read whoever pays should demand a refund…i have reached a stage where i skip the posts…

    • only dander heads like PF can pay for the sh!t she or he or what ever this shemale writes. but any PF is full of dull and stup!d people to them this is on point…….party of morons and shameless dander heads

  3. If unfortunate we have no alternative voice

    Big names like Dipak patel. Nevers Mumba. Gbm. Mulenga sata. Miles sampa. Levy Ngoma. Nawakwi. Kk. Post news paper. Maureen. Milupi etc

    They have tried to throw weight behind this man but he keeps losing.

    This time each time he loses he cries they have rigged. Its practically impossible to sale this man because of his double standards

    At night he sneaks into white house betraying his own watchdog and cuts deals.

    Mpombo called him a cheap bragadaccio.

    We need a genuine voice to oppose this PF.


    Am a non partisan political consultant

    • Report with facts to the Disaster Management Unit (DMU)which falls under the Vice President’s office, they will attend to your concerns.

    • He is busy helping his pockets and bank accounts never mind people of Lumezi . They will live on Mangoes for voting him into office .

  4. 48 conservative party MPs in the UK tried to pass a vote of no confidence in their leader. Now, that’s democracy. If it were here, Mr Davies Mwila of the PF was going to go for his favourite punishment, you are expelled from the party.

  5. A opposition only calling vivid progress as lies and no paper to show what they can do is sheer waste of the Zambian public time.
    Say what you like PF has surpassed any GRZ you ever had. So to start calling for robbers of privatisation to come lead this country is a fallacy.
    Away with a lame opposition that is just all pep talk and nothing tangible to offer.

  6. I have read it and I agree it has not given a full performance review it has made mention only of a few achievements made

    let’s see how the conclusion will be Its like on agricultural it has not given out the full progress and gains his party has recorded in the agricultural sectors They are nice reports done by Ministry of agriculture and livestock and ZARI in particular that are very interesting on the WHOLE Agricultural sector development and gains amidst drought He is yet to conclude but we would expect a detailed researched report on all crops and stocks in this sector giving the improvements in the yields and reforms like the fisheries and livestock…

  7. improvement restocking exercises The various agricultural support programmes The incremental increased budgetary allocation to the agricultural sector since 2011 How Zambia has become Food secure.

    We expect it to look at and bring out the entire Investments and Various Funding and Investments into the agricultural sector apart from the mumboshi in chisamba or aqua The Nat save or DBZ actualisation
    When you at the 7NDP and zero on agriculture you expect all key indicators to be mentioned and the increased yields explained including how the sector has been transformed by that INCREASED SECTORIAL GDP performance say for the number of jobs created number of incomes created…

  8. for new farmers It’s like taking a whole review of the year book in agricultural performance since 2011 and developments research and contributions made to the development

    It’s a good start but it has not given a fair review and account of the performance of the sector We hope that it continues and give all performance indicators and yields since 2011 because prices of food and fruits have fairly remained affordable and Zambia has been food secure

    We wait for the continuation of part 111

    • @Napthali … I totally agree. There parts missing in this report either maybe because the authors are not privy to certain data.

      For instance, properly implemented, agriculture in Zambia can surpass mining in 5 years because its products demand is higher than ever the thirsty electric cars business.

      Here are some stats why that can happen.

      1. These dams being constructed have the capacity to turn the AGRO-BIZ into a 24/7 365 day business because water will not be available consistently. So, crops that only grew in the 3 month rain season can now be grown 4 times in a year. That’s a 400% increase in productivity.

      2. SADC which only had a market for 450 million people 20 years ago is poised to be 1 billion by 2025. That’s an increase in demand by 250%. All these mouths need to…

    • Continued…

      That’s an increase in demand by 250%. All these mouths need to be fed.

      3. Zambia despite being only about 3 to 5% of the total landmass in Africa, it has upwards of about 12% of the entire continent’s fresh water. On top of that only 10% of the entire country is populated leaving 90% arable for agriculture and other industrial activities. Another country with similar demographics is Sudan but 90% is no arable but a desert.

      4. The human race will add another half a billion people in the next 18 years and another billion in 30 years. The Almighty is not creating a new land, what’s there is all we got and a young population with so much arable land has the capacity to be the epicenter of an economic boom especially that even the billion people in SADC by 2025 are all…

    • Continued…

      The Almighty is not creating a new land, what’s there is all we got and a young population with so much arable land has the capacity to be the epicenter of an economic boom especially that even the billion people in SADC by 2025 are all just under 2 hours of flight time by air.

      Logistics would therefore play a huge role in the movement of humans, goods and services if we make the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise realize that they are not landlocked rather landlinked.

      I can go on and on but for now I rest my case, Your Honor.

  9. Mwila, last time I aspked you to tell us about GDP , job and foreign reserve increase ???

    Everything you have mentioned is only possible through forigne aid

  10. When you see the increased allocation of budgetary funding over his review period Foreign aid has been a minor percentage as a proportion of GDP by sector in the agricultural Sectors The contribution has been through Gov agricultural support programmes like the transitioning E Voucher

  11. SGs report on his party. This is excellent. Mwila is a hard work not ivi vima lazzzy lazzzzýy vima noise makers.

  12. Nothing PF can do as a fully a Zambian project , nothing.

    If they don’t get forigne aid or foringe financial assistance , then nothing can be done.

    They are useless.

  13. Nearly good but it could have been much better. I give PF a score of 35/100. But we will judge them properly in August 2021.
    The thing to note is that if it had been directionless, upnd and its conventionless unelected leadership, the equivalent score at this stage would have been 15/100. Kabili because of their triba.lism.

    • Dollar K5 to K13, fuel K6 to K16, debt $20million to $ unknown, foreign reserves $3billion to $1.7billion, salaries for president & cabinet 500% increase, domestic debt 5 million to 500 million, no of public officers jailed for corruption and theft 20 to 0 while theft in government increased from 2 million kwacha (Kapoko) to 2 million dollars (social cash) . That is the achievement of this government .

  14. He will give the reasoning and global outlook and parities its a huge document and show how those have translated into a valued Zambian economy
    Its not that they have not been Investing to effect adverse rate movements

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