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No single university in Zambia has been downgraded to a college status-Luo

General News No single university in Zambia has been downgraded to a college status-Luo

Prof Nkandu Luo
Prof Nkandu Luo

Higher Education Minister Nkandu Luo says no single university in Zambia has been downgraded to a college status by Oxford University contrary to social media rumors.

In a ministerial statement on the alleged downgrading of university in Zambia to college status, Professor Luo says it is not possible for a single university in the United Kingdom to downgrade all university in Zambia.

She says the requirements for a candidate to obtain a Rhodes scholarship for study at Oxford University did not refer to the downgrading of any university in Zambia.

Professor Luo explains that the requirement by the Rhodes scholarship selection committee for a Zambian scholar to get additional qualifications in the neighboring countries was necessitated by the difference in the grading of qualifications between Zambia and the UK with regard to honours degrees.

She says additional requirements of an additional year to obtain honours qualification outside Zambia does not mean downgrading of Zambian universities, but that this is necessitated by the structure of the Zambian


  1. Who is Luo kidding? Only those who havent been to school.
    I got my bachelor’s at Unza in the 80s and was accepted to two master’s degrees in the UK and Australia because my unza degree was deemed as an honours. Now they want Zambians to do an extra year of study for honors to be accepted in a masters. That means the Zambian degree has been degraded. This is serious and Parliament needs to discuss it. Zambians should demand an educational system upheaval. It just means Luo’s ministry is not working

  2. Education is not important to PF cadres they are all grade 7’s this discussion is above their pay grade so they won’t comment here, still thinking how they can drag HH is this discussion but because their IQ is in the negative they still can’t figure out what to say……. Dander heads. By the way Davies Mwila the grade 9 is the most educated, it is like holding a masters in PF

    • Prof Luo, Dr Simbyakula, Dr Chilufya, Maggie Mwanakatwe, Dr John Phiri, Yamfwa Mukanga,…Could these all be masqueraders?

  3. In one breath, she says they have not been downgraded and then in another breath, she admits Zambian graduates are required to go for an extra year of studies outside the country to get the Rhodes scholarship. Confusion ???????????

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