Health Authorities in Chipata have expressed concern with the high number of teenage pregnancies being recorded in the district.

Reacting to recent statistics indicating that over 5,000 teenage pregnancies were recorded from January-September 2018, acting Chipata District Health Director (DHD), Charles Fanaka said the problem is as a result of the rampant increase in child marriages.

He said the current statistics are from three districts namely, Chipangali, Kasenengwa and Chipata and is yet to be disaggregated.

Dr Fanaka, who described the situation as alarming, said his office is greatly concerned because statistics reveal that 31 percent of the cases account for girls below the age of 20.

He has since called for a multi-sectorial approach aimed at finding a lasting solutions to the problem.

Meanwhile, Dr Fanaka has appealed to women to delay child birth adding that, this will put them in a better position to effectively contribute to the development of the country.

He is saddened that currently, most women in the province are married at the age of 17.

Dr Fanaka further stated that the office of District Commissioner in Chipata is working with various stakeholders in ensuring that the scourge is addressed.

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  1. Is this man ignorant of the law or something wrong with him? The legal age of adulthood in Zambia is 16. These are not children in the eyes of the law since he said they’re between 17 and 20 years old. Unless I missed something.


    • “He is saddened that currently, most women in the province are married at the age of 17”

      Did the Zambian government adjust the legal age upward? Is it over and above 16?


  2. I thought girls are sweetest at that age? You want to marry them at 35, when they are full of problems?

    Tell us something else. Infact this statistic means I will offload the Bemba boys in the 20s to Chipata with immediate effect.



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