FODEP Executive Director McDonald Chipenzi
McDonald Chipenzi

The Governance, Elections, Advocacy Research Services (GEARS)s Initiative has called for the promotion of the freedom of Journalists if freedom of expression is to be enhanced in the country.

GEARS Initiative Executive Director McDonald Chipenzi said press freedom was the prime base on which sound democracy is anchored in any given nation.

Mr. Chipenzi has since suggested amendments to certain laws that hinder the growth of press freedom if the local media was to enjoy the freedom of expression.

He noted that media freedom was a key driver towards the development of the country’s democracy.

He said this during a focus group discussion on governance and election meeting in Mongu yesterday.

Earlier, a Journalist from Lyambai Community Radio Station, Dannis Muyunda, bemoaned the alleged increase in harassing private media institutions in the country.

Mr. Muyunda complained that some local radio stations were receiving little support from host communities due to alleged influence from certain political parties in the region.

He said community radio stations play a critical role in informing and educating the general publics on national matters.

He has since stressed the need for support from all political players if the local media are to survive.

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  1. Its the first time I ve heard a Zambian speak sense about the need for freedom of expression in our country. Not a single politician from HH to Lungu has ever expounded Zambian democracy’s need for freedom of expression. In fact all politicians become enemies of press freedom the moment they enter state house



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