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President Lungu heads to Japan this Weekend for a 3 days Official Working visit

Headlines President Lungu heads to Japan this Weekend for a 3 days Official...

President Edgar Lungu welcomes Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) President Dr. Shinichi Kitaoka during the courtesy call at State House
FILE: President Edgar Lungu welcomes Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) President Dr. Shinichi Kitaoka during the courtesy call at State House

President Edgar Lungu will this weekend travel to Japan on a three day Official Working visit.

The visit will run from December 17 to December 20.

During his stay in Japan, President Lungu will make a State Call on His Majesty the Emperor of Japan.

He will also meet and hold talks with Prime Minister of Japan Mr. Shinzo Abe will who will host a dinner in his honor.

In a statement, the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the Government of Japan sincerely welcomes President Lungu and hopes that his visit will further strengthen the partnership between Japan and the Republic of Zambia, including collaboration for the success of the TICAD VII, which will be held in August 2019.

This will be President Lung’s first visit to Japan as President and this will be the first meeting between Prime Minister Abe and President Lungu.

The Zambia-Japan relations date far back as October 1964 when Zambia became independent.

There are 269 Japanese nationals residing in Zambia as of December 2017.

Zambia exported 2,680 million Yen worth of goods such as cobalt, tobacco and leather to Japan.

Zambia on the other hand imported 5,220 million Yen worth of goods from Japan in items such as automobile, car parts, general machinery.

Japan’s Economic Cooperation with Zambia as of 2015 was standing at 57,885 million Yen in Loans and 112,154 million Yen in Grants with 60,354 million Yen in Technical cooperation.

Founding President Dr Kenneth Kaunda was the first Head of State to visit Japan in 1990 and late President Frederick Chiluba also visited the country in 2000.

In 2003, late President Levy Mwanawasa attended the (TICAD III) and in 2005, visited the country on a working visit and later followed up the visit with another in 2008 at the (TICAD IV).

Late President Michael Sata visited Japan in 2012 and attended the (TICAD V) in 2013.

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  1. Where is Esther Lungu? No mention of her lately. The report normally should say The President and First Lady to visit Japan.
    King Mswati is to blame for this.

    • Imwe are kudos, ndimwe are panyo everything day out of topic issues, how you comment on these blogs kaya…same [email protected]@kers that are dividing the nation…leave ba upnd alone most of us here voted for ba Sata and that ba kudos gave chance to ba lungu to be president without ba sata lungu would be in chawama, so respect the opposition not everytime openning your useless mouth. Lungu is the president, go f###k yourself with your tin brain in short grow up brother for once use you brain or just shut UP. We love Zambia thats why we come here Ash0000.

  2. on a Friday going into weekend ati official visit …kwisa…. just enjoy the holiday and your personal business at the expense of tax payers money

  3. Oga ba President please include 2026 Presidential candidate Freedom Sikazwe we like to see his smiling face in Japan

  4. I think Japan is a good, we get alot of second hand vehicles from them so Mr. president do a deal that will improve our lives. Zambia stands at the center of southern Africa imagine if Toyota were making cars here in Zambia economically that can be massive, convince that to start making to ma vits here in Zambia

    • Second hand TOXIC cars, that no one else in the world wants, end up in your country because Africa is seen as the dumping place for rubbish!

    • You fooool …don’t you read the news…the Russian dont allow certain Jap import cars manufactured in certain years they check them for radioactivity …where do you think some cars are sent to? Busy complaining of headache everytime you are close to your Altezza ..

  5. Saudi Arabia presidential visit no cheap oil, Russia presidential visit no cheap oil, Botswana presidential visit no cheap beef, USA presidential luxury visit, no trickle down benefits to the people, I ask Proud to add more negative travel visits. Why not just stay home boss?

  6. Japan should have been the first country president Lungu should have visited for business advertising. Most of the posters above are just crazy and uneducated to try and stop this one visit. This should be supported by all, the Japanese are very honorable people and have been Zambia’s partners for years with JICA. Stop you silly UPND politicking you moroons are tainting the only and slowing vanishing Zambian political opposition party. Japanese Tech and know how shall benefit Zambia.


  8. Aba Mumba nabo, bakulakulafye. He just comments on any thing , even if it doesn’t make sense, lyoonse kukomenta Pali menomeno. Ena kwendaukafye. Ba Mumba namukula, or go back to Zambia

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