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Amilak Investment launches Electric Utility vehicles on the Zambian market


Electric Utility vehicles
Electric Utility vehicles

Amilak Investment has launched Electric Utility vehicles on the Zambian market.

Secretary to the Cabinet Roland Msiska launched the Utility Vehicles in Lusaka with hope that they will promote government’s fundamentals of creating a Green Economy.

Dr. Msiska said the launch of the Electric Utility vehicles in Zambia, will stimulate the country’s industrialisation drive.

He says the introduction of electric vehicles will help reduce on the carbon emissions and contribute to the fight against climate change.

And Amilak Investment Chief Executive Officer, Charles Kalima said Zambia will be the hub of the electric vehicles manufacturing in the SADC region.

Mr. Kalima said with the coming of the assembling plant at the Lusaka Multi-Facility Economic Zone, the company will be procuring locally all the raw materials for the vehicle.

And, OEM Chief Executive Officer Charles Sher said his company will work hand in hand with the Amilak Investment to help Zambia industrialize.


  1. These vehicles look so tender, innocent, and vulnerable – almost baby-like! Can they withstand our chaotic traffic scene full of rogues, ruffians, and all sorts of demons masquerading as licensed drivers? Won’t they just be easy meat for our kaponya minibus drivers!

  2. Poor planning. Electric vehicles need charging points dotted everywhere. Start with the installation of charging stations first as they have done in advanced countries. How do you recharge the damn thing if you run out of power away from base?

    • The charging points did not spring up overnight in ‘advanced’ countries. It is a gradual process…the guys have just launched the initiative…give them a chance to get sorted out! Give credit were it is due!

  3. Pa Zambia che criticism is what we know best. There is always a beginning point to every goal. Why do we speak failure on something meant to help us, is it because it’s not our own initiative so we feel bad/jealous when someone else comes up with an innovative idea? Surely the manufacturer can’t come up with the idea of electric utility vehicles without thinking of the charging system. You call them names boxes, toys when you can’t come up with something better, why? Give them a chance before castigate them. #SMH

  4. @ 9 Mary Mulenga exactly my point. Criticism has become our daily meal. I am sure some of the bloggers are engineers and instead of wasting time finding faults its best to dig into your knowledge and find a local solution and make some money before an outsider snaps this opportunity. This company has thrown the ball into our court, let’s play by doing some research and find solutions

  5. You can see now why the Mkushi Manganese ancient methods mines have suddenly increased with Luapula Manganese Mines suddenly have become assets in the global mining Investments

    You expect ZCCM IH to move in and secure the Investments directly to position itself and increase the 2% Zambias contribution in these huge resources we have that can be an alternative already to copper and others You can see that 2019 will call for increased recycling of batteries (used) and new mining investments i manganese We expect that such vehicles be made here where copper cobalt steel aluminium and manganese is hugely abundant and unexploited

  6. This is cool. Real investment with 100% local raw materials but really.
    there is always a beginning lets not just condemn to death even before the company makes its first sales.
    Sale them to teachers. They are too poor to afford decent cars and fuel that increases everyday when world market prices keep on reducing. Thats PF for you. The reverse gear is always what they know better. Dunununa reverse.

    • Chi Sharon you Kaponya friends just open tu temba like you PF morons are known for show a us your friend who can open a company you id!ots just know how to steal and spread disease and roaches, PF is the devil

  7. Gud development but I’m satisfied with the quality or capacity of the vehicle. It makes me think EVs can’t do hard jobs or rough ride kinda thing.

  8. Forward thinking, Credit to the mother who have given birth to this baby boy of industrialization, Let’s help it grow into a giant together. These, are efforts worthy commendation. Don’t forget, we are looking over into the promised land, steps to cross into it starts here and now!! Let’s get cracking.

  9. Constructive criticism is good if it opens up other more progressive thinking than just criticising without better options, if you dont have better preferred ways of solving problems better you shut up and accept what has come help solve some persisting hardships.

  10. This is a good move but these type of vehicles can only do certain jobs like within town small deliveries or even urban taxis.

  11. I have a certain level of distrust for companies named after the individuals running them.

    I was expecting a Nissan leaf, or a Tesla, or a Honda Jazz… Something I’ve actually heard of…

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