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PF failing to fulfill its pro-poor promises-JCTR


The Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR) has observed that the ruling Patriotic Front is not living up to its promises to reduce the cost of living for the poor majority by increasing agricultural productivity, enhanced job creation and accelerated diversification of the economy.

The JCTR says this because the cost of living has remained high and is increasingly getting out of reach for low wage workers.

It says the November 2018 JCTR Basic Needs Basket (BNB) for a family of five living in Lusaka stood at K5,324.40 which was K7 more than the October BNB which stood at K5,317.95.

The centre says the most significant changes were noted in tea bags which increased by K5 from K79.5 in October to K84.4 in November per kg.

It says beef increased by K2 from K34 in October to K36 in November per kg, with sugar increasing by K1 from K25,42 to K26.36 per 2kg while tomatoes increased by K0.88 from K6.79 in November.

The JCTR notes that the gap between the cost of living and wages is mostly affecting the poor and vulnerable in society who are struggling to afford the basic needs of life.

It says it’s therefore important that wages and salaries in both the private and public sectors respond to the ever increasing high cost of living.

This the JCTR says will help cushion the vulnerable and poor from the adverse impacts of the high cost of living.

The JCTR is further urging the government to implement strategic programmes that will empower the majority of Zambians in terms of sustainable employment opportunities that ensure decent wages and dignity for all Zambians.


  1. Imwe ba JCTR, you are commenting on one side of the coin. The Government is doing everything possible to address this and you know it (FISP, Social Cash Transfer, Empowerment programs for youth and women etc). This season has been particularly good with inputs being delivered on time in many places. You are failing to comment on the other side of the coin which is the effects of negative international campaign against Zambia by your friends in the opposition. Such a campaign has negative effects and this is what your friends want to achieve to fix Government. Start by telling them to be patriotic for once then you can rightly criticise Government. Don’t be partial.

    • Strangely this is exactly the kind of thing that MMD said when JCTR commended Sata for his pro-poor stance… Now PF is acting like MMD used to act, deflecting blame on the messenger. We need a new Sata to sweep the new MMD away

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