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President Lungu Challenges Medical Personnel to improve service delivery


President Edgar Lungu at the Zambia Medical Association Annual Ball and Awards Gala at Mulungushi International Conference Centre

President Edgar Lungu has challenged medical personal in the country to take advantage of the improvement recorded in the health sector, to improve service delivery to the public.

President Lungu says government has provided an enabling environment and improved conditions of service for all medical professionals, in an effort to make access to quality health care services attainable for all Zambians, regardless of their status in society.

Mr. Lungu adds that to this effect, his administration will continue to invest and equip the sector with both modern equipment and adequate and qualified health care workers, to cater for all the health facilities in the country.

The Head of State said this in Lusaka last night when he officiated at the Zambia Medical Association (ZAM) gala dinner.

President Lungu adds that the establishment of the Zambia College of Medicine and Surgery, which trains doctors in specialised fields within the country is a milestone which government is intending to use in addressing issues of brain drain among medical personnel, thereby reducing the cost of referring patients abroad for specialised treatment.

He has also thanked the medical staff in the country, for their continued dedication to duty as seen through the recently successful operations such as the kidney transplant, the separation of the conjoined twins and some cardiac operations that were done locally.

President Lungu further pointed out that government will continue to use the multi sectoral approach in addressing all health care concerns like the increase in non-communicable diseases.

He however expressed displeasure that the country has continued to record an increase in non-communicable diseases, saying this is a situation that can be avoided if only people change they lifestyle and embraced physical exercise, while eating healthy foods.

Earlier Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya praised government for priotising the health sector in all its investments, adding that the move has helped the country record progress towards achieving universal access to health care for all Zambians.

And Zambia Medical Association (ZAM) President Abidon Chansa thanked government for the various strides made, aimed at improving the service delivery in the health sector.

Dr. Chansa cited the recently introduced health care insurance bill, construction of a nuclear plant, upgrading of clinics, hospitals and the increase in recruitment levels as some of the developments that have assisted in improving health care service delivery to members of the public.

At the same event ZMA awarded President Lungu with a ZMA special recognition award for his contribution to the advancements in the health sector.


  1. Like you recently interacted with Economists, take time to interact with medical practitioners, engineers and agriculturalists to understand their problems. Good call, bravo POTROZ.

  2. Medical personnel need to improve the service delivery to Kainde Chilema so that he keeps on recovering from losing elections every 5 years. Remember he’s an Under 5 so improve the service delivery at all Under 5 treatment centres.
    Medical personnel should also improve the delivery to GBM who’s looking strange in the last few months. UPND is bad for your health.
    Also improve service delivery to Chishimba Kambwili the fainting man.

    • Your little world revolves around those people you have mentioned …you even fail to give a sober comment. We are talking about Health care here and you are fixated with the same little things!!

    • But there’s truth in muy statement and its equally important. These are the same politicians.
      And your small world involves Zambian Witch Doctor (ZWD) and you believe ghe lies they spin.

  3. The health sector should be adequately funded unequivocally. Key performance indicators of the health sector should include all Zambians including ministers and the president accessing health care services within their country of origin and not being flown around the globe. Its good to know that there are good indicators so far. Communicable diseases will never be a thing of the past until there is serious complete mindset of most Zambians and start using rubbish bins, emptying them and using designated public amenities !!!!

    • On point. There cannot be service delivery without adequate funds. It’s like expecting the best results from students without investing in schools and education material for them – they will naturally elope to greener pastures (brain drain).

  4. This Lazy Bum is challenging all technocrats but he himself is happy to see his ministers getting fatter and fatter due to corruption…when are you going to challenge them to stop corruption. How do you stand there and watch your govt procure Ambulances that cost £60,000 in Germany being bought for four times that in Zambia?
    As I am writing this lazy dingbat is in Japan instead of working last week he was in CB weekend before Luangwa.

    • Lazy bum illiterate tribal TONGA UPND hooligan bully Larry Mweetwa son of a polygamist father who never taught him table manners and toilet training pooping in diapers in public HAGAIN needing cynical tattoo-clad MUTINTA MENTAL, BoSpakata and HAKAINDE MENTAL to change him HAGAIN! The tribal little god UNDER FIVE is UNELECTABLE because he has THREE MANSIONS and is a PRIVATISATION THIEF.

  5. “President Lungu adds that the establishment of the Zambia College of Medicine and Surgery, which trains doctors in specialised fields within the country is a milestone which government is intending to use in addressing issues of brain drain among medical personnel, thereby reducing the cost of referring patients abroad for specialised treatment.”
    This bum simply likes reading speeches he doesn’t understand…this is a guy who goes to SA for even basic checkups!!

    • You’re busy quoting from fake stories and posting comments. Even your comments are fake. Read the real articles from credible sources and you’ll appreciate whats going on. You’re simply making a fuul of yourself.

    • So he didnt read a speech? You never learnt a lesson from rubbishing everything as fake..remember when social transfer debacle was published your ministers and yourselves called it fake?

    • The motherfcuker was drunk there was free whiskey and you think he had time for a speech, the cunt just reached for a bottle the moment he got there, this loser is a curse

  6. We not there yet, but proud to note that we are on the upward trajectory , Again praise is due here , only don’t be complacent, we still have a mountain to climb. We need to hear more from the ministry of home affairs, there, I’m like many others sad to observe that there is no political will term the rot. Move Lusambo there to instill some political hygiene Mr President.

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