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Zambia Correctional Services Headquarters to relocate from Lusaka to Kabwe after President Lungu issues directive


Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo
Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo

President Edgar Lungu has directed that the Zambia Correctional Services Headquarters be relocated from Lusaka to Kabwe by 1st January, 2019.

This is in accordance with Article 92 sub section 1 of the constitution of Zambia.

Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo who announced the development at a media briefing said the President has found it necessary to relocate the Headquarters to ensure optimal utilisation of facilities already established in Kabwe and avoid a drain on national treasury by commencing the construction of new facilities in Lusaka.

Mr. Kampyongo said there is viable infrastructure in Kabwe which can be exploited to the full which include office infrastructure, Kalonga Milling plant, a well equipped garage and newly constructed 246 housing units among others.

He said Kabwe is strategically located in relation to the large scale agriculture projects being undertaken by the Zambia Correctional Service such as the Nansanga Farm in Serene, Chitwi Farm in Luanshya, Lubambala farm in Mpika and other farms across the country.

Mr. Kampyongo added that the presence of the Zambia Correctional Service Headquarters in Kabwe will contribute to the growth of the economy and the correctional service is poised to participate in the agriculture and industrial activities as directed by President Edgar Lungu.

He said the relocation of the Headquarters from Kabwe to Lusaka deprived the people of Kabwe and the province as a whole an institution critical to driving the economic activities of the country.

Mr. Kampyongo said the relocation of the Headquarters should therefore help foster economic activities of Kabwe and Central Province as a whole as the increased economic activities in the Service should impact positively in the lives of the people.

He said it is government’s desire that the Service is re positioned for successful involvement in industrial and agriculture production to contribute positively to the economy of the country.

Mr. Kampyongo said the Ministry of Home Affairs welcomes the relocation of the Zambia Correctional Service Headquarters back to Kabwe describing it as timely gesture which is a priceless Christmas and New year gift to the people of Kabwe and the Correctional Service Command.

The Ministry of Home Affairs in August 2015 relocated the headquarters of the Zambia Prisons Service from Kabwe to Lusaka.


  1. Mr Kampyongo does it not hurt your conscious to boast about the agricultural productivity of the correctional service yet you keep those prisoners as slaves and many of them eat a very poor diet? This is very wrong and where are the NGOs, the UN, the Human Rights Commission to intervene on this sensitive subject? Not everyone who goes in is a hard core criminal or guilty, the Justice system will send you to these death camps for stealing a pant for 5 years just so that you can be used as slave labour. After 54 years of so called Independence there is still so much injustice in this land.

    • Childish decisions. It leaves one sad that such are the decisions this government is only making & then links it to development, something they don’t even understand. Development starts with human development – jobs, health, an economy etc. Not prisons

  2. Now you’re gonna have huge commuting charges/allowances for GRZ corrections officials shuttling between Lsk and Kabwe. Most of it will be just to see Lungu fly off at KKIA.

  3. We earlier analysed the moving of the administration and all it’s operations to Lsk….nevertheless what is great for us is that people with authority have finally realized somehow after seeing what some of us foresaw at the time…. Great news for Kabwe ‘s economic development.

  4. Prof. CLIVE CHIRWA’s decission to relocate ZRL offices from KABWE TO LUSAKA failed on deaf ears, why this move be supported?


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