Saturday, July 13, 2024

Key opposition parties unite to stop President Lungu


Leaders of opposition party leaders during a news briefing at Pamodzi Hotel on Sunday
Leaders of opposition party leaders during a news briefing at Pamodzi Hotel on Sunday

A consortium of leading opposition political parties have agreed to work together to fight President Edgar Lungu.

And the opposition parties have charged that it is evident that the PF has put into motion a well-orchestrated plan to hijack Zambia’s much cherished democracy.

The leaders of the political parties included UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema, ADD leader Charles Milupi, National Restoration Party leader Elias Chipimo, NDC consultant Dr Chishimba Kambwili, PeP’s Sean Tembo, People’s Party leader Mike Mulongoti, Republican Progressive Party leader James Lukuku, and representatives of New Labour Party and the People’s Alliance for Change.

They held a press conference at the Taj Pamodzi Hotel to denounce Mr Lungu’s governance style.

The leaders said that for the first time in the History of Zambia, a Court has legalized the holding by a person of a THIRD TERM.

“Whether or not Mr Lungu’s initial term is deemed not have been a full, qualifying term under the Court’s interpretation of the law, the reality is that he served as President for the period of that term, was paid his emoluments as such and was sworn in again on 13th September 2016 for his current term,” they charged.

They stated that the judgment opens the door for President Lungu to do so again; for him to have a third stint in office, contrary to the resolve of Zambians in 1991 and 2001 when they said clearly no third term.

“The power is in our hands fellow citizens to say once again, but this time to Mr Lungu and the PF, NO THIRD TERM, we shall not allow it. In the same spirit of the Zambian people, we shall not allow any single person to hold office for more than 10 years as this opens the door for despotism. Examples are plenty in Africa where the Constitution is manipulated so as to allow dictators to extend their rule and this is what we are seeing today. It will begin with a one year six month’s extension, then another extension of 2 years and 11 months, and so on until Mr Lungu is in office in perpetuity.”

They stated that the Constitutional crisis that now exists and is an assault on the country’s democracy of the worst kind as it brings back the wamuyayaya formula that Zambians rejected in 1991.

During the news briefing, UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema called on Zambians to support the unity of purpose that the opposition leaders have exhibited.

Mr Hichilema stated that Zambia country needs unity of purpose in the fight against corruption, bad governance and continued political intolerance such as violence and biased application of laws as regards freedoms.

“As political leaders we also called on the Nation to join hands in restoring normalcy in our country as we have done in the past years. As one voice and political leaders from various parties we will continue speaking for and on behalf of the our people,” Mr Hichilema said.

NAREP’s Elias Chipimo, NDC Consultant Chishimba Kambwili and ADD Charles Milupi listen to UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema during a news briefing at Pamodzi Hotel on Sunday
NAREP’s Elias Chipimo, NDC Consultant Chishimba Kambwili and ADD Charles Milupi listen to UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema during a news briefing at Pamodzi Hotel on Sunday


    • These are the same hyenas wjo told us in 2016 that ecl is not entitled to full benefits after losing because he has not served a term in office. I wish to advise people not to heed to these gullibility of leaders. There interests is to become president not you. Why are they not appealing to their family members to support their cause. Cks family lives in uk. Hhs family are hiden in the bunker and they’re sending your family to go and fight running battles of tear gas with the police.

    • Kambwili used to fly to UK to drink tea using stolen money from Government….HH once said Kambwili is biggest bandit in PF and today HH is hunging out with Bandit Kambwili….Politicians busy scheming how they will eat and bring more misery onto the Zambian people……tbey can band together like wild dogs but still PF will win…whoever stands on PF ticket will win

    • There is just too much negativity connected with HH and UPND, therefore, teaming up with the named opposition leaders or parties is /will not be helping. The strategy and focus for HH/UPND should be on how they can take away the flagship argument used by PF, namely: 1) Elections within UPND 2) how to counter the label of him having sold out the mines and 3)Push forward the agenda of dialogue, which will enable him make possible change to the constitution. I wish the question of dialogue/changes was pushed before court ruling of ECL eligibility for 2021. Now ECL can careless about any dialogue. You know how Mambalas are, up until now he has resisted any dialogue discussion, knowing very well that if the ruling will be in his favour all this talk will be dead. He has No Vision, but thinking…

    • Contd
      He has No Vision, but thinking 2 steps ahead of HH, when it comes to his presidency. But it appears HH has not wakened up and will be dribbled again.

    • It proves one thing. None of them can take up Lungu. He is too strong for them.

      HH has done this all the time, in the last 20yrs, to team up with other political groups. It always ends up very sour.

    • It never fails. Every time president Lungu leaves the country, the delusional one makes a press conference to denounce.
      The only dictator I see is HH who is in his fourth term with no plans of letting go. Talk about projecting!

    • The last picture should be captioned “Loserville”.
      Let’s just hypothetically say ba ECL decides to not contest. Then PF fields Bowman Lusambo with Vincent Mwale as running mate. The Kabovas will vote for Lusambo and the women will vote for Vincent. Another defeat for HH!

    • ADD, NAREP, PeP, People’s Party and Republican Progressive Party are now KEY OPPOSITION PARTIES!! On what basis ba Hakainde? MPs zero, Councillors zero, Party structures zero, Manifesto Zero.

    • @Kanene, Do you have evidence that HH sold the mines? The officials at Zambia Privatization Agency together with MMD must know who and how the mines were sold. HH was never employed by ZPA and was not the government.

    • Hahaha! They wont allow others to rule more that 10 year yet they are ruling are ruling a party for more than 20 years, no convention, just sitting on top & on those below

    • And firstly, they forget that only 32% of the population agrees with their misguided interpretation of THIRD TERM and so no critical mass there.

      Secondly, all of them are duped thinking they are fighting ECL, meanwhile they are fielding HH as the next sole loser again.

      Pathetic morons these are!!! They can’t even see it coming that this is HH’s secret weapon to neutralize all other opposition presidents so he can be the only one on the ballot against ECL.

      And when I tell that these cretins are nothing but low IQ, low libido, low class, low life dimwits, Gay Gay can’t fathom it.

      Heaven help us all …

    • HH should be the last person to complain about his perceived biased application of laws as regards freedoms, cause it was him who campaigned against the referendum and ensured it did not succeed and yet it was supposed to take care of some of the issues he’s complaining about.

    • Ikalenifye naimwe. What has changed so far? CK you’re still holding to PF ticket yet you belong to another party. Icibemba citila chimbwi afile ntanganana. You want to eat on both sides. And these so called political leaders have no shame, ba Mulongoti pf denied him a political position epafuma hatred for pf. Ba Milupi technically niba upnd naimwe, elyo ba Chipimo you supported Lungu and said he qualify to stand, so has changed today? As for badala hh show us the example by quitting, you’ve been holding to your position for too long. Democracy starts in the party not government. Ba Sata told to vice-president in alliance you had with pf but you refused, today ba hh aga nimwe bakateka nombafye selfishness. You missed your chance badala. Just step down. Same thing happened to nevers…

    • Conti..

      Same thing happened to nevers mumba he was not humble enough Mwanawasa fire him lelo nga tuletila ba President Nevers Mumba. Learn from others. Your chance is gone.

    • Dreaming is a constitutional right of citizens. Unfortunately, this one is a case of dream Brought in Dead (BiD). This is not worth a thread to discuss it on any platform because other than individuals signing up to be subjects of HH, they bring zero value or following to create a critical mass on the ballot. No ideological or issue of national traction other other than frustration that Chagwa has not absorbed them in state power structures. Most of them cannot win even a ward seat.

      This just formed group is lawless and not a match. Double h enjoys the court case jostling and play around. What are they going to do.

    • UPND President, Hakainde Hichilema said the Constitutional Court ruling was a bad precedent and an assault of our democracy.

      “Fellow Zambians, the Constitutional crisis that now exists and is highlighted above is an assault of the worst kind on our democracy as it brings back the Wamuyayaya formula that we Zambians rejected in 1991. We urge you to it reject again”, Hichilema said.
      This was written by his own mouthpiece Zambian Observer.
      Kainde is well into his 3rd term so who’s doing wamuyaya?

    • I would be worried if Nevers Mumba, Felix Mutati, Harry Kalaba, Edith Nawakwi, Godfrey Miyanda, Wynter Kabimba and Muliokela were there. This is just a small collection of pipe dreamers masterbating in public.
      Mike Mulongoti, Milupi and Chipimo look terrible. They’ve seen better years.

    • Moses you and your dreamer Under 5 president are the chipuba.

      Unfortunately Akainde still hasn’t matured from childhood. He’s still using the same tricks which have failed to get him plot 1 more than 6 times. How do you hold a meeting to dislodge someone who is an alleged drunkard thieving lawyer? President Lungu must be far stronger than they portray.
      Anglo American want their campaign money back and now (HH) wants to resort to rebel tactics and ‘people power’ to cause confusion.
      Amidst the confusion he holds secret dark corner meetings with President Lungu. You can’t trust a 2 faced Under 5 brat.

  1. Politicians are like bananas ,they hang together ,they change colours and none of them is straight.These guys above are only united by their selfish desires to stop Lungu ,none of them prioritizes a desire to uplift poor Zambians.

    • What does the word key mean?
      Synonyms of key
      arch, big, capital, cardinal, central, chief, dominant, first, foremost, grand, great, greatest, highest, leading, main, master, number one (also No. 1), numero uno, overbearing, overmastering, overriding, paramount, predominant, preeminent, premier, primal, primary, principal, prior, sovereign (also sovran), supreme

    • So would one refer to Mulongoti party as Key? Chipimo, Kambwili, etc… Are these part of key opposition parties in Zambia. No wonder we have such challenges as a nation of these are key.

  2. Enka is a real bastard. Even PF themselves were given chance to rule this country by Rupiah Banda. If he RB wanted he could have done what PF is doing to UPND attacking them all the time and not even giving them chance to express themselves to the masses through radio and TV.
    So Enka wabe to.le….
    Pathetic bastard!!!!

  3. Mulongoti, Chipimo, Milupi, Tembo etc have no councillor or MP among them. Why would you form alliance with people with nothing to put on the table?? They will be feeding off you yet you call it an alliance??? hh has surely finished!! Politics is numbers not sharing childish fantasies. Here the common denominator is greed for plot 1, hate for ECL. WE HAVE A SERIOUS OPPOSITION CRISIS IN ZAMBIA!!!!!

  4. Ati key oposition parties,its only upnd which is key.Can Mulongoti,Siwale,kambwili,Milupi be major parties! These guyz are despetate.Ku wayawaya fye.

  5. ECL is president until 2026.This type of collection of bitter opposition party leaders.Just become one in your desperation so that can be defeated as one.Ati alliance,who is the leader among them,the dictator HH,Madman Kambwali or finished lawyer Chipimo, Hah…………………..

  6. Lungu has failed lamentably and yet we have an opposition which is not inspiring. Let the opposition regroup and call in a veteran like Miyanda to lead them. Right now they are wasting their muscles

    • The General doesn’t believe in vendetta and vengeance. He refused to head the FDD because their only agenda was to remove Chiluba just like this cartel.

  7. Why are scared of Lungu? You are have even lost before 2021 due to lack of confidence. Is Kambwili’s party ,Chipimo, Mulongoti, Mulupi, Lukuku major ones?The strategy here is to preclude Lungu from the race so that PF can choice a weak candidate and this will make the’ holy’ ( Only Zamabian Savior) (Sir) (The richest man on earth) HH to plot one. It is not about democracy,don’t be cheated.

  8. The funny thing is how the decision by the ConCourt to backdate a new Law (on what constitutes a full term), annul the 18 months ECL served as President and thus opening up his bid for a third bite at the cherry is not being debated. The Concourt clearly broke the rules. That’s what we must debate with intelligence, without bias and emotion.

    • Keith Mweemba has been surviving on handouts from UPND. He’ll sell you a story and cheat you that you can win. Then when he loses you still have to pay him. Presidential petition went nowhere and he pocketed UPND money as lawyer fees. The Concourt ruled on the 2021 eligibility and the judgement cannot be reversed or appealed.

  9. None of these guys is a visionary. Zambia needs its very own guy like Lee Kuan Yew to propel it forward and not simply some losers whose only vision is “its my turn”

  10. The only formidable oposition is when Winter, Gen.Miyanda and Nawakwi come together,PF can not match this combination.But as it is at the moment pf is headed to rule beyond 2021.Majority Zambians dont trust hh,kambwili,kalaba and most opposition leaders have not yet won the hearts of Zambians.

  11. Agony is the more anyone unites with Hacks, the more Zambians unite against him. For the umpteenth time Hacks, there is something that Zambians deeply dislike in you.

  12. Kk. Membes post.maureen.dipark.milupi.guy scot. Mucheleka. Miles. Mulenga sata.

    These names have tried in vain to put him in state

    Today he has a new crew he wants to use to his on selfish ambitious

    Am glad the they young kalaba is not am these comedians

  13. “In the same spirit of the Zambian people, we shall not allow any single person to hold office for more than 10 years as this opens the door for despotism.”
    Something defin itely wrong with Hacks, hasn’t he been “leader” of upnd for twelve years now? I don’t remember any convention in upnd since Mazoka died and he was annointed ( not elected) successor. If, by his own words, Hacks is a despot now what more when he tastes real power?

  14. Key opposition parties? Apart from the Hungry Hyenas party the rest do have any presentations in Parliament or District. The major parties i.e. FDD and MMD which have MPs are not represented. The title should have been Bitter Parties Unite. And I see the Hyena is ready to take leadership of this cartel.

  15. These chaps are complete jokers! Politics isn’t their thing, they’ll go to the grave opposing. They’ll even oppose their death.

  16. Funny that in in 2015 Guy Scott was acting president and vehemently refused to endorse Edgar. But Edgar still won the election. My take is that Hyena over rates himself. Even by cosmetic addition of Bembas to his team doesn’t seem to help. If they unite who’s going to be the leader and how they going to choose that leader?

    • @26,surely ubu bwena bupuba sana,have failed to understand these guyz.They dont have a definate plan,aba bena eba CHIPANTE PANTE big time.

  17. Even before 24 hrs have elapsed they have already started telling lies….1991 was not about term limits, it was about repealing article 4 and introduce multiparty system in Zambia. The term limits was a concoction in 1996 by Chiluba to stop Kaunda from standing. At that time after selling off companies the country experienced the biggest unemployment ever since independence and it appeared Kaunda would take advantage of the situation and retain power. The concoction included among other things origin of one’s parents as a qualification to stand for republican president.

  18. Mulongoti, Milupi Tembo Chipimo are just like tailless sperms. They have no members and anyone who forms an alliance with them is just a joker.

  19. Never start a battle you cannot win.

    In this ecl has ONLY appeared twice on ballot. While agitator has appeared 6 times on ballot.

    Ck said ecl is weakest candidate. Why do you just humiliate him through ballot.

    Yoy cant fight con court on street

  20. HH thinks he is the only leader fit to lead UPND and does not spare room for democracy yet when he comes in public to cheat you he talks about zambia need democracy. Is himself and his party not zambian to exercise democracy? Come on HH lead by examples to convince us leave UPND top seat for another person for fulfilment of democracy. If not then you are just a big noise make whom sensible should not listen

  21. In your own house there is no democracy and you are busy producing lies from your big mouth, people have known you and you will lose big again in 2021.

  22. These chaps’ religious hate for ECL is really eluding their objective reasoning. Under the current constitution a person can be President for more than 10 years but not exceeding 13.


  24. Why are monkeys making so much noise? Why has it become a good thing to support evil and crime, in this country? Whether you like it or not;


  25. I’m UPND but this one ayitaya, who is going to be their leader. Its like kids plying kalambe after the rains stops or pada. Wake HH please.

  26. This is a very failed project they are embarking on. Njala yabanyokola bamambala. Only UPND has some influence in Southern province yet the rest are just inconsistent chaps with no vision. At least Lungu and his PF have some plan so far it is working against these masqueraders. But wishing the best since they even trying to work together.

  27. If the PF has destroyed the economy and people are fed up with Lungu as the opposition claim, then they should be rejoicing that he will be therefore the easiest to beat. hahahahahaha. Then know the PF is still popular

  28. HH doesn’t need these nashala neka parties, they bring no political mileage. Kambwili is still relevant but the other parties just need to close down and their leaders should join UNPD.

  29. How come only him and foul mouth ck have microphones

    Where is gbv

    This guy is just using these characters for his own benefit


  31. Meanwhile Edgar Lungu is airborne off to Japan in his customized Jet . Talk about what happens when the cats away

  32. To be honest, His Excellency President Lungu, has been stupendously, mightly good as President in the last troubled years. Thanks to him Zambia has not descended into a tribal wars zone worse than Rwanda! We thank him and as far as sensible Zambians are concerned; HE IS ENTITLED A LAP OF HONOUR!

    Thank you Concourt for delivering a ruling for the people by the most trusted judiciary people. All proud Zambians should be very proud and turn out in full to ensure he wins. Apart from comrades Chipimo , Kambwili, and HH , the rest should just give up! Their popularity ratings are no good even to add to HH’S miscounted high numbers!

  33. Checks and Balances on an ultimate court decision. Thumbs up to the parties that took for Concourt deliberation. They are the real winners. The decision was unanimous in the court. Just look at that failed gang. Dull characters. NEXT ITEM PLEASE.

  34. If courts were compromised how come Kambwilis case has taken more than a year since his expulsion from the PF. The dragging on of the case has enabled Kambwili to fill his tummy with decent food.

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