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High poverty levels in Zambia worrying and unacceptable-Copperbelt PS


Muchinga PS Bright Nundwe
Copperbelt Province Permanent Secretary Bright Nundwe

Government says the high prevailing poverty levels in the country especially in rural areas are unacceptable.

Speaking at the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services consultations for the draft National Community Development Policy in Ndola yesterday morning, Copperbelt Permanent Secretary (PS), Bright Nundwe said Zambia is endowed with a lot of natural resources which must be explored for social and economic development.

Mr. Nundwe said each province has a natural resource which must be explored for investment and ultimately lead to economic emancipation.

The PS explained that each province should use its comparative advantage and maximize potential in the identified economic sectors.

He said government is committed to reduce poverty and called on all Zambians to be patriotic, creative and innovative and complement government efforts to reduce poverty.

According to the 2015 statistics, 76.6 percent of Zambia’s rural population leave in poverty and 24.4 percent live in urban areas.

Once approved, the National Community Development Policy will coordinate multi-sectorial efforts toward poverty reduction in the country.


  1. High poverty levels were engineered by Lungu and PF bcuz prior to 2011 the economy was growing a healthy 6.4% and debts were low. Now Zambia has no direction.

    • Sadly true and not news to many selfless Zambians. The asset stripping bonanza of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) by amoral privatisation criminals, is largely responsible for the woes of our people today. It gravitated the country’s socio-economic woes. The impact of that epic crime has been the loss of human lives in thousands among our miners, retirees, and unemployed population being swept by poverty and depression. It was a period of unforgivable betrayal. The damage remains hard to reverse. We cannot think of any quick fix that can ameliorate the economic damage forcefully brought on our people. The country need to focus on some economic initiatives and completely ignore self seeking political hallucinations

    • Poverty has always been there right from UNIP days and it will always be there as long as we have wrong leadership

    • Kudos, are you really serious about what you say? People experienced poverty on the Copperbelt. Did you visit areas like Kamachipa, Sinia, etc.?

  2. PS, We had a lengthy load shedding in Kitwe from ZESCO from 18 to about 22 30 hrs last night. Mostly affected were parts of Nkana East and Riverside. Is this due to the recently announced electricity exports to Malawi. Totally unacceptable and irresponsible

  3. It’s really tragic that some 76.6% of rural Zambians live in poverty.That’s shocking and totally unacceptable.

  4. Total failure. MMD tried their best. Left a bag of mealie meal at K30. Dollar at K5 to K6. These PF chaps are just playing games. Clear failure and we still have some chaps even praising them, unbelievable

  5. $17 billion in debt later and lungu sees fit to buy himself a private jet and get hefty salary raises while we have this poverty ??

    It should be no surprise, after All here is a man who went to chawama as MP , found them drinking dirty water , rose GRZ ranks to be president and still they are drinking dirty water in chawama ….

    What a story….

    • If stollen $7 million and stuck in PANAMA were to be brought back we can reduce poverty in Zambia. The little boy wants to steal HAGAIN.

  6. Hypocrits!!!!!! when they are eating with both hands and hiked salaries on the expense of the poor workers in government and those working for the Chinese.
    Talk of arrogance and daring the suffering…

    • Is that Prof. HANSONI? He can write that using a ven diagramme on a university letterhead and send it to the UN. It will make sense.

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