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Male-Circumcision does not affect Libido

Health Male-Circumcision does not affect Libido

Solwezi District Health Director says 2,478 males have been circumcised between the first quarter and third quarter of 2018 from 18 sites where the exercise is being implemented.

Dr Kizito Sampa told ZANIS in an interview yesterday that the Ministry of Health in the area targets to circumcise 4,442 males by the end of this year.

He said the response from members of the public in the district has been positive as there has been a steady increase in the number of circumcised men between the first and third quarters.

Dr Sampa stated that male circumcision is one of the strategies that the ministry is implementing to prevent the spread of HIV and Cervical Cancer.

He dispelled the myth that circumcision reduces a man’s sexual appetite adding that, the procedure does not affect the male libido in any way.

“The foreskin has sensory nerves but circumcision will not affect the sexual appetite of a man,” Dr. Sampa said.

He said his office has been encouraging males to get circumcised and mothers to bring their male children for the procedure through radio programmes.

Dr. Sampa also stated that the 2018 child health week program in the area was successful as the district health office recorded more than 100% in all its performance indicators.

He revealed that children under the age of five were given deworming tablets, vitamin A, polio vaccine and growth monitoring services.

Dr. Sampa has further commended members of the community in the district for taking their children to access the services offered during child health week as the response was overwhelming.


    • “The foreskin has sensory nerves but circumcision will not affect the sexual appetite of a man,” Dr. Sampa said.
      This guy fails to elaborate his statement. The sensory nerves that are removed along with the skin DOES reduce, hence the struggle to get an ejaculation in time!

    • @Mukonchi001; that’s the effect of watching too much P0RN. A lot of young men watch too much of it that when it comes to performing they either develop ED at 25 or have to struggle to “release”. P0RN is entertainment to be enjoyed occasionally not everyday!

    • I would welcome the struggle to release on time so I can please my woman. Except when I need a quickie of course. This should only be a problem with men who thinks love making is “fwaka fwaka” and don’t take the time to know the anatomy of a woman. For instance it’s only Zambian men and women I hear complain of a woman “having water”. When “having water” simply means you have pleased your woman so well, she is ready for you.

  1. And it does reduce chance of getting matenda. There’s no research whatever which supports that claim. None! It is a purely hygiene matter.

    • There is plenty of research that indicate that circumcision reduces chances of being infected with most viruses including HIV by up to 60%. That is better than most vaccine on the market today.

  2. Sometimes l wonder what’s so wrong with us blacks, I really fail understand why we seem to “JUMP” to what mudzungus tell us all the time. If the almighty God – our creator made men – the way we are with fore-skins; just who are we to start cutting them off? Obviously God knew the purpose and reason for the NOMBO to be there! Me l have kept mine and have had wonderful times/memories of sex with my many women that l have slept and even children. Go on dreaming and follow what you’re so called ‘white masters’ tell you Nebo nakana!

    • Circumcision is not a new practice. It is an old practice which started by God himself. God commanded the children of esreal to be circumcised. Even Jesus Christ was circumcised when he was born. Man were made with the foreskin because there were no diseases in the beginning until Good foresaw and commanded his children to be circumcised. Let’s compare countries where circumcision is mandatory like Congo, the rate of HIV transmission is low because 99% of men are circumcised. Circumcision helps prevent HIV infection and other sexual transmiti diseases. It’s rerely to see a circumcised man contacting hiv and other sexual transmission diseases.

  3. Research shows contrary. The advantages of circumcise do not warrant it. Before you insult please do research. I wanted to do circumcision until I read the report.

  4. The disadvantages of circumcision are not elaborated. Libido is reduced. It is a problem to depend on western countries’ strategies in tackling HIV.

  5. Can someone argue from experience please? Those of you who are circumcised, kindly share……A lot of my peers rushed to be circumcised and when I asked them the merits, none convinced me. How many people are circumcised in the western countries that champion it

    • There is almost no circumcision in Europe. In America, circumcision rates are dropping fast. Companies that make drugs like Viagra support it as do those who have religious tradition. Viagra because circumcision is linked to loss of libido as men age.

  6. Little wonder you are enormous! You’re talking about lsrael about circumcision really really? What is Israel to me – a Zambian born from my Lala Kingdom? These all biblical thesis about “children of lsrael” are for them Israelites to ponder and not for me – they are all FAKE! Go on camping with your PENTECOSTALING and leave us alone to eat Kanunka, Kalebwe, Nshonkonono, Amasuku, Mpundu, Amakoke, Tute, kandolo etc., etc and ALL given to us by our OWN AFRICAN GODS!

  7. Circumcision for old people does affect libido. This is my personal experience. I was fooled and I’m so angry. I wish they can return my foreskin back.

    Circumcision for children is okay but not those who have tested real life.

  8. read an article by Ronald Goldman, PhD, a psychological researcher and educator, is executive director of the Circumcision Resource Centre and author of Circumcision: The Hidden Trauma

  9. The foreskin in human males evolved over four million years, evidently for the purposes of sexual pleasure and satisfaction – of the man, and his sexual partner(s). Like its female counterpart, male circumcision is a heinous crime against nature, humanity, and the individual. I can attest to the lifelong psychosexual harms of male genital mutilation. Spare yourselves and your children from this unmitigated evil. Don’t believe the downright lies – circumcision will prevent neither HIV nor any form of cancer. In fact, research shows quite the opposite: e.g. read Brian Earp’s “A Fatal Irony” on why circumcision promotes the spread of various diseases, including HIV.

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