Government has announced that Zambia will not bid to host the 2019 African Cup of Nations (AfCON).

Ministry of Sports Spokesperson Muma Mukupa says Zambia will not bid to host AfCON because the costs of hosting the continental soccer showpiece was not factored into the 2019 national budget which has already passed.

Mr. Mukupa stated that hosting the Africa Cup of Nations requires a lot of financial resources which could have only been possible if it was included in the national budget.

Mukupa says government is happy that the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has expressed interest to bid to host the 2019 AfCON except the country has no capacity at the moment to host a tournament of such magnitude.

FAZ expressed interest in bidding to host the 2019 AfCON tournament few weeks after the Chipolopolo’s ambitions of qualifying to the showpiece were ruined by Mozambique.

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) announced last month that Cameroon had been dropped from hosting the tournament due to delays in preparations to stage the continental showpiece.

CAF is expected to announce the new hosts of the AfCON tournament on December31, with South African ranking among the front runners.

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    • Let’s give a hand now to the African Gay Parrot as he prepares to make an attempt at commenting on ‘Sports and Football’.
      Last time he tried to comment on ‘International Refugee Law’ after the embarassing comments on Hippos and culling in the Luangwa River.
      The Parrot will be with us for a few minutes only as he’s rushing to night school classes.


  1. My worry is that a foreign radio station yesterday kept referring him as Zambian dictator. Could it be because of the civil liberties that have been taken away from the opposition parties, and the radio sation kept saying a Police state. This is not good


    • But why is that a worry? The truth is the truth.

      Maybe a more accurate description would be “A lazy drunk, corrupt and thieving dictator”.



  2. ah ah why?? They should have just got another loan from China. Any way this is a good sign, I think the PF have realised and are becoming sensible in their loan contracting habits


    • No it’s a bad sign. The opposition in Zambia has become a Pull him down (Phd) outfit.
      Investors are losing confidence in us because of Akainde’s malicious propaganda through Zambian Witch Doctor.
      In 2021 we shall tell the voters to reject those who spread false news and caused us to miss out on hosting the tournament. Akainde makes the same mistakes all the time. Last time it was Privatization, then usurping the UPND presidency, then a vote against the referendum for enhanced Bill of Rights, now it’s NEGATIVE FAKE NEWS.


  3. When you have an opposition mouthpiece which spreads fake negative false news this is what happens.
    Akainde doesn’t realize he’s tarnishing the image of his own country. How selfish. Better luck next time.


  4. HH did not speakilll of Zambia but of the leadership which for all purposes doesn’t know how to run the country’s affair’s.
    With mounting debts, dwindling or rather dwindled public reserves, this a government that thinks just to buy an ultra expensive presidential jet.



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