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Orca Deco Zambia Makes Donation Worth K120,000 To Vision of Hope


Orca Deco Zambia announced that it would make five charitable donations in honour of its 5th year anniversary in Zambia. The leading furniture store is committed to providing support to the impoverished and underprivileged in the community. Following up on the first donation made to the UTH Maternity Ward last month, Orca Deco Zambia has made a second donation of products valued at over K120,000 to Vision of Hope, an organisation that takes young women off the streets to provide shelter, invest in their education and develop their life skills to equip them to make better life decisions.


Orca Deco Zambia donated mattresses, pillows, kitchen items and toys at a Christmas decorating ceremony held at Vision of Hope yesterday. The home accommodates 40 girls of various ages who were in desperate need of home necessities. Speaking at the ceremony, Founder of Vision of Hope, Chitalu Chishimba stated that, “Some of the girls have had to share 24 beds amongst 40 girls in the home. Orca’s donation will allow each child the opportunity to sleep in their own bed and allow the older girls the chance to have their own space in their own dormitory”. Present at the ceremony were volunteers from Kupe’s Young Women’s Network, a foundation dedicated to women empowerment through mentorship programmes that build self-esteem and confidence in girls.

Managing Partner of Orca Deco Zambia, Rayan Sharara has expressed that institutions such as Vision of Hope transform the community by investing in the education and development of the girl child. “We applaud the efforts that Vision of Hope has made to protect young women from the life-threatening dangers of streetism. Moreover, we appreciate the opportunity to be a part of such an important cause that brings hope and secures a better future for disadvantaged girls”. Orca Deco Zambia will extend the “Orca at 5” campaign into 2019 with further donations to three other charities and institutions



  1. Good tidings. It is blessed to give than to receive. Hopefully, the money will achieve the intended purpose and not just end up as “administration costs” in someone’s private account.

    • @Chale you also joined these people like counting money. They is no cash involved, it’s only stuff worthy some PF kwachas.

    • Nostra, you’re right bro. So in that case, let’s hope all that stuff wont end up in someone’s pantry at home for sale on the black market.

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