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PF drags Independent MP to court for the Party’s Chitenge material and a flag


Chipili Independent Member of Parliament Jewis Chabi has pleaded not guilty to one count of malicious damage in the Mansa magistrate court.

Mr. Chabi, 39, of Musenga Site and Service in Mansa district, appeared before Mansa Resident Magistrate George Mulenga facing one count of malicious damage contrary to section 335 of the penal code cap 87 as amended by Act number 17 of the Laws of Zambia.

Particulars of the offence are that Mr. Chabi on December 17, 2017, wilfully and unlawfully damaged a Chitenge material and a flag belonging the Patriotic Front (PF) party all valued at K250.

Before Mr. Chabi took plea, defence lawyer Musa Mwenye moved a motion for the court to quash off the charge under Section 90 (6) of criminal procedure court and section 137 of the same procedural court, saying the charge before court was not properly laid down.

However, in his ruling, Magistrate Mulenga said he considered the submissions by the defence lawyers but noted that what was cardinal in the matter was that the issue at hand as alleged in the indictment was clear.

Magistrate Mulenga then ordered for the case to proceed.

Mr. Chabi, who is being represented by advocates from Mwenye and Mwitwa Advocates of Lusaka, then pleaded not guilty to the charge.

The matter has since been adjourned to January 17 for mention and January 29, 2019 for commencement of trial.


  1. Mr Chabi has unfettered hatred for the PF and I wonder why he should direct all his energies to this instead of just working for the people that put him in Parliament. He’s MP so I don’t understand why he keeps on provoking the party. Move on and do what you’re elected for.

    • Dear PF, we know that the reason you are attacking Chabi is because he has supported Kalaba. This case arose in 2017, then you dropped it. Now that Chabi has joined hands with Kalaba you want to intimidate him. Let’s not play such kind of politics. They won’t take us anywhere. Additionally you are only alienating Luapula province further.

    • 1.1 Firstly my name is not PF. Secondly I am not a refugee like you. I’m at home and know exactly what young Chabi has been doing. On November 22 I was in Mansa and I heard a lot of nonsense concerning the young man’s behavior. He’s not the only independent MP but from day one he’s been attacking anything associated with PF. If you’re able to use logic ask yourself why one would destroy another person’s property. He was adopted by PF but he went through and the story should have ended there. But he’s continued saying negatives against the president. Whether you like it or not what he did is malicious damage to property and could be sent to prison. For your information the tiff between Chabi and Davis Mwila is long standing. It’s not new. It’s a pity he’s extended it to others.

    • @Ndanje i actually wasnt addressing you mate. i was responding to the article.
      As to your assertions of my being a refugee… not really interested in personal attacks and stuff like that, so I will leave it.
      As for Chabi, Luapula is where half of me comes from so I love my people and my province. I have the whole story of what happened with Chabi. so my comments are not in ignorance. No one has the right to hang political symbols in a public bus stop. neither PF nor UPND. Chabi was simply upholding and promoting the rule of law. He must be commended.
      Finally, in future, you can just present your point of view without getting personal and reverting to name calling. Exchanging contrary views in a civil manner can only benefit all of us.

  2. Nonsense, it is PF who are full of hatred, Just because he is an independent mp , they want to do an thing to grab the sit back. this is the works of mwila . how many properties belonging to the opposition, PF thugs have destroyed ? who has taken them to court . the problem with this headless chickens called PF carders forget, is that tomorrow there shall be other leaders . imwe mwemashanina bunga lean to core exist. this is our Zambia it is not your Zambia . Ba pf do you even go to church ?

  3. Remember who lost this seat- Davies Mwila (Perpetual Loser). The PF has still not recovered from this shock. The PF has punished the people of Chipili and no development is being channeled there.

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