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World-Wide Fund for Nature opposed to building a Dam on Luangwa River


Meandering Luangwa River
Meandering Luangwa River

The World-Wide Fund for nature (WWF) Zambia has called on government to resist efforts by some investors to build a dam on the Luangwa River and appealed to government to declare the Luangwa river a Water Resource Protection Area.

Speaking at an activation of petitions against the proposed dam in Lusaka, WWF Zambia Communications Officer Nchimunya Banda said the campaign is part of a global initiative that aims to identify and protect the World’s last remaining free flowing rivers.

Ms Banda said Luangwa River was identified as one of the longest remaining free-flowing rivers in Zambia and is one of the biggest unaltered rivers in Southern Africa.

She said however, the ecosystem services that the river provides are threatened by plans of hydropower development, deforestation and unsustainable commercial agriculture.

Ms Banda noted that the most imminent challenge is the proposed dam at Ndevu Gorge, which would transform the river leading to loss of natural capital on which livelihoods, wildlife-based economies, and heritage values are founded.

She said the aim of the campaign is to provide legal protection for the Luangwa River as a Water Resource Protection Area, thereby safeguarding it from current and future threats such as the proposed dam.


  1. We are going to do as we please. We do not need permission from anyone who are never there for us when our people are suffering.

    Mind your own business… are you also informing China and Russia where to build in their countries?

    We are not your colony.

    • An African electorate is in social economic and political diapers…

      As long as a white man tells you a tale, an African accepts it.

      An African would fight for a point he does not even comprehend and passes judgement.

      In America the oil pipeline, Keystone XL was passed into law to go ahead. Did Africa tell America about the concerns of disrupting nature?

      Poor African!

    • Thanks WWF for your concerns, but this is a great opportunity that will benefit the country. If anything the lake that will be produced might actually enrich the ecosystem. My only concern is the financing arrangement and the ownership. But otherwise it will put is in prime position to further boost our export of power to the region. Let’s do it.

    • At least under MMD we would have heard from ZEMA under this utterly lazy bum all systems are broken down as he has poisoned it with cadres.

  2. Ignore them. You need dam for animals during drought

    They would say the same about kariba dam

    The only thing I oppose is nuclear plant in chongwe

  3. All the waters that the Luangwa collects go to the Indian Ocean. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to retain some of this water? In fact, is it not a good idea to build many more dams on our rivers to retain as much water as possible given the ever expanding water use?

  4. If they tell Americans or Europeans what to do with their nature, they will tell them off. They tell Africans to jump and African’s say: “How high?”

    When will we realise that when it comes to Africa, they are only interested in the land and it’s resources but not in the well-being of it’s native people?

    • Do you not see campaigners and NGOs telling the Americans not to attempt to drill for oil in Alaska or the Fracking Oil protests in England …why do you want to sound like some ignorant blogger …there is absolutely no point in constructing a dam on Luangwa River. Why can we invest in alternative energy like Solar or Wind

    • I still have a problem with the use of the word “WE” instead of “I”. Why do you always want to speak for other people? Just speak for yourself!!!!!

  5. @Jay Jay, so you think the multinationals care about NGOs and campaigners? Oil drilling and fracking continues on both continents despite these protests. Just look at how Trump reacts to global climate change.

    @4.2 Know Name, it is not unusual for Africans to say “We” when speaking about issues that affect their people. It is in line with the spirit of oneness and African unity (Ubuntu) which is in contrast to the self-centered individualsm of the western world.

    • Trump is doing what he promised …you should be smart enough not even use that name when it comes to suvh issues……meanwhile you are under the thumb of your muzungu German wife..really laughable!!

  6. Look at these silly nutcases above abusing WWF for rightly being concerned …….all the while on another thread usa ambasodor foote has told you that the USA government has given Zambia close to $5 billion over 15 years including $3.5 billion fighting HIV ……

    Now here , here if you can’t stand on your own feet sh.ut up and take their advise or give the west back all the aid you are getting….busy insulting people who keep you alive.

    Zambia can not survive without hand out from the west….

  7. Nine Chali
    The point being made is “..speak for yourself or those on whose behalf you are mandated..”is that asking too much?Dont allow any Jim and Jack to speak for you…

    • Where is Batoka located….and where does Luangwa pass through. Use your brain to think…this is the same Luangwa where you culling or trophyhunting hippos in dry season

  8. If it was today a certain politician a his chief would not allow kariba dam construction to generate electricity to the country

  9. Let them do a proper feasibility study to assess the impact of building the dam and what it will mean for the local population both human and animal before anything is done.

  10. YES. The water runs to the ocean every year. A dam would allow us to retain the water and generate electricity and then release it to continue to the ocean. That is the way it works. The dam can also be used to irrigate field during the dry season and provide recreation and tourism opportunities. The energy from the dam can be used to offset buying oil from other countries thus saving foreignexchange for other thing we do not make. A dam is a WIn WIN sitiation fore all. Quit fighting against opportunity for self sustenance. You want us to keep begging from others.

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