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You can’t Ascend to Power by Wishing ill Fortunes on others – Nakacinda


Mutati FAction led Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) National Secretary Raphael Nakacinda

The Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) says the party will not reduce itself to propagating an agenda centered around making an individual president of the republic at any cost.

Responding to a message during a live interactive radio program on Radio Mano in Kasama where he is with his party president Felix Mutati, party National Secretary Raphael Nakacinda said the so called political parties that met at Pamodzi hotel had a common agenda of making Hakainde Hichilema Republican President.

Nakacinda said the meeting was not about Zambians but a UPND strategy that does not add any value to the common Zambian and that his party has so many serious issues to attend to in relation to advancing the interests of the Zambian people.

“…they know that as a mother of democracy we don’t entertain such antics. We are serious with our discourse in terms of advancing the interest of the Zambian people. When there is a fundamental issue that is not political in nature but national in nature we participate. For now we can only wish them well, let them use their strategy and we see how far they will craw.

“Hon Felix Mutati is not only involved in the political life of Zambia, he is also called upon to advance the interest of the continent of Africa. Recently he was in Uganda and then Egypt and now we are here in Northern Province. I think we have more serious issues that we need to address in the interest of Zambia and our people on the continent,” Nakacinda said.

And Nakacinda has challenged political players in the country to stop preoccupying themselves with the Constitutional Court ruling on the interpretation of a term in relation to the amended constitution but instead appeal to the Zambian people by providing superior ideals which will win them votes.

He said political players should not wish for ill fortunes on others to ascend to power but that politicians should win elections because they have superior ideals that the Zambian people are interested to support and vote for.

“You want to be voted in because another person has been disqualified? I think that is undemocratic. Win an election because you have superior ideals, ideals that the Zambian people are interested to support and vote for! That should be the thinking of any political player, we shouldn’t have a situation were you are wishing for another candidate ill today so that you can have a free ride to go into State House then it means you have nothing to sale. I think as a principal president Edgar Chagwa Lungu whether he is candidate in 2021 or not should not be the preoccupation of political players if they have something to offer to the Zambian people,” he said.

Nakacinda added “Coming to the Constitutional Court ruling itself, the only matter which was before the court was to interpret what was provided for in the constitution in relation to the old constitution.

“The new constitution provides that when a Vice President who is the running mate takes over the Presidency for whatever reason, maybe the president is incapacited or he dies, if that person is in office for 3 years it means that 3 years will be counted as a term, if it is less than 3 years then it is not a term and that president will still qualify to run as a president.”

“The truth of the matter is that President Lungu never served 3 years, he served 1 year and 6 months, number 2 the law is not applied in retrospect. When you change the constitution the new constitution begins to apply the day it is enacted,” he said.


    • That’s a 100 … wish everyone the best of luck kanofye indoshi and who likes having anything with indoshi.

      Hichilema, Chipimo, Milupi, Kambwili, Mulongoti, Banda and the rest of them have all revealed amano ya buloshi and going forward they will be treated as indoshi.

      They don’t wish well for the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise and that’s why a week past their dead on arrival alliance, it’s business as usual in all cities.

      This breed of Africans called Zambians are simply the best and they are so rational one needs real smarts not clever antics to woo their hearts.

      Great job Nakachinda … let’s roll

    • Very few elections anywhere in the world are won based on personal attacks. The secret is ideas, ideas, ideas and ideas that lead to great national policies.

      Policies that benefit the majority of the electorate win elections. No utopian interpretations to the constitution that are purely subjective targeted at individuals.

      It’s sad to see Chipimo sink so low, for the others I fully get it; they have brains the size of a maggot but for a Rhodes Scholar to associate himself with such misfits, it’s a scenario I can’t put my finger on.

      This for me is the last straw that broke the camels back. He has lost my campaign contributions to NAREP forever. All my next contributions are going to ECL’s re-election campaign.

      Heaven help us all …

    • Shonas say ” mudiwa, Peugeot ne Benz havinophindulana. HH’s scheme to get all titular parties sign-up to be his subjects under UPND other than face them in 20121 as competitors, is doomed. It is an inconsequential lifeless project. Theoretically they’re informed, but empirically nuanced. Nothing can hold their delusions together beyond camera shoot-outs meant for an elevator pitch for circulation to HH’s sponsors in foreign capitals.

      We are a democracy, and can only wish them well.

  1. Thank you, Rafa. You and Felix can improve the fortunes of the MMD with such attitude. Keep it up and leave the U5s to their wet dreams.

    • @BR Mumba Jr. is that face on your DP your real face. I ask so because its difficult for me to match your face with your postings. You look very reasonable in person.

    • And you can’t win a bid on an 18 million dollar contract by driving up to the meeting with billionaires wearing tarted jeans in worn out pandas.

      You wear a Rolex, put on your best shirt, tie and suit with matching shoes. Presentation and your platform account for 65% of the deal.

      The thinking that you can present yourself using an indoshi platform to win an election or even before that the hearts of the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise is preposterous.

      Heaven help us all …

    • #caption this.
      #people surviving on mangoes in lumezi, while you feasting and imbibing on caviar and French wines on a new jet is a true ddefinition of ubuloshi.

    • That the jist of it, lungu went to chawama as MP , found them drinking dirty water and using pit latrines and left the people of his consitutensy chawama still drinking dirty water next to pit latrines , he even went on to become president , and his people are still drinking from wells and using pit latrines !!!…hopless case my friends and foes….

  2. Failed projects can be very dangerous, not only to owners, but also to the innocent people who have nothing to do with it. What could have been the issue for those 7 parties at pamozi was to formulate ideas salable to the Zambian and then go flat out to campaign, not to vilify the courts, incite people to rise against legal establishments in the name of people power or focusing on the elimination of an individual in order to usurp rp power without necessarily having a meaningful agenda for Zambians.

    • Interesting that the Courts rule that somebody is eligible to stand, and then some people are up in arms hauling insults at everybody they come across – and want to preach democracy. Really funny – you preach democracy but want others to be disenfranchised, it is laughable. Very mature talk Nakachinda, thank you.

  3. One example of wishing the government ill is the hoping that the mines carry out their threats to prune certain numbers of their workers. I’m at least happy with the NDC stand on this. But for the party that I won’t mention it’s woe to their leadership. One chairman on Copperbelt was even dancing at hearing this potentially sad news. Unless their party has been assured that once they assume power that the retrenched employees will be released employed I can’t see how one can rejoice.

  4. “ONLY A TONGA MUST LEAD UPND” Says Sejani. I totally agree with Nakacinda that no one must ascend to power upon the misfortune of others. When Sata died in 2014 the entire UPND rejoiced at his death thinking they were going to have a free ride to the state house, alas God saw their ill motive and never allowed that to happen. When economic misfortunes befall this country UPND are the first people to celebrate thinking that it sway public opinion in their favor and paint the ruling party black. All this shows that HH and his tribal grouping have run out of political strategy to deliver them to plot 1 no wonder he is now using PEOPLE POWER slogan hoping that people will rise against the government and give him a free ride to the state house, it will NEVER Work.

  5. Mr.Rafa Nakachinda is 100% right!!!HH thinks he can use those 9 useless “tutemba party leaders” to ascend to power.That cant work.HH has been in several alliances since 2006 but all in vain.Surely, what will us Zambians benefit by simply pushing HH into state house?NOTHING!!!Our opposition leaders should be serious.THEIR PROJECT IS A FAILED ONE ALREADY!!!Just look at the mood across Zambia,IT IS CALM AS RUSSIAN SNOW-meaning majority Zambians are not interested in the NONSENSE from those 10 useless parties!!!When FTJ Chiluba tried to go for a third term,all Zambians rejected that.CAN WE SAY THE SAME ABOUT ECL?BIG NO,because all well meaning Zambians are in agreement with the Concourt that ECL never served 3 years or more which makes a term!!!BELIEVE YOU,HH WILL 100% LOSE 2021 ELECTIONS…

    • Did HH drag them to attend? This HH though not in power must have so much power to get mature people with their own brains to do his bidding? You guys just show that he is a force to contend with, hence your unwarranted attacks on the man, his ethnic group, his party and anything else you can dream about. There has never been a man so attacked by a certain group of people so viciously as you do on HH. Give the man a break, all he is doing is exercising his democratic right as a citizen to seek political office.

    • Ba Pluralist – It is a laughing matter because the man you are talking about have no brains of their own. Putting together a bunch of dull frustrated individuals as an alliance brings into question the status of the organizer. As for HH, he cannot be attacked by so many people so often unless he himself is either a problem. And worse still is that he does not look at his shortcomings. HH has promoted tribalism – whether you accept it or not. None of the political stalwarts from the Southern Province (and there are many) ever created such animosity in the nation.

  6. Very excited I have been thinking about the eligibility of president ECL thanks to the concourt for the ruling if the opposition say he can not stand in 2021 then let the ECZ take the election to 2025 for presidential elections to enable ECL to save for 10 years and then let HH stand as a counselor to practice leadership in his ward that’s when he will be able to be a president and that is in 2036

    • Good one chief. By the way you remember during the 2016 election campaigns when HH vowed that Edgar would not be paid his retirement benefits since had not served a full presidential term?

  7. How did a person like Nakachinda even become a SG of a mighty party like MMD? ekupwa zona uku…..this chap is so empty headed

    • From John Mwanakatwes the END OF THE KAUNDA ERA….page 146 “The people of Southern Province had always rejected Unip. ..and remained steadily loyal to the ANC”. How true it’s even today.

  8. Your agenda is already with PF, have you forgotten that you are in alliance with PF? So we would not expect you to say anything different. What is sad is that you still have people applauding your lies, I just wish we had a bit of honour among our politicians from both sides.

  9. The desperation of HH and his friends is very conspicious and scary. Instead of planning for the next elections they are planning a short cut but against the highest court of the land. What kind of people are these? I can imagine UPND private meetings discussing the new opportunity! While the likes of Kambwili don’t care to the point of embracing HH! just to get rid of ECL. I sincerely believe that ECL can hand over power if required. He has demostrated that before. He doesn’t deserve the orchestrated hatred evident in the “new group”. Elias Chipimo of all people, WOW. God appoints presidents. You may be wasting time of HH. For HH it seems its now or never. He is doing everything he can to get this thing but from a distance SOMEONE is watching

  10. So this nominated MP who’s supposed to be on national duty is busy attending to opposition party matters using Government resources? By government resources I mean time he should be in office, GRZ vehicle etc.

  11. Politics aside. Let’s face to face with factual issues. Nakachinda is right. People or opposition must not be preoccupied with how to see ECL will fail. Politics of arm twisting for Kambwili & the friends leaves much to be desired. It’s God at the end of the day who put in a leader. For looks outside but God looks inside. Let’s promote unity & not division in the nation. Bemba vs easterners issue cannot be an issue to disqualify ECL as some opposition parties are purpoting. Opposition must show their maturity. Let them be issue based than taking advantage of fake matters which doesn’t hold water. Nakachinda really very sensible indeed.

  12. This Triba.l Hacks, no one including himself knows whether he is coming or going…..totally directionless, look how desperate he has become following the Concourt ruling. Bushe buloshi nangula jealous abane ama trib.als.

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