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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Court fines a Kwacha Township Woman K2, 000 for accusing her neighbour of practicing Satanism

General News Court fines a Kwacha Township Woman K2, 000 for accusing her...

A woman of Kwacha township in Kitwe has been fined K2, 000 for accusing her neighbour of practicing satanism.

This is in a matter in which Chris Kunda sued Prisca Jere of Kwacha township in the Kitwe local court for defamation of character.

Appearing before magistrate Fredrick Ndhlovu, Kunda narrated that on November 21 this year, his wife accompanied Jere’s sister to the hospital because she was in labour.

Kunda told the court that when his wife returned home, he was informed that the person she had taken to the hospital had lost her baby while giving birth.

He testified that the defendant then started scandalize Kunda in the community, telling neighbours that he (Kunda) had a hand in the death of her sister’s baby.

He alleged that Jere, whom he shared the compound with, told community members that he practiced satanism.

Kunda demanded damages alleging that the accusations levelled against him by the defendant were injurious in nature and had since resulted in people shunning renting his house.

In defense, Ms. Jere denied the allegations by expressing shock.

In passing judgment, magistrate Ndhlovu upheld the claim and ordered Jere to pay the plaintiff K2, 000.

He ordered the defendant to settle the fine in installments of two months or in default face a jail sentence.

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  1. What ancient medieval times nonsense is this, what is a K2pin? You should have charged her to pay him her entire clan’s life earnings.

  2. Accusations of satanism have life damaging reputational and business ramifications.
    Therefore the sentence must not be less than 10years in jail for the culprits.
    Many fake pastors have fuelled this satanism movement in our country.
    It is such a seriuos matter which has broken families and relationships.

  3. The day the first African country will ban witchcraft and other nonsense beliefs with concerted educational sanitization that such crap does not exist , many of our citizens will find productive roles in our societies.

    There is no advanced , developed country where such crap is believed, only backward countries will you find such beliefs, is this a coincidence ?

    If I had the power, I would introduce a subject in primary schools to teach our children that such beliefs don’t exist and teach in the same subject ,environments cleanliness and preservation of our surroundings, trees, natural wealth and water.
    You will see a change in Zambia’s mind set of cleanliness and crap beliefs immediately.

    • My friend you are ignorant! Don’t you understand we are at war with the kingdom of darkness. Ephesians 6:12. There are Satanist worldwide including UK.

  4. There is that character on this forum who sounds like a deranged supporter of a certain political party – always accusing a certain person of practicing Satanism or being a Masonic. The deranged character deserves to be prosecuted! Such primitive behaviour!

  5. And listen to this meaningless sentence:
    He ordered the defendant to settle the fine in installments of two months or in default face a jail sentence.
    Instalments of two months?? What the?

  6. Kunda and Jere are mbuyas. She was just playing chimbuya. Chief Nkana beat up and tied his retainer to a tree. The chief was charged with assault and unlawful detention. Now it happened that the retainer was Luvale by tribe and therefore the magistrate pointed out that since these two were tribe cousins, they should just settle issue outside court.

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