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Angry Mongu council workers invade offices to demand their unpaid Salaries

Headlines Angry Mongu council workers invade offices to demand their unpaid Salaries


There was drama in Mongu yesterday, when scores of irate council workers stormed the offices of council officials demanding an explanation for the non-payment of their November and December 2018 salaries.

The workers who assembled at the council offices displayed pluck cards asking Government to implement the centralized payroll system which they said has taken long.

The council employees have also accused council officials of spending huge sums of money on what they termed as unnecessary trips at the expense of attending to their plight.

And Fire Services Union of Zambia (FIRESUZ) Mongu Branch Chairperson, Phinias Chisapi who spoke on behalf of the workers appealed to Government to pay the council the 2017 equalization fund.

Mr. Chisapi said the non-payment of the funds have led to a number of operational challenges which the local authority is currently facing.

The FIRESUZ Chairperson revealed that the Council is overstaffed in a number of sections leading to some of the officers not being paid.

Mr. Chisapi explained that in some instances, a single position is being occupied by seven officers which he said is a waste of resources on the part of Government.

He complained that the non-payment of salaries has adversely affected the workers and their families who are now surviving on mangos on a daily basis.

Mr. Chisapi has appealed to President Edgar Lungu to intervene in the workers’ nonpayment of salaries and other conditions of service.

Efforts to speak to Acting Mongu Town Clerk, Elias Sikacheya failed as he declined to issue any statement before studying the matter thoroughly.

Meanwhile about 250 unionized workers at Chipata City Council have joined other councils in the country who are on a go slow demanding for their two months’ salary arrears.

Zambia United Local Authorities Workers Union (ZULAWU) Chipata branch Chairperson Milimo Buumba confirmed this in an interview in Chipata yesterday.

Mr. Buumba says the workers are demanding to be paid their 2017 December and their November 2018 salaries that have not been paid.

He said the council employees this morning resorted to a go slow to put pressure on government which he said has to date not paid their December 2017 salary arrears even after a period of eleven months.

“ All the unionized Chipata city council employees have vowed not to resume normal duties until they are paid their dues, “ he said.

And ZULAWU General Secretary Emmanuel Mwinsa says there is need for Government to immediately implement the centralized payroll system for all local authorities saying this is a long term and one off solution.

He stated that this is contained in a letter addressed to ZULAWU unionized council workers in the country which expect tangible results
to the matters at hand.

Mr Mwinsa promised that his union will continue to engage government to intervene so that industrial harmony is restored to all local


    • The answer is decentralization. You can have cities and municipal towns that can’t pay their workers. Zambian demand a local government that is separate from Lusaka partisan politics.

    • The explanation is simple. The president needed a new private jet, a mansion in Swaziland plus lots if other goodies.

  1. IT is absolutely sad when workers are not paid. Our government is not a good example of good employers who pay their workers on time. This a reason why some employers do not pay their workers on time. It is even shameful when some of the ministers threaten the mines and other companies who don’t pay their workers on time. Secondly, it is a fault of the government who took over from city councils inclusive provincial headquarter council the obligation of paying salaries to council employees. These councils have the ability to raise more than enough money to pay their workers. The councils are happy to receive salaries on silver plate.

  2. Its sad to hear that people are surviving on mangoes in this booming and thriving enterprise. Lets roll (Mumba, BR 2018)….kkkkk

  3. Mongu ,Kabwe and next you’ll hear its Chipata council workers not getting paid. Something is deeply rotten about Lungu’s economic management.

    • When I call Edgar Lungu “lazy bum” people think its an insult…but who is busy creating districts when there is no money during by-election campaigns? When you create a District you appoint DC with his staff and they need funds for vehicles, fuel, bills in a boma that generates zero revenue…lets roll!!

  4. Working government indeed, PF Secretary General busy publishing cheap articles about sugar-coated achievements built by funds from the loan sharks (Chinese or the new name) and now the country is choking in a debt trap. PF cadres collecting all the revenue meant for the local authority. This government has failed miserably and should go. The full extent of the damage will be determined once a responsible government takes over and hopefully it will hold them accountable.

  5. #6 Jay Gay, and your god Trib.al Hacks will also enjoy, you forget that he has the means? Didn’t you see the cake his home last night? Why are you so trib.ally selective? Don’t forget that even the upnd trib.al MPs have been paid their increased salaries which they did not refuse, and ironically they are the ones who proposed and supported the motion for parliamentary salary increments which they knew would also apply to The President of Zambia.
    Yaba these trib.als what a waste of time and space!!

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