Thursday, June 13, 2024

Just Slim releases “Wechibeibe” his final offering for 2018


Wechibeibe Artwork

The new level of virtuosity of Just Slim’s genre of music keeps on sky-rocketing! The budding and gifted star has freshly released a new single titled “Wechibeibe”.

In this highly danceable and polished hit, “Just Slim”, is tantalizingly amazed and amused with the unequalled beauty of a “chick” on whom he’s ready to pay extra on lobola charges! The now accomplished singer pledges to “show off” his new found “gem” both to his pals and kins no sooner than the “chibeibe” nods to his “advances”.

Sang in Nsenga, Nyanja and Bemba, the song signals a grand salutation to Slim’s countless followers of his music! It was written by Paul Banda, produced by Eselayem, co-produced by Mic and mastered by Paul Kruz.



  1. Not a hit tune but can be played. At least he’s trying to keep it real with Zambian songs in Zambian languages. Just a fashion tip: tying coloured kerchiefs around the head remained in the 90s.

  2. Well tried and much much better than most recent releases. Genuine music not the fake raps from the so called Kaladoshas.
    You just need to improve your sound mix – your Bass is excessive otherwise well done.

  3. This is lovely and authentic. The music doesn’t heavily rely on computer generation. The producers can be more adventurous. That design if its for the cover is attractive

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