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The Post Newspapers Liquidators have found Fred M’membe’s property in Muchinga Province


Former Defunct Post Newspaper Editor in Chief Fred M’membe
Former Defunct Post Newspaper Editor in Chief Fred M’membe

The Post Newspapers in liquidation has caveated former Post Newspaper Editor in Chief Fred M’membe’s property in Mwika village in Shiwan’gandu district in Muchinga Province over suspected illegal land allocation of his property.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS during an operation in Mwika Village, Post Newspaper Recoveries and Operations Manager in liquidation, Robert Chabinga, said the property which is in an area hardly accessible, poses more suspicion of illegal practices.

Mr. Chabinga lamented that the liquidators of the Post Newspapers have suggested that the property be turned into a health facility adding that, it will help the community in Mwika village to access health services.

He added that the Post Newspaper limited in liquidation has registered its interest over the land allocated to Mr. M’membe to obtain a legal opinion of the structure for the people of Mwika village.

He stressed that the role of the liquidators is to recover property acquired by dubious means charging that the operation is not political.

Mr. Chabinga said Mr. Fred Mem’be’s property in Muchinga Province has also posed a threat to the community in Mwika village as the fence in the caveated area is electrified near residential areas.

The Recoveries and Operations Manager further said the partial seizure of the property has been pressed on a caveat for the purpose of security while, investigations are still on ongoing.

He said traditional leaders in the area have also confirmed that the land under which Mr. M’membe’s property is situated is not recognized under customary land.

He further mentioned that in a judgement delivered on 11th December, 2018, the constitutional court of Zambia awarded costs to the Post Newspaper limited in liquidation against Mr. M’membe of which costs are yet to be taxed.

Mr. M’membe’s house in Lusaka has also been caveated over the same matter and investigations are still ongoing.


  1. They don’t build great men, they only destroy great men in Africa. You need extra-ordinary strength and powers to make your dreams come true in this part of the world.

    • Yes, they will find all his properties, the same way the Zambians will find all the stolen property and assets which meno meno has acquired in a short space of time at the expense of the poor Zambians. Lungu and Mmembe, I am afraid are no different. Bonse nibapompwe! Baleizala fye chabe.

  2. ALL Assets dubiously acquired must be GRABBED BACK and SURRENDERED to the State to benefit the poor Zambians. Most of these guys are using their positions to SCR@W us.
    Do not feel sorry for them. HUNT AND PUNISH ALL THIEVES.
    The Zambians will come after you. You can run but you can’t hide.
    Hard working Zambians have nothing to fear. You will be protected and rewarded.

  3. So just say you have found a plot in the village which was surrounded by an electric fence to keep squatters out belonging to mmembe. Why dramatize things as if you found a mansion in eswatini.

  4. So are we to believe mmembe is now a thief or criminal?? Why are we Africans so backward in our way of thinking and doing things? You think you must criminalise someone to get back at them.. the man created jobs that are now no more.. for the same reasons Zamtel has been excused and now it’s making handsome profits! Go figure!

    • So one must use criminal activities to create jobs, and that will be deemed to be right? what Kind of zambia are we going to end up with. Or is it our own skewed thinking?

  5. But hh and GBM must never come near state house.

    We depend on patriotic nationals within PF to bring down this one guy that is amassing wealth everyday with impunity

    • Was the post the only company owing ZRA? If not how many more have been liquidated.i hope those pursuing Dr. M’membe will stay in power forever. Chaona mzako

    • I think something has to be put in perspective. Mmembe did not steal but was owing ZRA. It was a case which could have been resolved amicably if political tones were not at play. The biggest problem in Africa is that when one has political power, they really want to make perceived enemies know that they are in power. If you have power, use it to build not to destroy. This is how Kabila in DR Congo started.

  6. This is a lesson to everyone.

    Do not make deals with the sitting government based on a promise.

    He was promised his tax responsibilities will disappear if he helped ‘so n so’ get into power or destroy ‘so n so”s political clout.

    In the end it is a case of unpaid taxes, DEATH & TAXES! The tax man commeth.

  7. PF under lungu are a bunch of hungry wild dogs ……now there are no eurobonds to loot and donner countries are demanding sanity in GRZ looting and stealing in ministries , they will now eat anyone they can……..

    If Dr membe and other percived enemies of lungu are suffering such , HH must be a very astute tactician ……they have failed to annihilate him…..every now and again they try to dangle the privertisation story but keep bouncing…..

  8. Wonder y zambians forget so easily and fast. Mmembe deserves punishment for bringing down other fellow potential powerful zambians through his paper. Polititians are not people to share your secrets with….this must be a lesson to all sellouts oriented id00ts…

  9. Where are late Chiluba’s assets. Seviour Chungu is still alive he holds important information. Let us summon him to be state witness for lesser jail term. Chungu and Shansonga enemies of suffering Zambians. When individuals have lost power they mistreated Zambians with, should not be let free. Zambian jails are waiting for them. Either today or tomorrow law will catch up with them- pay day will come.

  10. From “king maker” to fugitive! To me the greatest gift that President Lungu gave Zambians is that his government has effectively sorted this rascal for us. For that I will vote ECL in 2021 and in 2026 if he wishes to have to have a third term, legally of course. They didit for President Nujoma didn’t they?…..kikikikikikikiki……azalila wina uja!

    • I remember FTJ losing that building at Arcades to the defunct task force while the post cheered on. Well they say, isn’t karma a b!#ch?? By the time ECL steps down, Fred will be finished.

  11. Upnd cadre you are a lost case, the man calls you thieves and has no regards for you and you still think he is the best out of the many millions of brilliant minds we have. I think he needs to go and let somebody else take over we are not South Korea to have only one individual for president till death

  12. I have no kind words for M’membe.I dont even miss his POST newspaper because of M’membe’s vindictiveness towards his perceived political enemies.I remember how he took it so personal with HH for challenging his journalistic ethics to which he responded that HH had crossed the line and incessantly labelled UNPD a Bantustan party.For President Chiluba he even wanted to have him prosecuted posthumoulsy at Embassy Park,what kind of hate for someone is that?When the economy of Zambia started crumbling within the first few days of PF taking over because of lack of policy direction(everyday ministries were changing names in the name of realignmnmet leaving everyone is suspense),instead of properly advising President Sata as somebody close,he chose to ignore these uncertanities and instead…

    • instead of properly advising President Sata as somebody close,he chose to ignore these uncertanities and sing wrong praise hymns for Presidnt Sata in his editorials by refering to hime as: Michael this,Michael that…Michael…..little did he know that ZRA were taking note of his tax liabilities.

  13. What I don’t understand is whether the liquidation of The Post mandates the liquidator to pursue all personal properties of the Directors.

    • Once a shareholder or Director gives a personal quarantee for liabilities he/she has to be pursued to recover the deficit. This would include auctioning even the spoons and underpants if such actions are deemed to liquidate some of the debts.

  14. Ayatollah – Me too. But when you hear Edgar say something, do not be surprised. A few days ago he said Bembas are thieves and today we are talking about a private property in Muchinga. I also find it had to relate the two, Post liquidation due to tax liabilities and a private property of Mmembe.

    Mr. Chabinga lamented that the liquidators of the Post Newspapers have suggested that the property be turned into a health facility adding that, it will help the community in Mwika village to access health services.This statement is not adding up properly.

  15. Mr. Chabinga lamented that the liquidators of the Post Newspapers have suggested that the property be turned into a health facility adding that, it will help the community in Mwika village to access health services.Is this way liquidation is conducted? Out of hate you make a lot of mistakes. Sober up Chabinga someone using you has immunity mind you. It takes long for prosecution to start but some of you like Richard Sakala ni straight kuchimbokaila.

  16. Every one in zambia must register a political party so that when we are caught on the other side of the law we say it is political.

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