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Calls to open an inquiry into the Privatization of State Assets are unnecessary and untimely-Musenge

Headlines Calls to open an inquiry into the Privatization of State Assets...

National Democratic Congress -NDC- Secretary General Mwenya Musenge
National Democratic Congress Secretary General Mwenya Musenge

The National Democratic Congress says calls by State House to open an inquiry into the privatization of public enterprises undertaken by the MMD regime are unnecessary and untimely.

Party Secretary General Mwenya Musenge says the probe into the sale of state Parastatals will not yield any results and such an inquiry into the matter will merely be an academic excise and a waste of public resources.

Mr. Musenge said colossal sums of money that could be spent on such an inquiry could be diverted to needy areas such as the Health and Educational sectors.

“Moreover, we feel most of the documents in the privatization of state firms cannot be traced. It is now almost twenty years after the MMD Government concluded the said excise. Worse still, most of the people behind the sale of former Government firms have either died or relocated from Zambia”, Mr. Musenge observed.

He said in a statement that his party feels State House deliberately wants to dent the image and reputation of certain persons linked to the privatization of government assets adding that all this is meant to disparage the image of a well-known opposition political figure.

Mr. Musenge said this witch-hunt being promoted by state house is petty and extremely preposterous.

He said it is unfortunate that such cheap talk is coming from the Presidency, undoubtedly, the highest office in the land despite Zambia having a lot of urgent matters to resolve.

“State House could do well for instance to discuss the plight of starving villagers in Lumezi district living on raw mangoes. The Presidency can go further to discuss how President Lungu is in fighting corruption in his Cabinet”, Mr. Musenge added.

He said Zambians want to know for instance what Mr. Lungu is doing about the latest Financial Intelligence Report handed over to him by the FIC where several Cabinet Ministers are cited in this dossier.

Mr. Musenge said the country may also want to know how far the probe into the infamous procurement of the fire tenders has reached.

“The Anti-Corruption Commission has been investigating some named Minister over wealth suspiciously acquired. We want to know if President Lungu has received and studied the file presumably handed over to him from the ACC”, He said.

Mr. Musenge added that the Presidential handlers should use this period to organize a meeting with the Zambia Chambers of Mines to discuss the pending job cuts in the extractive sector.

He has since cautioned the Presidential spokesperson Amos Chanda not to use his office to fight proxy political battles and leave them to politicians.

Mr. Musenge said the people of Zambia are not interested to know for instance how President Lungu used the monies he got from the sale of Zambia Cold storage as Mr. Lungu and others in the privatization team of state enterprises did a professional job in whatever undertakings and decisions they made.

He said if those in the privatization team were involved in illicit acts, previous administrations could have probed those linked to the sale of Parastatals.

“As NDC we are not amazed that State House is now using professional bodies such as the Economics Association of Zambia EAZ to discuss the privatization of former state assets. We have fears that the EAZ will soon lose its relevance and respect if they do not thread cautiously”, He said.

He has since called on genuine members of the EAZ to seriously have an introspection of the new EAZ council adding that NDC foresees a situation where the EAZ will soon be a surrogate of the pf looking at the partisan Lines some of its executive members are tolling.

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  1. Iwe musenge ,

    Whole communities were wiped out that depended on cold storage board after a heartless lungu sold it to foringners who stripped all the equipment and shipped it out of the country, lungu had unexplained monies during that time beloved to be corruptly obtained…

    • One time i watched this video from middle East on YouTube of three incorrigible boys who caught a rat in their father’s house, they took it out the house and in their own wisdom decided to pour petrol on it and set it alight, guess what,the flaming rat rushed back into their own house and the entire house caught fire. Everyone was playing the the privatization song ,one pro pf economist went to the extent of calling on all those who were involved in privatisation to apologize to the nation, what he didn’t know was that he was pouring petrol on the cold storage privatisation story.

    • I agree Mwenya.
      Zambia like to waste money unnecessarily. Someone even formed a team of people to inquire in elections violence!????? Seriously?
      What do Zambians what from HH & Lungu, or Zambians want to give back houses they bought at 10 pin?

    • 1.1 Nemesis

      Befitting story …….all PF have on HH is privertisation….now we find lungu sold cold storage board of Zambia to foringners, wipping out whole communities in Lusaka who depended on that company and instead of investing wisely , drank all the money he corruptly recived…

    • @Nemesis you are also putting petrol on the story to keep on being discussed. I am assuming that you are blaming Lungu? My thinking is that the country moves on from weather HH or Lungu was involved to shifting our attention to arresting the wrongs that might be happening in our mining or investment sector. If we are stack with that past, I doubt it will give use any benefits by way of recovering any money. But if we stop further plunder we will save money!

    • In fact kulefwayika fye kafwile mu jele. Ni mweba Amos you are too soft this should have been done immediately we came from Mongu,” said Kampyongo.

    • PF Prophet JK and the Dununa Reverse regime. Wina azalila because all those you think are angels will be revealed as devils incarnate. ECL was riding high and only had embezzlement of the widow’s money to his name. Now Haabazoka in trying to taint HH poured acid on a can of worms and the stench is now coming from ECL’s room. Nindani a shula?

  2. For the first time, I agree with Mr. Musenge. Zambia in its current polarized state is not capable of having an impartial inquiry. Second, we have had a number of inquiries running from Barotseland issue to Gabon air disaster etc, yet its reports have never been made public. Besides, if we have information that HH committed crimes, why not simply prosecute him? This thinking by our Zambians politicians is so primitive and makes us look like morons in the face of the world. Nobody will take us serious in a global village if we don’t take ourselves serious.

    • Time is the mother of everything!
      The four senior PF officials took turns boasting how they had made sure they had fixed the opposition leader and how they were controlling state institution.
      The officials who were in the company of another mercenary, Lewis Mosho and some former Post Journalist and what looked like prostitutes, drunk the night out and only left 8 reedbuck after midnight.
      “Natuka chita ka cikala…kalemona kwati ni ka President nako. In fact Ba (kakoma) Kankanja is very weak if I didn’t direct him upto now that ka cikala would still be enjoying the comfort of his house,” Kaiser Zulu was heard bragging before Kampyongo interjected,
      “Awe kachepa sana. We are in charge …we are serious operatives. In fact kulefwayika fye kafwile mu jele. Ni mweba Amos you are too soft this…

  3. I agree. This is unnecessary and happened years back and Zambians have moved on. Maybe what might be necessary is the probe into how mines operate and engage with the current owners on the way forward regarding impending redundancies. It’s diabolical that we do not know how our own mines operate in own country. At one point Lungu had to be told in China that we actually export Cobalt and he did not know about this!

    • @Spy mashra, I have read the valid point you raise below, but it might be useful to prioritise. But another question if investigations are made, what happens? Reverse the sale or the privatisation processes done way back in the 90’s? How? After so many years? We can learn from that, alright. But why not look to the future and work on how best our own minerals can be mined. With this knowledge, there can be a balance in the way the investors mine our minerals in particular or engage in business in our country, in general, our benefits and the future environmental consequences. I notice that we don’t seem to care about how these people operate even when the laws are there! Some laws might even be outdated.

  4. Whether new or old ,all criminality committed regarding public assets, must be investigated and anyone who would be found with stained hands must be punished, regardless. We need total combustion,no soot or smoke should be left in the history or current public issues. We need to establish a hall mark for future aspirants of public office.

    • Yes indeed only now we find lungu sold cold storage board of Zambia to foringners that belonged to Zambians , wiping out whole communities in Lusaka that depended on that company …

    • With this corrupt government, good luck! The ministers have not even followed simple instructions to pay back the money they got paid while they were illegally in office, good luck with this venture!

    • Yes umulandu taubola, Its high time some people should be silenced already ba lyamba ukubinda umuchila when called upon to answer questions at police station!!

  5. Don’t worry!
    All so called professional bodies in Zambia have become money-making Cartels sucking up to politicians for favors!
    For Professionalism to be restored, Professional bodies should be funded as opposed to them running like businesses headed by self-styled CEOs! What is going on with professional bodies is worse than what is perceived to have gone wrong with the privatization!
    1st January 2019 is next week Tuesday when the new mine taxes come into effect. With that comes the shedding of mining jobs whether GRZ likes it or not! With loss of jobs comes reduced production. Trouble is our economy is 80% Copper! An economic Sunami is what will follow! Grab the mines and you will fail to run them! Give them to the Chinese who are the major buyers then the Copper prices will drop!…

  6. The worst part is lungu sold cold storage board of Zambia to foringners who stripped all the equipment, HH sold to Zambians and money remained in Zambia…..

  7. Kudos, ndanji , UPND cader et al , where are you ??

    You are usually the first ones to tell us how communities are suffering on CB after the sale of mines , only now we know lungu wiped out whole communities in Lusaka who depended on the cold storage board that he sold to foringners ????

  8. The problem with the Commisions of Inquiry (COIs) instituted in Zambia so far has been being notorious for their inertia to effectively solve the problem at hand and lack of disclosure of their findings.As far as I know, all the COIs instituted by President Sata were shelved after being presented to him including that infamous one by Winter Kabimba on Energy to scandalise Dr Buleti Nsemukila for seemly being pro MMD.Now with is history,what guarantee is there that the findings wont be shelved?

  9. Looks like after the revelation that lungu sold cold storage board of Zambia to foringners, kudos and his team have retreated indisarry and are regrouping at statehouse for consultations….

    Benangu yakosa bolla manje….it going to be a good new year …

  10. Looks like after the revelation that lungu sold cold storage board of Zambia to foringners, kudos and his team have retreated indisarry and are regrouping at statehouse for consultations….

    Ben.angu ya.kosa boll.a man.je….it going to be a good new year …

  11. This is all because Lungu has been named as one of the people involved in the privatisation process in the mean time all this time people have been screaming HH sold the mines which he did not, now that everything has come to light PF has gone in defence gear kikikikikiki records have surfaced with Lungu’s name written all over cold storage board of Zambia. Every learned person knows what it takes to privatise a company and the PF instead of being truthful that no one stole anything but that the mines were actually operating at a loss due to the way they were mis-managed, they decided to play politics and paint HH as a thief forgetting that everything is documented until the name Edgar Chagwa Lungu showed up. Learn lessons from Haman in the bible who wanted Modecai hanged and the same…

    • Be serious… You are talking nonsense… Edgar did not end up grabbing one of the institutional houses owned by the Cold storage board to live in… NO!. Your HH grabbed the LIMA bank house in Kabulonga!!! Edgar did not, in the process, “purportedly” acquiring (corruptly grabbing) significant if not controlling equity stake or shares in the very companies he was tasked with selling as you HH did with Hotel Board’s Livingstone hotel where he ended up being a share holder in something he was tasked to sell. I can go on. ECL as far as Im aware did not grab any equity interest in the companies that bought cold storage board assets… Ethically and morally HH stinks. I do, however, have issues with ECL over the 42 fire tenders.

    • HHand lungu must not stand period.

      I know ecl can accept the proposal now the aza chap kaya hehehe. He thinks he was born to rule Zambia.

    • Iwe dagga

      Stop smoking….
      Lungu is a convicted fraudster , you telling us he oversaw a clean privertisation of cold storage board is proper lies and an illusion …..

  12. Bane,

    this is now cause for concern to every Zambian……the PF privertisation vuvuzella rats like kudos, UPND cader , Zambian citizen and ndanji have gone missing ???

    Have they been kidnapped like what happened in bwengwa or have they just scattered and taken cover in utter confusion with like wet rats ???

  13. Bane,

    this is now cause for concern to every Zambian……the PF privertisation vuvuzella rats like kudos, UPND cader , Zambian citizen and ndanji have gone missing ???

    Have they been kidnapped like what happened in bwengwa or have they just scattered and taken cover in utter confusion with like wet rats ???

    • Spaka don’t be stoopid since when I have mentioned anyone in my postings on privitization of companies? Be serious on what you say. Much as I don’t like your spoiled brat called HH I have never attacked him on the issue because I don’t have inside information on the procedures. Also just like you support Upnd I also have a right to support a party of my choice. Don’t look down on people who have different political views from yours. You have tried everything on Edgar including his identity but it has taken no where.

    • Ohhhhhh ndanji has resurfaced and is now denying telling us how communities suffered on CB after privertisation proportedly with HH …

    • Like to twist facts? I am sure you are intelligent enough to distinguish between 1) Privitization has caused suffering for many people and 2)Accusing HH of this. Only pea brain can fail to see the point. ..in simple terms I have in my postings never accused HH on this. Please point out any day that I did this. I’ve referred to the suffering because I see it. For your information since you have a small brain let me inform you that more than 200 companies were sold away by the MMD government and multiply that by an average of 500 employees. ..then you can understand why communities suffered. I don’t know what role your spoiled brat aka HH. Don’t twist things.

  14. Correction- EAZ is not and will never be a professional body. A person qualifies as an economist and does not need to write any further exam to be part of EAZ. EAZ is trash and its president has sold his honesty and judgment for government funding. Privatization happened because Zambia was broke and companies were mismanaged. The PF has borrowed over $20bn ($13bn – ask John Bolton US. Official + $9bn as reported), privatization made well less than $1bn, clearly any logical Zambian knows that the one to pursue is Lungu.

    • Yes indeed mis- management was the reason most companies were privatised or liquidated cause most of them were operating at a loss. No one stole anything, not Edgar or HH but the reason am not happy with Edgar and the PF is that they now started to lie that HH was the only one involved in privatisation and that he was the cause of the mines being privatised in order to gain political mileage but lo and behold Edgar Chagwa Lungu was part and parcel and instead of now correcting it once and for all, as usual the PF has decided to go on defence. Karma lol!

  15. Let us have the inquiry FULLSTOP.

    We need to know who did what,when,why,how and where.

    Its NOT A SECRET that HH stinks morally and ethically.

    No wonder he is unelectable.

  16. That is a point. We need to let bygones be bygones. It has been defeated by lapse of time. It is like taking exterminators of Jews to Hague for the atrocities they caused in concentration camps. Most of those people are dead and too old to account for such atrocities. Hittler,the major culprit is dead and buried. Most of the victims are too old and in dementia state.
    The money for such an enquiry should be channeled to Zampost workers who have not been paid for 5 months. It is pointless wasting money on futile exercises like enquiries. If they found the culprits, are they going to charge them? Most of these state enquiries are just academic exercises.Examples, are Gabon Air Disaster enquiry which has stayed under key and lock for a long time.


  18. I now see why Mwenya Musenge lost to an independent candidate in Chimwemwe despite standing on the popular party PF in Kitwe.Musenge is very dull.The reasons he is giving above are very shallow.Zambians have been crying to know the truth about the sale of Govnt firms via privatization.Hence,it is very vital to make an inquiry about this matter so that the truth can be known and HH WHO BENEFITED GREATLY FROM PRIVATIZATION EXPOSED FULLY!!!
    We cant wait for this matter to take off.Musenge should be ignored 100% because he is protecting Kainde here since NDC and a tonga party UPND are in a USELESS ALLIANCE!!!

    • Iwe kasi njimbu lungu sold cold storage board of Zambia, is it HH fault that he drank all the proceeds instead of investing wisely like HH ???

    • When are patriotics like you handing back the council ,mine and government pool houses you bought during privatisation.

  19. Atleast in court,HH will be forced to open his rotten mouth on this issue “privatization”.The nigga has kept his mouth shut for years on this issue like a man found commiting adultery with someone’s wife in a lodge room!!
    THEREFORE,IT IS HIGH TIME KAINDE TOLD THE WORLD HOW HE BECAME RICH AFTER SELLING GOVNT FIRMS AND ASSETS FOR SONG WITH FTJ CHILUBA!!!Musenge can hung.As for UPND as a party,you need to know that the two major reasons why HH have failed to win elections since 2006 are (1)his involvement in privatization with FTJ Chiluba and (2) being tribal!!!Had it not been for these two reasons,Kainde could have ruled Zambia long ago!!!SO LET KAINDE CLEAR HIS NAME VIA THE INQUIRY!!!

    • True. As long as this privatisation matter is not conclusively cleared HH na tu Chipimo should NEVER rule Zambia. The crap that HH invested …. the bugger was just a lowlife before privatisation to an extent of grabbing Lima bank house and SHIFTING into it and staying there for more than ten years!!. HH operates on ‘with time and other problems ‘ bakalaba. Appears like our Tonga friends have benefited from the Tonga grand master cos in a normal arrangements NO-ONE can support and even defend what HH did.Even all his other friends like those chaps who were keeping Chilubas loot …Mambilima ..now conveniently chewing quietly should be arraigned too. We need to drain the swamp cos these Mafios have slowly started to regroup. THEY SHOULD REGROUP IN PRISON

  20. Edgar Lungu should also resign so as to pave way for a full and independent investigation by the Commission of Inquiry on Privatisation.He was the Head negotiator for the sale of Zambia Cold Storage Board and a player in the privatization of state assets.
    Let Inonge Wina take over until 2021.
    ECL can not set up a commission and hide behind presidential immunity when he was directly involved.

  21. Bo Spaka like lilo:your beer thing about ECL has not helped your UPND in anyway.You used to call ECL as a “Chakolwa”,but majority Zambian voters ignored you and voted for him twice because many people in Zambia drink beers.Infact “chakolwas” were busy saying openly that we shall vote for our fellow guy(ECL)!!!Your “sober” Kainde has lost several elections since 2006!!!The difference is while your HH never say a word about PRIVATIZATION,ECL has told us that he was a chairperson for the sale of Keemba storage but never benefited anything.HH sold himself a house for Lima bank in Kabulonga,a hotel in Livingstone and several Govnt firms.All Zambians know it,but HH thinks people will just forget about it-kkkkkkkk…..THINGS DO NOT WORK LIKE THAT!!!Keeping quiet on PRIVATIZATION wont help…

    • Sorry badala …….lungu handled a lot of unexplained $s during the time he sold cold storage board of Zambia to foringners….the chap is a known fraud convict……

    • How can someone sell a house to himself?if a company is offsetting its assets and there is No rule forbiding it employees to buy the company assets, all employees have the right to participate in bid, the directors will approve,lima bank house is was just a tiny asset,all council houses in kabulonga,woodlands,Rhodespark,olympia were bought the mmd top members including my uncle.

  22. It was Mwanawasa’s Task Force on Corruption that should have done that, I don’t know why they didn’t. To start talking about that now baffles me

  23. If this has to go on, everyone involved should resign for level playing field – lungu too. And it should be handled by an independent body of persons from outside zambia with no bias. We dont want a highly compromised lungu surrogates. Zambia forward..

  24. IMILANDU TAIBOLA bane…! your under5 thought all is well by spreading propaganda issues on media!! Little did he realize that tables will turn against him, let the commission of inquiry take on and I wish you under5 supporters a happy new year and prosperous restructured upnd…!!!

    • You have no answers to the $17 billion you owe, only to find less jobs were created in 2018 than in 2017 and you are now trying to divert people’s attention …..

      Just work badala to improve the economy

  25. The unjustifiable privatization of govt businesses by those responsible were not in good faith no matter the reasons they were supposed to sell share only not giving away. The individuals involved didn’t have Zambia at heart as they only considered their financial gain in process. Our country UpTo ride has not recovered from that unpatriotic wastage of resources. If it is to set up an inquiry let those who will be found guilty never to hold public office again and persecuted and let’s not politicize this. This because even those who are in public office today should also learn that when tasked with responsibility to act on behalf of this country should do that with honesty

  26. The inquiry is all meant to divert peoples attention from the real issues and failures of this regime. They know what is coming with the war that is pending with the mines. They are preparing grounds for failure. Every sane and well read and versed person on this issue knows that the govt. of the day already decided to sell the mines – they called in auditors and consultants only for the modalities. If anyone committed any crimes in the process, why haven’t you brought them to book all these years? This is similar to when a company winds up on it’s own accord and contracts liquidators to work out the practicalities.
    The shameless Habazooka has figured this idea as a ‘chance’ to get into government – hence the despicable collusion with the equally despicable Chanda’s…

  27. Why are UPND sycophants and zealots and enemies of progress scared of the inquiry…HH is a sadist and privatisation crook who has hidden the privatisation loot in the paradise papers. I have been saying this and will repeat that until HH repents his sins of greedy he cannot win elections in Zambia.

  28. Mornarch Zambia was viable manufacturing door and window frames, wheelbarrows and barglar bars you you name them and it was sold for a song to Zimbabweans who simply stripped the company and took the multi million dollar machinery and equipment across the Zambezi. This proposed inquiry is needed like 10yes ago.

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