A scum has been unearthed involving some unscrupulous dealers and cooperatives are allegedly selling fertilizer under Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP) allegedly to Tanzanian’s nationals.

ZANIS in Luwingu Town reports that the unscrupulous individuals and cooperatives have allegedly connived to sale the commodity to suspected Tanzanians who are said to paying at a higher price.

This was learnt when irate farmers stormed Zambia News and Information Services offices where they complained bitterly that some cooperative societies are not giving them the required amount of the fertilizer as stipulated by government.

“ Instead, we are getting as low as four bags of fertilizers and seed. Some among us are being given back the money with no proper reasons, “ they said.

The farmers who asked not to be named for fear of reprisals said that the outcry is all over the district alleging that next year’s output would be low as compared to 2017/18 farming season.

They alleged that heads of cooperatives societies are selling the fertilizer as low as K150 per 50kg bag of basal dressing and top dressing fertilizer.

Meanwhile transporters are also demanding extra fertilizer from cooperative societies as mean of settling transport cost to ferry the commodity.

Farmers have appealed to home Affairs Minister Steven Kampyongo to instruct Zambia police officers to mount check points along Luwingu Kasama road, Kasama Mbala and Mbala Nakonde road respectively to help check the vice.

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  1. Unfortunately, such things must happen to show the lack of measures against corruption and misuse of public resources. It is only when thieves break into your house that you will seriously begin to consider investing in burglar bars and other security measures. Someone must now do their job and seal all those loop-holes and ensure that logistics are fail-safe for the distribution of fertiliser to poor Zambian farmers.


  2. Typical Zambian mentality. Always looking for self interest at the expense of National development. I am not surprised but disappointed by these enemies of our Country. Scumbags.


  3. @ Analyser: Exactly my feeling, it’s exerting energy and time to futility. Man is rotten to the core.


  4. Why worst time with fools arrest and let these cases be put on fast track with a minimum sentence of not less than 10 years same with smugglers. Give no chance to selfish people.



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