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Zambians called to uphold the country’s declaration as a Christian nation

General News Zambians called to uphold the country’s declaration as a Christian nation

President Edgar Lungu tours the building before he officially opened the Edgar Chagwa Mall in Kitwe
President Edgar Lungu tours the building before he officially opened the Edgar Chagwa Mall in Kitwe

President Edgar Lungu has challenged Christians to uphold Zambia’s declaration as a Christian nation and use their faith to serve the country.

President Lungu said he expects to see the political landscape in 2021, dominated by Christians in order for parliamentary seats to be filled with believers and God fearing people.

The Head of State said this at Oasis of Love Ministries in Kitwe district on the Copperbelt Province, during the 27th anniversary of the declaration of Zambia as Christian nation.

The 2018 commemorations are being held under the theme understanding the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation, through sustained unity and diversity.

President Lungu said he prays that God will continue to use the office of the Zambian Presidency to glorify the sovereignty of God.

And President paid glowing tribute to the country’s preceding Heads of State for using the Presidency to serve God and the people of Zambia.

President Lungu has also challenged the church to reach out to politicians who are not Christians and minister to them.

He said Zambia needs to have Christian leaders who are capable of overseeing the affairs of the country, with virtue of it being a Christian nation.

ZANIS reports that President Lungu said it is high time Zambians embrace love in their everyday activities, adding that no one can do without love.

The President urged the church to continue praying for political leaders and expressed hope that the national dialogue process will succeed under the guidance of the church.

And the church has praised President Lungu for upholding Zambia as a Christian nation.

Chairperson of the Interdenominational committee Raddy Lewila said the church has enjoyed tremendous blessings, growth and expansion.

Reverend Lewila urged President Lungu to give the commemoration more prominence by allocating resources to finance activities to mark the declaration.

Reverend Lewila also praised the constitutional court for the landmark decision confirming President Lungu’s eligibility to contest in the 2021 presidential elections.

He said government has set a precedent for continued peace and unity in the country.

On 29th December 1991, late Second Republican President Frederick Chiluba dedicated Zambia to the sovereignty of God as a Christian nation.

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    • Christian nation declaration is a “Shinga-butter” gimmick on gullible Zambians by PF.
      They command them to close your eyes so that they won’t be seen as they steal.

      In 2011, Lungu was a destitute, living in chawama in the garage of MMD deputy minister of transport. Today he’s the richest Zambian.

    • Christian country where the President is not interested to dialogue with citizens but instead willing to arrest them for exercising their constitutional rights of freedom of assembly and expression.

  1. Christian values should be upheld not the declaration as a Christian nation which is being used to further make zambians a timid lot.
    All sinful vices among them corruption,lies,over taxing of citizens,tribalism nepotism,political violence,laziness,earthnic cleansing, stubbornness,treatment of citizens with divergent views as enermies and not deserving of employment,land development.

    • I am worried are Revs,pastors etc who were in the forefront of national day of prayer around. Can’t here Pukuta Joshua Banda,The now Arch bishop zNdlovu.Are they disappointed with way the day has been transformed into a religious entertainment day. This is day we are supposed to see reconciliation applied such as reconciling with those forced out apf as starting point as then other parties,otherwise it I’d just like an academic project done score points a a partial requirement for an award a qualification!!

  2. To uphold Zambia declaration as a Christian nation we need a leader who is not afraid of strong opposition. One who doesn’t use bullying, intimidation, and arrests as means to stay in power. One who believe that no one is perfect and is ready to apologize. On top of all, a leader who doesn’t keep malice.

  3. Whatever it means for a country to be a Christian Nation is left to political interpretation just like African democracy.

  4. What about other religions like Islam, Hinduism, Judaism and Buddhism?

    Zambia should have a clear separation of church and state.

    Zambia should not have an official state religion.

    The United States of America does not have an official state religion.

    The United States of America has a clear separation of church and state.

    Even though over 90 percent of Americans are Christian their country is not an official
    “Christian nation” and they do not have an official state religion.

    Zambia needs to learn from the United States of America.

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