Government has decided to review the designs for the construction of a runaway at Kasama airport in Northern Province.

Provincial Minister Brian Mundubile said the runaway, which is under construction by a Chinese firm, has been reduced to 2.8 kilometres (km) from the initial 3.6 km.

Mr. Mundubile said the move has been necessitated by the omission of designs for a terminal building in the initial plan for the project.

He however said the reduction in the distance for the runaway at Kasama airport will not affect the flow of traffic at the facility.

Mr. Mundubile also said the savings from the downsized runaway will be channeled towards the construction of a new terminal building to match the new infrastructure at the airport.

The Northern Province Minister has since assured Kasama residents that government is fully committed to upgrading the runaway at Kasama airport to bituminous standard.

Mr. Mundubile was speaking at a media briefing in Mporokoso where he gave an update on the various developmental projects in the province.

Of late, there have been mixed reactions from various stakeholders over reports that the total distance of the runaway at Kasama airport has been significantly reduced.

Currently, government is construction a new runaway at Kasama airport at a cost of over K141 million.

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  1. Now they are feeling guilty when people are pointing yo the over inflated cost of over kill projects……

    Like Lusaka Kenith kaunda international air port who’s cost was based on a 14 fold increase in passenger numbers ….absolutely diabolical and daylight robbery by lungu , the chinese and pf…


  2. This Minister is lying. The difference between the cost of 3.6 km and 2.8km is going into somebody’s Pocket. There are talking about inquiry on privatisation when inquiries are needed now.


  3. Mwebantu help us. These exam leaks are destroying us. Runaway runaway runaway?
    …. the reduction in the distance for the runaway. Such simple words as runway can’t be spelled in Zambia?


    • Nine Chale go back to school. It can be either one. Spelt and spelled are both grammatically correct. Unless you passed through examination leaks


    • Correct one Sam. Spelled is more correct and English than spelt. In fact, my computer underlines spelt as being grammatically wrong. The problem of wanting to criticize others even when there is nothing to criticize, you end up looking like a low life.


  4. Question!
    Since 91 to be a bit reasonable, an’t Zambian engineers able to work on projects like the regional airports and the infrastructure that come with it.
    I mean a K140 million to an indigenous engineering company will stimulate other areas localy not in china.
    This surely must be cursed country run by dingbats.


  5. Really laughable…how do you cut something when the contractor is on site then change just like that like its a private design no wonder they steal. Since this is a Chink contractor they must already borrowed the funds shorten the strip to pocket excess money…I mean these are basic thinks you discuss before funds are located.


  6. Gentlemen how can you cut the runaway by almost a kilometer and expect it to be used for it’s intended purpose.
    We are talking about development to accommodate larger planes and you cut it.
    Gentlemen think twice.
    If the terminal building was not included in initial plan then forget about it for now until it’s planned for.
    When time come to extend the runaway , they will not only extend it, the will have to redo the whole stretch.
    Gentlemen think, plan properly. We are paying taxes through the nose.


  7. My only concern is the reason given for reducing the runway : ” OMISSION of design in the original plan?????


    • They drew the road and forgot the building? Drew the aprons but forgot the buildings?? No wonder EIZ is under fire for allowing such. In any case there must be something with airports, if they have not forgotten coldrooms then its the whole terminal building. Who knows whats next? With a bit of luck, may be they will forget both the runway and the terminal and just build the car park, finally they will forgett the whole thing. Laughable as my favourite blogger would say



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