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10 opposition political parties resolved to work together to field candidates for 2021 Elections

Headlines 10 opposition political parties resolved to work together to field candidates...

Leaders of opposition party leaders during a news briefing at Pamodzi Hotel on Sunday
Leaders of opposition party leaders during a news briefing at Pamodzi Hotel on Sunday

The alliance of ten opposition political parties have resolved to work together and field candidates in the 2021 Election, as one body.

This was resolved at a fundraising dinner held by the ten political parties in Lusaka.

Alliance Party Chairperson Charles Milupi said the ten political parties have resolved to work together for the better of the country.

Mr. Milupi said Zambia needs collaborative efforts and talents from different individuals with a know-how on how best governance should be dispensed.

And UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema said Zambia is bigger than any individual and that all politicians must work together for the better of the country.

Mr Hichilema said Zambia has a lot of potential of becoming economically viable adding that this can only be achieved when all political and civil society leaders work together.

Other political parties present were People’s Alliance for Change-PAC, National Democratic Congress-NDC, National Restoration Party-NAREP, UPP, and UNIP.

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  1. Ok now I believe this is serious, even UPND and Savior Chishimba?
    Sinkamba is becoming a nuisance, he better be serious and join these guys, they may buy his good ideas.
    Missing also is Harry or is in it?

    • What has my President Sinkamba done to be labelled a nuisance kanshi? When he launched our Party in 2013 he said he does not subscribe to bandwagon politics of unity of convenience. He said unity of convenience is not sustainable….but unity of purpose based on ideology. I totally agree with him. Alliances that are not based ideology are a waste of time because they are bound to crumble like a cookie without much ado!

      Watch this space, and mark my word! Good luck to the alliance!

    • Thank you for giving PF another 5 years. Every one in the useless alliance want to a president, as usual hh is trying his politics of using others to get to plot one. I wonder whether the Upnd party is in agreement to this arrangement. I guess this is one man decision without consulting his fellow party members. This alliance will fell apart when when it’s time to adopt one candidate trust me. Good luck. Upnd for cry out loud, you have done this before in the past and it never works well for you, why trying it again? Come on guys learn from your past experience. No wonder you keep floating hh in every election it’s because you never from experiences. Anyway good luck and congratulations to PF and Lungu

    • Like i have said before. HH brags about being popular. He knows very well he cannot beat Lungu. He us scared of a looming loss in 2021.

      This is why he asked all these ” Small Boats” to join his Sinking Ship.

      How many alliances is he going to form?

      Every 5 years he tries but it becomes fruitless.

      By the time it gets close to 2021, all these guys will run away from HH.

      SATA realised it was a waste of time. HE ditched HH and coined the word UNDER 5. Sata won on his own.

      Some of these chaps are just doing it for publicity. They have no Stamina to stand strong.

      HH go to the people in the streets. Don’t waste your time sitting in hotels with these blood sucking parasites.

    • These are self defeated jerks with zero confidence in selling that can win elections. If you believe winning a ruling mandate from the Zambian national constituency is about turning oneself into a mindless doba-doba of lonely wolves you’ll end up with a useless circus of inconsequential gongs in a competitive democracy. Nothing wrong in coercing them into your subjects, but if done on the basis belittling and denigrating competition of the incumbent other than ideology, prepare for worse humiliation. People make leaders and not useless alliances. See the following that turned iconic leaders like “Churchill (alcoholic), Kennedy (drug addict) or Lloyd George (sex addict)”. If you can’t do it via the traditional means, forget it all.

  2. This is a soft landing strategy for HH. He will soon just fade away in the so called opposition alliance. He would have done well if he behaved well in the alliance between him and PF under MCS (MHSRIP). But now ba HH nibu chipante pante fye.

  3. These parties, with UPND included, their combined support base is not enough to unseat the ruling party which has structures in every province. Apart from UPND, the presence of these other parties is never felt across the country, they only exist in their minds and on paper on which they were registered as political entities, they are not a force to reckon with. Therefore, this alliance is bound to fail miserably especially that it is most likely going to adopt HH, the man Zambians are skeptical to give the mantle to lead this country because of dented reputation. Come 2021 when this alliance loses terribly to ECL they will turn into rebels as the only way to grab power from ECL, because they are being led by someone who is power hungry, mark my words.

  4. Ba mulongoti what will hh give him

    He fought had for lungu to enter state house only to be told no job for you. No one sent you to campaign for PF. Today he is repeating same mistate

    You think hh can remember these mercenaries leaving his tribe that has been fighting for decades.

    People is sp have sacrificed their cattle to sponsor their party. Its unfortunate thse characters think have space in a personalised organization.

    Sometimes , only sometimes I wish he can win so that people understand why we opposed this guy

  5. Which are those 10 opposition parties?kkkkkkkkkkkkk…..!!%The only political party in there with followers is UPND.The other 9 led by Charles Milupi,Mike Mulongoti,Chipimo,Kambwili,etc are “tutemba parties” with almost ZERO followers across Zambia!!!Those parties have no impact on ECL’s PF as they only exist on the heads of its so called leaders!!!Indeed HH missed the opportunity to rule Zambia when he rejected to be in an alliance with Mr Michael Sata before 2011 elections!!The so called 10 opposition parties will field in HH then a Veep will come from the other 9 parties a thing which will annoy GBM.Hence expect total confusion from these desperate politicians in 2021.Moreover,this may mark the end of a political career for Kambwili.He could have tried it alone like Harry Kalaba…

  6. Those are just individuals coming together to support UPND. Surely what can Mulongoti’s ‘party’ bring to the so called alliance?

  7. THE GROUP WITH SEED OF BITTERNESS,when Sunday Chanda posted an article on this forum a week ago about their move to VEIL their PLANS ,UPND cadres mastered this app with grand INSULTS. It’s known that HH as a mastermind promise CK to be prime-minister because, once UPND wins the constitution will fostered for change. GBM will maintain as a running-mate , CHIPIMO will be a minister of JUSTICE.Others were promised vital portfolios of government. It’s a known fact that ECL has magnified political blessings.In 2021 is winning.

  8. Now this is were it becomes trick, for sure HH will be the candidate on the basis of having a large following.

    The issue of running mate may cause a lot of division in this alliance, will GBM accept a running mate to be picked from those other 9 presidents. Which in my opinion is a wise decision to have a running mate from other 9 presidents.

    This is situation critical when it comes to the running mate.

  9. I agree with tutemba,Milupi how many supporters do you have? You can be more than ten political parties but you will fail to win 2021 general elections.
    Let’s wait and see,2021 is not very far. Congratulations to HH.

  10. Is anyone like me wondering why they formed their various political parties in the first place? Until you have legal documentation supporting this alliance that’s when we will support you, we don’t want to look like hules in 2021.

  11. Is anyone like me wondering why they formed their various political parties in the first place? Until you have legal documentation supporting this alliance that’s when we will support you, we don’t want to look like mwamoneni in 2021.

  12. How come parties with parliamentary and district representation like the FDD and MMD are not part to this charade. Also missing are parties of substance like our mother Unip and Heritage Party. Just hatred. And also a very unprincipled Kambwili is included which means the grouping doesn’t care how it gets to power. ..even using criminal elements is ok. Which spells trouble for mother Zambia.

  13. Nothing to offer and nothing common among them except hatred and bitterness for one man. Shame upon you. By the way, come 2021, you will be shambokked like no ones business and you’ll learn that the hand of God is upon the man.

  14. Unity is always a good thing, unity of purpose in politics is even better as it brings consolidation and ultimately election victory. It enables opposition parties to mass mobilize owing to diverse alliance. What the opposition parties are trying to do is commendable as the PF is clearly beatable in 2021 owing to the economic mismanagement and corruption. The opposition alliance needs to start building structures across the country and develop a manifesto so that people compare its programmes against the performance of the PF. President Lungu must seriously reorganize his economic team to escape defeat in 2021. As things stand, high unemployment, high cost of living and high taxes are all recipes for defeat of the PF

  15. Giggle giggle giggle!! But Trib.al Hacks will never cease to amaze, colleagues you have said it all, what can I add…..giggle giggle giggle!!

  16. pf cadre in the guise of the so called upnd cadre & others who call upnd as a tribal party, what tribes ‘re u? if l may ask, 4 u to support the party which u do support?
    The issue of tribe just arises in upnd & the tongas but in your own blind thinking does not exist(tribalism)in your party. it is well 4 you.
    The bible admonishes us if u ‘re a Christian to first remove a plank from your own eyes so as to ‘ve a clear vision b4 removing a log from your nebors’eye.
    So brothers & sisters it’s biblically wrong to employ decampainig tactics basing on one’s tribe. All people irrespective of their tribe are equal b4 the Almighty God the Creator of every tribe.
    Let’s support our perceived leaders on account of improved economy, prudence use of public resources, not 4 selfish gains,…

  17. #17 Fear of God? Which country do you live in? In 2006 Ackson Sejani said upnd can only be led by a tonga, is it me who said that? They have never apologised whuch makes the title trib.als fit them square. And I am not saying all tongas are trib.al, I mean the tongas in upnd who saw nothing wrong with Sejani’s statement. But you trib.als, what is the matter with you? Yoy are trib.al in word and deed and you refuse to be caled that?

  18. If you take the statistics of comments above, almost all have condemned the formation of this alliance. HH and all that are involved in this alliance must think twice b4 they become serious with what they’re doing.

  19. Each opposition party in the DRC elections is claiming victory . So it’s a trend by African opposition parties to claim victory even before the results are finalized.

  20. I hope in the new year the trib.als will stop their bad habits and start thinking rationally. A good starting point is to replace that directionless “leader”.

  21. Comment: thanks for the idea
    plz work as a family in order to restore Zambia back to it’s original mother Zambia
    plz work harder to remove this person called ecl

  22. Only deep political thinkers can fathom the unity strategy of the opposition Alliance. It is a barrier to stop PF arresting opposition leaders, when they speak out against PF corruption. Pf are determined to arrest hh to stop him from running in 2021. I don’t see why it should raffle the feathers of anyone PF and MMD are in the intercourse.

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