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Lusakatimes Top 10 Music videos of 2018


2018 has seen a number of great music videos as the quality keeps getting better and better , and more Zambian videos are being shown on international tv stations such as Trace , Trace Africa , MTV Base , Channel O.

Below is the editors choice of the 10 top music videos of the year 

10.Kiki – Catch me

9. Esther Chungu – Jehova

8. Kaladosha – Tenga

7. Bobby East ft Slap Dee – For a Long time

6. BombShell – Mutima Wanga

5. Jay Rox ft Dilish Mathews – BIJ

4.Roberto – African Woman

3.Cleo ice Queen – Gimme Dat

2. Chanda Mbao – The bigger Wave

1. Slap Dee -Lituation

Do you agree with the list ? Let us know in the comments section.



    • You are very right about the quality of Zambian music videos nowadays. Yes, compared to where you guys where only a few years ago, it is light-years leap forward. I can only hope the message in these videos also follow suit…the combination of the two is what will put the current Zambia music on the world. It is a natural progression (quality and message) you can’t beat!

      Keep trying and working hard guys. We are watching out here. Go Zambia and HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL YOU YOUNGER ARTISTS and take care of yourselves. W lose so many music artists in Zambia at tender ages. That’s why we have trouble sustaining this industry for the long haul!

  1. Where is original Zambian culture in all these songs? What is the message to our daughters and sons Mr editor? My main concern is about dressing of our women in video clips.

  2. Comment: nice selection but that lituation video by slap d is a flop am telling u, don’t get me wrong the song z a hit but the video he could have done beta

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