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Major General Alibuzwi promoted as ZA Deputy Commander

General News Major General Alibuzwi promoted as ZA Deputy Commander

President Lungu with Brig Gen Alibuzwi Commandant Staff College and air Commander Gen Chimase, ZNS deputy Commandant
President Lungu with Brig Gen Alibuzwi Commandant Staff College and air Commander Gen Chimase, ZNS deputy Commandant

President Edgar Lungu has appointed and promoted Major General Dennis Alibuzwi as Deputy Commander of the Zambia Army. Major General Alibuzwi takes over from Major General Jackson Miti whose services were terminated yesterday.

Major General Alibuzwi was yesterday immediately promoted from the rank of Brigadier General. This is contained a statement availed to ZANIS today by State House Spokesperson Amos Chanda.

Yesterday, President Edgar Lungu appointed and sworn in Lieutenant General William Sikazwe as the new Zambia Army commander taking over from Lieutenant General Paul Mihova was retired in national interest.

Lt. Gen Sikazwe was until his appointment as Army Commander, serving as the chief of operations in the Zambia Army.


  1. Congrats Maj general Alibuzwi, your appointment is genuine you are one of the brightest officer I know in the Zambia Army

    • Where do these names come from?
      Were there no Major Generals in the Zambia Army to have Brig Gens skipping one rank to become Lt Gen?

    • @bongo frustrated you can’t make out the ethnicity, let me say “tribe” of the man. Uko pretending ati “is he Zambian?” He is a human being!

    • These two appointments and subsequent promotions are very good and awarded to very good and upright officers deserving the same. Wishing you gentlemen offices the guidance and blessings of the Almighty as you discharge your duties in uplifting the welfare on the men and women in uniform and in protecting the constitution of our motherland

    • Tell me which Army or Air Force commander who was let go with reasons given? Just name one? You people need to shut up sometimes. You can’t be experts on everything.

      There are certain sensitive appointments in any country on Earth that require less elaboration or explanation by the President. The President is in possession of more and accurate intelligence than any of you “speculators” will ever have. Nor does the President required to share that intelligence with the public. It is called NATIONAL SECURITY, you dim wits. Learn to stay in your lanes sometimes!

  2. From Colonel to Brig General and now Major General in less than 10 years when it took of us almost 20 years to move from Major to Colonel…life.

    • You do understand that in the Zambian military, the pool available to the President to choose military chiefs is the rank of Brigadier General, right?

      You don’t have a pool of Lt or Maj Generals waiting to be Army or Air Force commanders. And for as long as you reach the rank Big Gen, you have the likelihood of being pick by the President, as Commander in Chief, and promote you to either Maj or Lt Gen to head either branch (Air Force, Army or ZNS) of our military establishments. I am not sure about the Police though.

      If I am not mistaken, that’s the setup in our Zambian system. It not like the U.S.A where you have a bunch of high ranking officers (Generals) sitting around lesser roles. Nonetheless, you can understand why the U.S. military has such a setup, SIZE!

  3. Congratulations for the promotions and appointments made by the President to these accomplished senior officers as Army commander and Deputy Army commander respectively. Both of you deserve that grace and may you serve to the expectation of the appointing authority and the Zambian people. I wish you every success.

  4. These man and woman swear to save and protect, the President to fire them, without Parliament calling for congressional hearing it’s not right.

    Who is holding the executive accountable.

    How do we know that the executive are not doing this to stay in power?

  5. Congrats Maj.Gen. Alibuzwi on your appointment as Zambia Army deputy Commander,wishing you all the best in executing your duties.

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