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Meeting Hosted By Church Mother Bodies is of No Consequence to Dialogue-Nakacinda

Headlines Meeting Hosted By Church Mother Bodies is of No Consequence to Dialogue-Nakacinda

Raphael Nakacinda
Raphael Nakacinda

Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) Secretary General Raphael Nakacinda in his party’s new year message to the nation has strongly cautioned the three Church Mother Bodies (CMB) leaders to stop promoting illegalities by nursing emotions of non descript stakeholders in the dialogue process.

And Nakacinda has poured cold water on the meeting saying no single individual or institution can assume a position of “Absolute Authority” in the dialogue process.

In a statement issued to the media, the MMD CEO said the CMB leaders were not only funning confusion in the dialogue process but that they were promoting illigalities by inviting stakeholders who had no business being part of a consultative meeting for presidents of political parties.

Nakacinda said Chishimba Kambwili though a political stakeholder was not a president of any political party while the other participant in the meeting Nevers Mumba was in court over a the 2016 MMD convention.

“Our advice to the church leaders is that, they need to commit themselves to the rule of law which means, they need to engage stake holders that are recognized by the law.

“They should not be seen to be promoting illegality by dealing with individuals who are not legally recognized by institutions of governance.

“Taking our brother Chishimba Kambwili for example, Chishimba kambwili is legally in our Zambian parliament as Member of Parliament for Patriotic Front, and when the Patriotic Front decided to discipline him, he went to court challenging that he still remains Member of Parliament for Patriotic Front, and the church leaders inviting him as a leader of a political party which does not in itself recognize him as president in itself is funning confusion. The other case is that of Nevers Mumba who is aggrieved and is in court over the outcome of the 2016 convention,” he said.

He said the CMB leaders live in the same environment as everyone hence are alive to the facts about Kambwili and Dr Mumba hence them inviting the duo can only be described as illogical and hypocrisy of the highest order from the clergy.

He said the CMB leaders should resist the temptation of patronizing people in their quest to nurse emotions but instead do their God given duty of offering unbiased counsel.

Meanwhile Nakacinda said all stakeholders should be accountable to the process, both the church leaders and politicians.

“Finally, it is important for every one of us to note that, there is no single individual or institution which can assume a position of Absolute authority.

“The ruling party is to be accountable even when they are in government and so should be the opposition.3

He was quick to remind the nation that though church leaders are perceived neutral, they are also just human beings prone to error.

“The CMB leaders though perceived to be neutral are human beings who also ought to be subjected to a process of accountability and the only way they could be accountable is to be seen to accommodate the sentiments of legitimate stakeholders and be able to generate a consensus required for the successfully holding of a national political dialogue.”

He has since reiterated his party’s commitment the to national political dialogue process which he said is key to achieving desired results and cleaning institutions of governance.

On Thursday, the CMB leaders last week refused to have a preparatory meeting with ZCID, a meeting which was supposed to set conditions of engagement as well4 as sign a memorandum of understanding between the two partners in the dialogue process. The Church leaders instead went ahead and hosted a number of opposition leaders in what they called a consultative meeting ahead of the launch of the dialogue proceeding.

The consultative meeting was snubbed by major political stakeholders, Republican President Edgar Lungu and other ZCID members who have since trashed the consultative meeting.

President Lungu while on the Copperbelt said the political dialogue was necessary but he was a busy person who can not attend meetings without being officially invited adding that he had a country to run hence the need for people to put their act together.

Most of the parties that attended the said consultative meeting arranged by CMB leaders have since used that platform to form an alliance and have agreed to work together in 2021.

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  1. Defecto PF spokesman, abusing his nominated MP position. President Lungu should give him a job description to focus on and cap this talkative mouth.

  2. Like the way the Oasis Forum tried to personalise the Constitutional making process by trying to disenfranchise parliament. This CMB is part of that Oasis Forum and this behaviour is well known. This time they are trying to side line ZCID and hijack the process so they can render legitimacy to their opposition candidate.

  3. This guy and his rantings. Nakukonda kuchinda. Telling us nakachinda as in what. So whom has he chindad…
    We are a christian nation and some names should change. Talk of john chinena and chiwamba – awe kikikiki!!!!!

  4. Nakachinda, your rantings are not credible. stop calling Zambia a christian nation and stop the day of prayer and reconcilliation because it seems you have no faith in the three church mother bodies. What exactly is your benefit in ZCID holding those talks. very suspicious.

  5. Nakachinda is a well known modern Judas Iscariot who has betrayed the people who helped him , Never Mumba, Ruphia Banda, now his current boss. Where there is money, Nakachinda has no shame, but sebana wekute is more important.
    One must know why would ZCID sent sms messages to opposition parties a dialogue meeting? This is a sign of a fatigue organisation what to take on a gagantic complex dialogue with no track record of doing or engaging in any meaningful or sensitive undertaking process. No member in the ZCID is not in anyway or another not associated with PF. This is not a lie or trying to scandalising ZCID. Anyone with a grain of good memory can check the names of people ZCID and their background.
    The church does not need to listening to ill hearted individuals parading…

  6. The only neutral man is God bwana nakachinda?.in short advise Edgar lungu to run this country well.under PF Commonwealth and church’s are not good.we don’t want blood in this country because of your thirsty of stealing money.

  7. Then with his type of reasoning even his faction of the MMD should not be part of the dialogue as they are a surrogate of the PF and therefore adequately represented by Lungú.

  8. Dance while you can Nakachinda but be reminded that memories stay forever. Everybody expects your t be sounding the loudest even when deep inside you not convinced.

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