OVER 4,000 girls below the age of 20 in the year 2018 fell pregnant in Lundazi district in Eastern Province.

District Health Director (DHD), Dr Davy Zulu says a total of 4,124 adolescent girls accessed antenatal care services between January and December in the 52 health facilities in the district.

He told ZANIS in Chipata this morning that the number includes both in and out of school adolescents and disclosed that Lundazi urban clinic recorded the highest adolescent pregnancies with 256 seconded by Mwase Lundazi zonal health centre with 205 cases.

He also announced that the district recorded 16 maternal deaths which he said is a reduction from the 27 that was recorded in 2017.

Dr Zulu stated that the district intends to reduce maternal deaths from 27 to 15 but only managed to reduce to 16.

He said that excessive bleeding has continued to be the major cause of pregnancy related deaths in the district saying of the 16, four died due to hemorrhage.

The DHD also pointed out that the district wants to reduce maternal deaths to a single digit this year.

Dr Zulu said that the Ministry of Health will strengthen youth friendly activities, carryout sensitization programmes in schools and in clinics and partner with chiefs and traditional healers to sensitize communities on maternal health related issues.

He also noted that sensitizations programs on radio on the dangers of teenage pregnancies and organization of an Indaba with the chiefs in the district to discuss safe motherhood and mentorship to staff on management of labour are currently being carried out.

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    • There is a lot of s£x in Lundazi and I am not saying anything derogatory against the people of ‘Lundazi Enterprise’. I am not like Lungu about the 1 in 6 bembas stuff or like the nurse who could not attend to a woman due to the language stuff.


    • Can’t be 4000 pregnancies. How many is that per day 11?
      Come on … There are not even 4000 people in Lundazi.
      Zambian counting shocks many.


  1. And there are still dumb people who desputes that bad governance does not play a part in this shameful happenings and low living standards of people.


  2. If these girls are having unprotected sex, then they are at risk of contracting other things. The Health Ministry should do something, this is a time bomb!


  3. Lundazi like most towns in Eastern province are fondly close to my heart, I once worked and lived there. Sex and boozing are some of the favourite pastime for the youths. What do you expect in a district where there almost zero employment opportunities other than seasonal farming activities. I remembers Easters Bar close to the Bus station, Council Guest houses, Castle hotel and Border as hot spots for nightlife. I hope ECL will do something for Eastern province because they are very few industries to talk about, it’s either Aliboo and other seasonal activities. What happens off farming season is a wild guess.



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