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Ex Zambia National Team Midfield Charles Musonda joins TP Mazembe technical bench


Charles Musonda unveiled at TP Mazembe
Charles Musonda unveiled at TP Mazembe

Ex Zambia National Team Midfield ace Charles Musonda has joined Congo DR giants TP Mazembe as a member of its technical bench.

Musonda was unveiled at the clubs Stadium in Lubumbashi today.

Musonda who was affectionately known as Charlie Cool during his playing days joins Mazembe a few weeks after his son Lamisha Musonda left Europe to join TP Mazembe.

The former Anderlecht and Mufulira Wanderers midfielder will also double as the junior teams coach.

He has previously coached junior teams at Anderlecht in Belgium and worked as a Kit Man at English premier league side Chelsea.


  1. Charles is a good coach. In 1991 when the Belgian league was in recess he helped Mighty Mufulira Wanderers win the Heroes & Until cup against Kalampa. He and King Kalu recalled Kashimoto from retirement and played him as a mid fielder. It was fantastic, the result 3-1 in favour of Mighty. Kalampa didn’t know what hit them. I hope he’ll come back to work for Chipolopolo

    • Where did Charles coach naimwe?
      He should have come to coach Mufulira Wanderers then.
      Charles should have taken up FAZ, maybe he is Congolese like Walter Bwalya.

    • He chose club over country. He used to feign a fake knee injury when called up for national team. He would miraculously heal after KK11 had played.
      He influenced his sons not to play for chipolopolo. Unfortunately for them, they are not good enough for belgian national team.
      Let him end in DRC. He’s not welcome here.

    • And where did Kalu coach before imposing himself?? tell us. Coach + Technical Director of Zambian football and then what next FIFA’s coffers

  2. Very unpatriotic fella. Let him remain in Belgium

    We dont what such chaps. He let us down when we needed him most.

    • He was injured. He had a knee problem that stopped his career at Andelecht. After surgery he tried to play for Chipolopolo but it recurred and he was forced to retire

    • You chaps dont even know what Patriotism aint PF ..Have you offered him a job? You want him to work for free…then you laugh at him when he is begging for a lift from you.

  3. This man is still actively involved in football. Congrats Charlie cool man..! Where is his childhood friend, galu himself? Corrupt galu…Kikikikiki

  4. Why can’t he contribute to where he started his career. That’s the wrong
    Mentality.He should have come back
    To his country.Now that kalu not in charge
    He should have come home.

  5. What is the difference between Charles Musonda who has chosen to work at TP instead of Might and the bloggers here who are in Europe and USA some doing menial jobs instead of bringing their qualifications to serve Zambia? I guess it is a question of choice. So leave alone.

    • @Matumbo; Best comment ever! I however feel that he joined TP Mazembe to be closer to his son. And I still don’t get why people are butt hurt about his sons not playing for Zambia National soccer team when they have no Zambian citizenship. The boys where born and raised in Belgium. Zambia has no dual citizenship.

    • FAZ is amongst the worst employers, just recently Wada went for 9 months without pay. The same happened to Lucky Msiska. Charles Musonda has made his own CV and you can’t take that away from him. TP Mazembe is amongst the best employers. When Charles was injured, none of you chaps bothered to find out how he was doing nor who was paying his medical bills. Shut up!

    • Thanks matumbo leave charles alone, don’t just talk people you don’t know the story of charles musonda ala one day mukasebana when you know the truth.

  6. He used to fake injuries to serve his masters when we needed him the most imwe tubana mu bola you vant understand this kalu you are insulting was always there when duty called

    • Both Kalu and Musonda always turned up when called unless you were too young to remember. The two of them starred in big matches like when Zambia beat Ghana 2-0 on their way to Seoul and when Musonda scored from a Kalusha freekick in the last minute against Angola. Musonda had a nagging knee injury that destroyed his career. You can read about it in Andelecht journals. He only failed to avail his sons for the Zambian national team

  7. Slowly catching up with age slowing realising nobody gives a damn even if he remains in Belgium. Just come to Zambia bigge together with your pompous wife. Your kids are not that talented.

  8. He is slowly coming back home. Any way, he will be eating Lubumbashi nshima with Zambian meal meal. Ala shilunga fye….
    Nenshiku shilateneka

  9. Musonda served his country. But it is his choice where he wants to work. It’s a global world with free labour movement. He doesn’t have to listen to anyone – he has not committed any crime. His boys were born in Belgium and had a choice of nationality. The family made their choice. This has nothing to do with patriotism – what about all the people the world over who are working in countries other than their own? Should they all return? What kind of foolishness is this where you want to ‘compel’ some people to ‘come back home’? How come you have so many foreign workers and investors in your own country but don’t want your compatriots to work elsewhere?

  10. Home is home bit by bit finally he will land in Zambia. How many kilometres he can even walk. No market in Europe. Don’t play with whites.

  11. Ati kit man at Chelsea…you mean this is all he could do after all that exposure in Europe. Kanshi kakopo ka mudala aka. I doubt it nga kali pounder na coaching.

  12. You Chaps who are stupidly criticising Charles Musonda that he should have come back to Zambia,have you offered him a Job in the first place?you say he is not patrotic,has anyone eaten patrotism? Let Charles Musonda work in peace at TP and stop being hypocrites,you are not going to feed his family.

  13. If you’re all more patriotic than Charles why are you hibernating in foreign lands and why do you only want your tribesmen to be president of Zambia? Just like you, Charles needs to put food on his table and that can only happen when one has money.

  14. 1. To you who think Charles Musobda will ever come to zambia, you are cheating your selves. In the first place he or his family dont owe zambia for anything. He already made his life and big money in europe. 2. His family are belgians. A country far much better than zambia. 3 he is not even looking for dual citizenship to add zambia to his belgian one. 4. He can coach wherever he wants in the world including congo. 5. You zambians destroyed his property – disco house- in kitwe so he doesnt like you or your country. 6. And most of all he remembers how you treated kalusha bwalya, the man who gave his utmost to help zambia football. What did kalu get for his commitment? Insults!

  15. Chalies Musonda was available when called upon even to offer his coaching services but Galu was the problem, Galu is the reason for charlie and his brood chosing Belgium over Zambia, shut up if you do not know the struth besides he is a Zambian and he has a right to come back if he so wishes, Ni Zambia ya a nyoko.

  16. @umwaka upya was close to truth but later twisted things. At TP the salary is very good. Being a kit man is a good job. Believe me you, Charles is getting close to home. His plan is to get back to Zambia but he first wants to gain experience working on African soil (also advertise his capabilities). Congo speaks French. Nothing wrong for him to be in Congo. He should also be welcome into Zambia.

  17. Imwe..Charles never faked that injury, be factual with your blogging..Kalusha peddled a lot of lies and hate about Charles during their days so much that
    It became impossible for him to claim a spot in the national team of Zambia…leave Charles alone and his sons…Charles is the son of Africa and he is a global citizen who can work anywhere in the world!!! So get a life and stop this cheap gossip,,,

  18. I really hope Charles will clear the air about his relationship with Kalu not that he owes us an explanation, we have heard so much speculation about the two. Leave him alone anyone can choose where they want to live.

  19. man Charlie cool Musonda.. You can mention all what you can Charlie cool Musonda will never answer you back. The man who has remained in active football for 36 yrs and is still there..the only football player in southern Africa who is father to 3 footballs…oooh sorry football players who are world wide known.. Or an achievement which no of his teammates can achieve!!! Even after a century. God thanks for giving us such a man like him.

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