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Health Technocrat calls for actualization of Alcohol policy because of rampant abuse

Health Health Technocrat calls for actualization of Alcohol policy because of rampant abuse

Party-goers celebrating the relaunch of Mosi Lager.

Copperbelt Provincial Health Director Robert Zulu has called for the actualization of the Alcohol policy in the country.

Government last year approved the National Alcohol Policy (NAP) which also ensures the implementation of the Liquor licensing Act of 2011.
However, there is little or change in alcohol and substance abuse in the country especially among youths.

It is for this reason Provincial Health Director Robert Zulu says the Alcohol policy if actualized will greatly assist the country in combatting various social-economic challenges resulting from alcohol abuse.
Alcohol abuse is a disease that has also been recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO), said Dr Zulu.

“Alcoholism is a disease and is also recognised by the world health organisation and people that are addicted to alcohol ought to be treated at the hospital.

“The problem is that people nowadays are being controlled by the bottle and its contents instead of them controlling it,” Dr. Zulu said.

There is a thin line , he added , between relief from alcohol and addiction, further advising that alcohol should not be used as a relief to personal problems.

He has called for need by families, as stakeholders, to ensure they take their alcohol addicted family members to the mental health or psychiatry department at Ndola Teaching Hospital which he said helps in the rehabilitation process.

“ There are many alcohol abusers at the Unit that have been rehabilitated and gained their lives back, “ he said.

He observed that those that usually abuse alcohol are ones with financial constraints , relationship problems and other social stresses who resort to abusing alcohol as a solution to their problems.

Dr. Zulu said to the contrary, such people end up destroying themselves making things worse.

ZANIS reports that Dr. Zulu said in an interview that the only answer is to face the problems that an individual is avoiding and also engage medical counseling personnel.


    • BEER LIQUOR etc, one of the best thing in my life, has never snitched on me, never stabbed me in the back, never stolen from me. None will ever come between us.

  1. Best example should be set from State House. It is common knowledge there is massive alcohol (Jameson) abuse there?

    • Walishala Mufyakale, my president stopped abusing alcohol, he’s now a gym addict. He actually outruns all the Zaf and army colonels and generals combined. His IQ Apa Ni Zii, its the reason Ba opposition will find it difficulty to dislodge him

  2. The mindset of the youths should change, because we are bleeding a society of lazy chaps that don’t want to work but just drink beer.

  3. Beer is not the problem. Circumstances are the problem. Policing will not help. It will just create underground bootlegging and illicit booze which is even more deadly. Learn from history. Ask the US of A. Besides, democracy means allowing people to make their own choices. Arrest them when they misbehave according to what crime they commit. Are we becoming like Islamic fundamentalist dictatorships? Please.

  4. I would not complain if a law could be enacted to arrest and imprison drunkards , especially women. They are enemies of progress and morality. Lolesha due utumatobo my chikope , it’s all alcohol in the veins.

  5. Indeed, like killer says, mindset is the problem. Mr. Minister, ask a psychiatrist to advise you on addiction. Addiction is not in the substance but in the mind of the abuser. Addiction could also be to non-su bstances like attention seeking.

  6. Mushota who does not know that only enjoy ” Pork.” I will assume that your spouse likes Mosi as the majority of us that drink Mosi love our “chocolate.”

  7. Alcohol is destroying lives and our beloved country. We need to effectively ban drinking in public and all alcohol related offences should be severely punished. Drunk drivers contribute to a lot of motor vehicle accidents. Women are developing pot bellies and becoming unattractive because of beer. Men have developed erectile dysfunction because of the same. Unwanted babies are born because of alcohol. What do we surely need to see to convince people that alcohol is bad?

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