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President Lungu will attend the National Dialogue-Amos Chanda

Headlines President Lungu will attend the National Dialogue-Amos Chanda

Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda addresses journalists at State House in Lusaka on Monday -Pictures by THOMAS NSAMA

State House says President Edgar will attend the national dialogue meeting set for January 18, 2019.

Special Assistant to President Lungu for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda said the Head of State is committed to the national dialogue process and is hopeful that ZCID and Church mother bodies will create a platform that will build confidence and competence in the process.

Addressing journalists at State House in Lusaka yesterday, Mr Chanda said that President Lungu has been engaging the Catholic Bishops and other church member bodies to find a proper functional arrangement for holding the national dialogue.

Mr Chanda said the process has already began to explore arrangements to include the Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue

He said President Lungu has emphasized that dialogue is an important national process far beyond individual and partisan interests.

Mr Chanda said the national dialogue is about the people of Zambia and every stakeholder must ensure and put the interests of the population first.

He said the national dialogue must ensure that it address constitutional, political and legislative reforms and other issues affecting the welfare of Zambians.

Mr Chanda said President Lungu is disappointed at stakeholders that have been trading insults in public over the dialogue process and wants the integrity of the process shielded from misrepresentation by stakeholders.

He said negatives such as the outcome of the December 28 2018 dialogue meeting that was aimed at maligning the Head of State should not be tolerated and must be avoided to allow for sincerity and transparency in the national dialogue process.

And Mr Chanda disclosed that the report on the wok of the Commission of Inquiry into Electoral Violence and Voting Patterns is ready and will be presented to President Lungu soon.

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    • Now we wait for Mr Delusions of Grandeur to say he won’t attend. Meanwhile, he already met the president in the cover of night. And just so you wait for his sheeples to confirm his grandiosity.

    • I once went through what pf is going through, i once thought a function without me will flop, but my friends went ahead with the party and it was a success i just to join them for the after party.no choice.

    • QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Mr Chanda said the national dialogue is about the people of Zambia …”

      I see a change in his ton. For the first time, no conditions attached, which is welcome. What is making you change your language now ba PF? Where are those delusioned PF Cadres, you must be disappointed now ….. you are being dribbled

      One thing still bothering is he is still putting ZCID first before the change. That is wrong.
      The so-called church should be addressed first, before ZCID.

  1. Honestly is that supposed to be news?You are making simple,mundane issues appear like the president has donated an organ to someone, the dullness of PF is annoying…

  2. This dialogue is waste of time. Are we coming from war?? What is on the agenda?? The mines issues is more important right now, this is the issue opposition should be pushing grz to dialogue about.

  3. If pf could not want dialogue to take place was better for this party to stop violence, tribal remarks, allowing opposition visiting some areas and stop firing people on tribal line from work.And allowing courts and electrol commission of Zambia to be independent .pf is good party, the only things that makes pf to look to be bad is caders like Sunday Chanda, Steven kapyongo, pwatu(kaiza zulu)and freedom sikazwe.including mumbi phiri and both Davis mwila and chama.

  4. Just let the opposition hold their rallies and meetings with our police interference, let them campaign as much as they want without arrests, like the MMD allowed you, then meet at the polls.These dictator tendencies of PF are making dialogue a necessity

  5. National dialogue about greedy people discussing how they’ll share power and prestige? Lets hear about improving pit latrines,clean water and jobs instead.

  6. Good to hear that the president will take part but the clauce of ZCID is not welcome. this useless band should be kept out of this dialogue as they have brought nothing but disorder about this dialogue. it should be disbanded they are not a credit to our country. they are not neutral at all.


  8. I bet !

    UPND will now start making in roads to mess up the progress and have their Supreme Leader find a way to boycott on this dialogue they have cried about for too long.

    These are the childish and Under 5 games HH likes playing.

    Then wiil turn around and blame President Lungu.

  9. The only problem in this country is trib.als. Don’t the problemlarger by engaging in dialogue with trib.als, just ignore them they are already on the way to extinction like dinosaurs.

  10. just truth be told pf cadres you are in a fix now. you thought all days are christmass . its a welcome move that many people are glad to hear. dont take GOD s people for granted.

  11. People anticipate getting satsfied with a bottle of water when they have gone for months without food.what is the benefit of dialogue when constitution is not respected.which parties will attend?we need more than dialogue now.Economic rooters ,free fall kwacha,expensive fuel and any provivision of essential services

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