Zambia Police
A 24 year old mentally retarded woman , Lucia Kapandula of Sheleni village in Rufunsa has been impregnated for the third time by unknown person or persons.

Relatives of the victim whose name has been held have called on the police to investigate the matter since this is the second time has been raped.

In the first rape incident in 2014 , Lucia Kapandula who is also physically challenged had her first pregnancy when she was 19 years and the matter was reported to the police but no investigations were done.

Kapandula now has a third child who is seven months old which has made concerned members of the community to now call on relevant authorities to conduct a DNA test on prime suspects who they say are some of her own family members.

Rufunsa District Commissioner, Judith Chama who confirmed the ordeal in an interview has also called on the police to move in and correct the situation of some unscrupulous individuals in the area who are taking advantage of a vulnerable woman.

Mrs. Chama has advised the police in the district to be firm on the named prime suspects involved so that justice is done.

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  1. These are the cases abena Kampyongo should be showing off their ministrial powers. Community cases are worthy receiving salary for than being paid to dream and fight Kambwili…
    Deploy Charity, Ester Katongo and all female officers to Rumfusa.


    • Men can’t be trusted around anyone even comatose women. There is a case in Phoenix, Arizona where a brain dead woman in a nursing facility gave birth. The facility only found out when the woman gave birth. All male employees will be subject to DNA testing. Disgusting for male folk I tell you.


    • @Olivia, I read that comma story. Arresting won’t make sense, the guy should take baby.
      But tell you what, women are beautiful even after death. If she is beautiful she is beautiful.
      BUT ine I can’t, I even pit the strong ones like abena Olivia.


  2. “Relatives of the victim whose name has been held”….but you tell us that her name is Lucia Kapandula of Sheleni Village. What reporting crap!! Ba LT: you can certainly do better than this.


    • In Zambian English, they mean the person who reported is a relative of the victim and cannot be named.


  3. Shouldn’t she have been kept in a sanatorium? What’s chainama for kanshi mwebantu? The entire rufunsa community should be held accountable for allowing a vulnerable to be violated by some irresolute hyenas even after two previous cases. For God’s sake this poor woman is incapacitated and unless she’s subjected to some restrictive interventions u expect the violations to continue


  4. As Iam reading this, I am taking my mentally retarded cliet for monthly blood control. All I can say is our government needs to put some more effort into ensuring that mental health care is well organised. Failure to that, such cases will be on every day bases


  5. Relatives must take the girl to be sterelised…simple. unless some chi ma relative is enjoying the poor girl.


  6. sex is tricky……….the more people entertain wrong thoughts the more they act……. sometimes even the raped one can end up saying wooooo…… that was a good one….. well even mentally ill people deserve sex…… but rightly…… its just bad that they impregnate ……………….. {my thoughts}……………



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