Zambia National Marketeers Credits Association (ZANAMACA) and the Ministry of Health will set up clinics in all markets dotted around the country.

ZANAMCA Project Finance Specialist, Jack Shamutete revealed that the first health facility will be established at City Market in Lusaka before rolling them out to other parts of Zambia.

Mr. Shamutete said the health centres will enable marketers to easily access health facilities within their vicinity without being inconvenienced to travel to far flung areas to seek for medical care services.

ZANIS reports that the official launch of clinics has been set for February 8, 2019.

Mr. Shamutete said the Association is keen in empowering and improving the welfare of marketers by providing them with conducive health environment in trading places.

Mr. Shamutete further disclosed in an interview that the Association will continue to empower the marketers with soft loans which will be accessed through the National Saving Bank (NATSAVE) branches.

He said more than six million traders are expected to benefit from the soft loans.

Meanwhile, Mr. Shamutete has appealed to the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) to intensify the sensitization campaigns to the marketeers on the registration of TPIN if they are to benefit from the loans.

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  1. Interesting!!! Arent marketplaces crowded enough that medical facilities should be brought in the same vicinity. Just does not make sense in my opinion. Have there been any town planners involved in all this or has it just been the politicians , cadres and marketeers making these decisions. They seem to behave like they have run out of room in the country and want to congest all facilities and amenities in the same place. With time the new clinics will end up as filthy as the market places… Thanks to town planning by politicians and cadres….. No wonder our professionals leave the country to go and work elsewhere.


  2. How interesting, don’t rush for Clinics because most markets don’t have proper toilet facilities and no running water to maintain healthy sanitary conditions which will prevent most of the diseases. Someone has single sourced a supplier for drugs and suddenly came the dream of opening clinic to have a huge cut. Government pilot projects always end as pilot no rolling out to other parts of the country, just kidding the people.
    Such directives from PF leadership to NATSAVE to offer soft loans to about 6 million traders is very typical PF campaign strategy. Where has NATSAVE suddenly got the money? I suspect money laundering from proceeds of illegal deals emanating from road constructions, fire tenders etc.



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